14 thoughts on “Game Chat – Collingwood v Geelong”

  1. Is Tom Mitchell a must trade too a Brayshaw or gutherie? To me He looks injured or something his CBAs still high but looks to butcher it too…
    Would love someone else’s insight who may have watched him a bit? Back to back 80s hurts

    TU: must go his Gonna bleed cash
    TD: hold him and wait for the bounce back


    1. Hey Clueless,
      I think it’s easy to say hold if ya know his scoring history and just hope he comes good but my god his looked sooooo bad. Just hadn’t looked interested I was afraid he’s had a role change under Sitch. he drifts forward alot and looks lost imo.
      It probably depends on what other glaring holes if you have in your team. If you play overall trade. Leagues hold.

      I voted TU fyi


  2. Can’t stand Collingwood but watching them turn the tables on an oily Chris Scott and his merry band of geriatrics is magnificent television.


  3. Look forward to riding the rollercoaster of crisp for another 20 weeks this year. Got a few spare seats for those interested.


  4. Crisp needs to go .
    Doesn’t work in the newly coached Collingwood side.
    It’s a different system than previous years.
    A lot like Richmond and not SuperCoach friendly .



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