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    1. If The Blues win tonight . The lids off.

      In SC ..

      I have gone the Gov. He’s getting paid a heap and he’s from WA . He’s also the easiest to down grade.

      I have had to fade….. Hewett ( need the cash for rookies. ) and Cripps ( PTSD from last year.) Short , I started last year , I hope he doest go to big early
      Hewett is my fall back if Whit gets hurt.

      Gibcus and Durdin are locked in at D7 and F7 as Emergency’s

      Best of luck to everyone tonight !


      1. Last minute restructure .

        Hewett and Short in. !

        Had to fade Durdin.

        Gibcus . Short . Hewett . and Gov locked.


          1. I’m a little upset I had to fade Durdin, I may have to correct and get him before price changes. I am so happy I found a way to get Hewett in.

            I was listening to a SC podcast with a guest who had finished top 10 last year, had a very interesting g take on Hewett. He drew a correlation between Hewett, Touk and Steele. He points out both Touk and Steele were taggers with Sub 100 averages for several years before having the shackles released and breaking out. Now I don’t expect 120+ from Hewett. I still think it provides a decent blue print for what’s possible if Hewett doesn’t have to play defensively. Get on the Hewett train.


    1. Looks like he will be back for next week but this round you don’t lose trades so It would only be one trade to bring him back, so if you think the loss of around 50 points is worth keeping the trade then go for it


  1. Evening all!

    Short, Dusty, Gibcus and Hewett for me tonight, but keeping an eye on Cripps, McGovern and Curnow purely because they’ve been in an out of my team this past week.

    Good luck tonight and let’s see the Blues end the streak!!!


  2. I hope carlton have a read hot crack tonight but could see richmond monstering them. Just hope its a decent contest


  3. Will Wilmott slot straight back into the lions backline in round 2? Coleman out must help…

    Crucial for my structure.. want too down grade chapman


  4. Owens a must?
    Have no room for him unless I trade Brayshaw all the way down and grab a Stewart or Heeney instead on another line…

    TU: take Owens and pick up another uber.
    TD: hold Andy Brayshaw and play durdin/chapman onfield


  5. Does anyone else feel like tonight is the real start to the season???
    Expecting some thumbs down from the Dogs and Demons supporters, but maybe its historical, maybe it’s that Wednesday nights just don’t feel like a footy night, but…..
    I am so much more pumped for tonight than I was for last night.

    Not a supporter of either team tonight FYI


  6. I know it’s off topic, but the G is wonderful tonight, so happy to see so many people around the oval after 2 years!!


  7. Geez don’t have cerra in my team but looks reall class in the Carlton midfield. Blues have looked stronger as the game has gone on. Great reaction for the docherty goal and is great to see him play. Will be a ripper second half


    1. His goal. One of the season highlight. And not even half time in the second game of the year. Great stuff


  8. Blues lead at the Half – 39 – 31 … and The DOC is back baby!!!

    Carlton Blues: 5.9.39
    Sam Docherty 92
    Matthew Kennedy 71
    Adam Saad 61
    Adam Cerra 56
    Will Setterfield 55
    George Hewett 53
    Patrick Cripps 52
    Mitch McGovern 48
    Marc Pittonet 47
    Oscar McDonald 46
    Corey Durdin 44
    Jacob Weitering 39
    Lochie O’Brien 33
    Zac Williams 32
    Harry McKay 30
    Zac Fisher 28
    Nic Newman 28
    Jack Silvagni 24
    Jack Martin 23
    Charlie Curnow 22
    Tom De Koning 20
    Matthew Owies 13

    Richmond Tigers: 4.7.31
    Jayden Short 72
    Shai Bolton* 52
    Daniel Rioli 51
    Jason Castagna 48
    Dion Prestia 45
    Liam Baker 44
    Jack Ross 41
    Shane Edwards 41
    Dustin Martin 39
    Marlion Pickett 37
    Josh Gibcus 36
    Jack Graham 36
    Nathan Broad 35
    Dylan Grimes 32
    Jake Aarts 27
    Ivan Soldo 25
    Trent Cotchin 24
    Noah Balta 23
    Tom J. Lynch 21
    Hugo Ralphsmith 18
    Toby Nankervis 17
    Robbie Tarrant 9
    Jack Riewoldt 8


  9. I know this was mentioned last night but just to confirm, SC plus now has live scores, previously you required a HS subscription to receive this. A welcomed change!


    1. Spot on Joestar but I do remember previous years where they do this for round 1 and then stop it for round 2 or 3 to try and suck more people into HS subscriptions, hope that’s not the same thing this year….


      1. That was my concern as well, but I went into an article on the SC website, let me try and find the link, that stated it was new for SC plus users.


        1. . LIVE SCORES!
          SuperCoach Plus has a host of great features and this year subscribers will see live KFC SuperCoach scores for every player in every game of the home-and-away season. Track how your captain is scoring, what every kick, mark and clanger does to your players’ totals – and how you are performing in your head-to-head league match-ups as the games unfold across the round. SuperCoach Plus is free with a masthead or Code Sports subscription, or you can sign up for a Year Pass for $24.95


    1. Just had a look on AFL website for detailed stats when I saw your post Shaggi, don’t seem to show ‘clangers’ anymore but he has 7 ‘turnovers’ (whatever the hell that means). But also interested to see that he hasn’t attended a centre bounce yet!


  10. Cracking game this … can the Blues get back?
    Anyone at the G … please find Mottsy and check on his welfare …

    Tigs up 69 -54 at 3/4 time

    Richmond Tigers: 10.9.69
    Jayden Short 97
    Marlion Pickett 84
    Jack Ross 83
    Jason Castagna 77
    Dustin Martin 76
    Shai Bolton* 72
    Daniel Rioli 68
    Liam Baker 64
    Jack Graham 61
    Nathan Broad 59
    Shane Edwards 54
    Jake Aarts 53
    Noah Balta 52
    Josh Gibcus 46
    Dion Prestia 42
    Tom J. Lynch 41
    Toby Nankervis 41
    Trent Cotchin 41
    Dylan Grimes 38
    Robbie Tarrant 30
    Ivan Soldo 30
    Jack Riewoldt 29
    Hugo Ralphsmith 22

    Carlton Blues: 7.12.54
    Sam Docherty 120
    Matthew Kennedy 112
    Adam Saad 83
    Patrick Cripps 79
    George Hewett 77
    Mitch McGovern 69
    Harry McKay 68
    Oscar McDonald 62
    Adam Cerra 61
    Will Setterfield 57
    Marc Pittonet 56
    Jacob Weitering 55
    Jack Silvagni 50
    Zac Fisher 48
    Corey Durdin 47
    Nic Newman 44
    Zac Williams 42
    Lochie O’Brien 38
    Jack Martin 34
    Tom De Koning 31
    Charlie Curnow 23
    Matthew Owies 15


  11. Durdin 44 to HT and still on 44 5 minutes into the final QTR? Just can’t get near it or injured?


      1. Never in the history of man has there ever been a business that instruments a method of extracting more profit. Human beings are incorruptible and will never be swayed by money. Greed is a fiction!


  12. Carlton mids have looked amazing tonight but word of warning: let’s not forget that Richmond have made an artform over the last 5 years of allowing opposition mids to run amok (while usually still winning the game) so I will be waiting another week before making any correctional trades for Carlton players.

    Congrats to the blues supporters out there though, been a long drought in round one for you guys. Atmosphere at the ground sounds bloody amazing.


  13. We equalled the most 50m penalties given in a match, that’s very disappointing in terms of our discipline.


  14. BLUES GET UP!! 7 , goals 5 in last quarter to 1 goal, 1 … amazing … and very poor Tigers … lot of players stopped running it seems!

    So, the concern for Mottsy still exists … but maybe not until morning … and you’ll find him under a bar somewhere!

    Carlton Blues: 14.17.101 D Richmond Tigers: 11.10.76
    Carlton Blues: 14.17.101
    Sam Docherty 143
    Adam Saad 137
    Patrick Cripps 132
    Matthew Kennedy 129
    George Hewett 129
    Adam Cerra 116
    Jack Martin 90
    Harry McKay 78
    Zac Fisher 78
    Will Setterfield 72
    Marc Pittonet 71
    Oscar McDonald 70
    Mitch McGovern 69
    Jack Silvagni 67
    Corey Durdin 67
    Jacob Weitering 62
    Lochie O’Brien 62
    Tom De Koning 54
    Nic Newman 53
    Matthew Owies 44
    Zac Williams 42
    Charlie Curnow 36

    Richmond Tigers: 11.10.76
    Jayden Short 114
    Dustin Martin 104
    Shai Bolton* 101
    Marlion Pickett 88
    Jack Ross 88
    Nathan Broad 81
    Jason Castagna 80
    Daniel Rioli 69
    Shane Edwards 65
    Liam Baker 61
    Noah Balta 60
    Jake Aarts 60
    Dylan Grimes 59
    Toby Nankervis 57
    Trent Cotchin 56
    Josh Gibcus 55
    Jack Graham 50
    Robbie Tarrant 43
    Dion Prestia 42
    Tom J. Lynch 38
    Hugo Ralphsmith 35
    Jack Riewoldt 31
    Ivan Soldo 29

    Subject to final scaling and adjustments (33 points too be awarded still)

    Short scored next to nothing for entire second half …

    Well done to those that took Hewett, Cripps, Cerra and even McGovern and Durdin …


  15. The ones I was most worried about hurting me have. Hewett and Cripps both looked very good.

    Seagull not playing and had some doubts based on his wing role and a lacklustre preseason so I traded him for Dawson after seriously considering Doc.
    With Laird out for a bit I thought the guaranteed mid time might be a better bet.

    If I’d known yesterday before the game started I’d have gone back to Dunks. Ahh well, that’s rolling lockout for you.


    1. Always a good sign when you get down and can come back. Means you can adjust in-game. They lost the first qtr against the dees as well in the preseason and adjusted.

      And there is the little thing of their best player still to come back in.


  16. Dont believe i am saying this as a pie but – well done baggers great emotional win for your skipper and the doc of course, second time around for the boss could be huge.


  17. Fingers crossed berry and Rowell can perform this weekend and ease the pain of not starting Crippa. Also was cursing myself for not starting McGovern at the half but he went missing in the second half. But definitely has a nice role and kick ins. Should be a good pick for those who have him..

    Also curious as too why alot of people seem to be fading chapman? Seeing him in alot less teams the past 24 hours.


      1. Yeah missed the gibcus boat but was never really keen on a KPP he’ll be a warm body but a slow burn. I think I’ll just have too Hold chapman now. Already have de koning, McCartin and hinge.


  18. Had Hewitt all pre season change to sicily today ouch it hurt watching him dominate the last qrt, watch Sicily get 60 now


  19. CBA’s – Round 1 Game 2 – Carlton 29 – Matthew Kennedy 24, Marc Pittonet 22, Patrick Cripps 22, George Hewett 22, Adam Cerra 19 & Tom De Koning 7

    Richmond- Toby Nankervis 20, Trent Cotchin 20, Jack Graham 16, Dustin Martin 15, Liam Baker 14, Shai Bolton 9, Ivan Soldo 8, Dion Prestia 7, Shane Edwards 4, Jake Aarts 1, Noah Balta 1 & Marlion Pickett 1

    Who makes way for Carlton when Walsh returns?


    1. Hey nato as an on looker i would think obrien would make way and the blues rotate and become stronger with resting up forward only can help in that respect, i watched voss play and marvelled like everyone else the way he was able to influence games and this time around he is more ready to be able to pass on his knowledge as a coach, i think i could really see the way the blues were able to protect the space in the guts in that last quarter really had his name written all over it ,
      The big thing from tonight is get george in your side


      1. The question regarding Walsh was about CBA’s as they only had 4 different midfielders in there all night.
        With the addition of Walsh it becomes 5, so is it a heavy cut on appearances for Hewett/Cerra or is it an even spread for them all.

        Also keep note this was a depleted Richmond midfield with Prestia down early. It is also only the first round where this score will only affect his pricing once, so it may potentially suck many in as they are chasing points and it could for all we know be a failure.

        Coaches need to stay weary of potential outcomes and not make impulse decisions of trading players in or out after 1 good or bad score



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