Game Chat – Fremantle v Richmond

Written by Father Dougal on May 12 2019

Where and when: Optus Stadium, Sunday May 12, 3.20pm AWST

Last time they met: MCG, round seven, 2018: Richmond 15.20 (110) defeated Fremantle 4.9 (33)

The Tigers maintained top spot on the ladder courtesy of a 77-point thumping, with the Dockers booting just 1.3 to the long break – the equal second-lowest opening half in club history. Nat Fyfe took the three votes in a losing side for his 33-disposal, 11-clearance effort.

What it means for Fremantle: The Dockers are right in the mix for finals a third of the way through the season but have only claimed the big scalp of Greater Western Sydney so far. Beating Richmond would help legitimise their September credentials.

What it means for Richmond: The injury-hit Tigers were flogged by the Bulldogs and victory in Perth would give them a bit of breathing space in the early-season jockeying for top eight spots.

How Fremantle wins: The Tigers were torn apart by Aaron Naughton last round and, even if David Astbury returns from an ankle injury, Fremantle has the potent tall forwards to kick a big score given enough supply.

How Richmond wins: Breaking down the Dockers’ miserly defence (AFL No.2) is no mean feat and the Tigers must take the upper hand in the midfield battle and dominate field position to put Freo’s backline under pressure.

The stat: The Dockers incredibly won clearances 43-23 last year against the Tigers, but were smacked 42-64 in inside 50s.

The match-up: Alex Pearce v Tom Lynch

Pearce is in All Australian form and blanketed in-form Crows skipper Taylor Walker last round. Blessed with speed, size and strength, he is the ideal match-up for Lynch, who has been labelled a “liability” by champion goalkicker Matthew Lloyd after booting only one goal in the past three rounds.

It’s a big week for: Reece Conca

Conca has been a useful addition and is averaging 20 disposals for the Dockers as a defensive midfielder and across half-back since his free agency switch from Richmond. There is no doubt he would love to celebrate a victory over his former side.

Father Dougal’s Tip: Dockers by 5 points.

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43 thoughts on “Game Chat – Fremantle v Richmond”

  1. Thanks for the tip FD 😉

    One of my great mates is a rusted on Tiger’s man.

    This round is all about pride.

    Freo just have to win this,or I will hear about it all year!

    Go Freo.


  2. No Late Changes

    Fremantle Interchange
    Reece Conca
    Andrew Brayshaw
    Brennan Cox
    Ryan Nyhuis

    Richmond Interchange
    Jason Castagna
    Jack Ross
    Connor Menadue
    Sydney Stack


    1. Thanks CT.

      I’m feeling a little flat after my Atkins / Constable lapse.

      The good news is I own T kelly 🙂

      What could of been ?


  3. Go Ryan. I traded him in this week over Laird and Sicily. This is what PODs are all about. A bit of a gamble.


  4. T.U: Roll the dice and put the C on Fyfe.

    T.D: Stick with Macrae’s 135, you greedy bastard.


    1. Ross has received an injured ankle/foot after it being stepped on by Fyfe. Not looking good :/


        1. Fyfe felt bad for doing that, so he stopping scoring for this quarter to make up for it. Still on 56 with 2 minutes to go in the 2nd


  5. Fyfe going backwards?
    HT scores – Tigs up by 13!:
    Fremantle Dockers: 5.3.33
    Rory Lobb 76
    Michael Walters 62
    Nat Fyfe 56
    S. Switkowski 52
    David Mundy 51
    Luke Ryan 51
    Matt Taberner 48
    Reece Conca 38
    Brennan Cox 36
    Joel Hamling 34
    Adam Cerra 33
    Darcy Tucker 31
    Bradley Hill 29
    Travis Colyer 26
    Ethan Hughes 25
    Andrew Brayshaw 24
    Jesse Hogan 21
    Ed Langdon 21
    Brandon Matera 20
    Alex Pearce 18
    Ryan Nyhuis 12
    Nathan Wilson 11

    Richmond Tigers: 7.4.46
    Kane Lambert 73
    David Astbury 70
    Shai Bolton* 69
    Dylan Grimes 63
    Bachar Houli 58
    Brandon Ellis 54
    Connor Menadue 52
    Dustin Martin 47
    Josh Caddy 45
    Shane Edwards 41
    Tom J. Lynch 39
    Ryan Garthwaite 36
    Nathan Broad 33
    Sydney Stack 31
    Dion Prestia 30
    Jason Castagna 30
    Jack Higgins 30
    Liam Baker 28
    Kamdyn McIntosh 27
    Toby Nankervis 27
    Noah Balta 20
    Jack Ross 14


  6. I think I jinxed myself (this round is so painful for me).

    I said in an earlier post that I hope Fyfe doesn’t do what has been happenining to me lately. A player scores great in the first quarter and then takes another 3 quarters to double it.

    Fyfe quarter time score 56 – yay!!
    Fyfe half time score 55 – yep he went backwards


  7. Little decisions ( great paul kelly song ), can hurt. At mothers day lunch and all the geelong selection stuff happening, so I think just leave it, danger on field, constable on bench , do I put constable on field or ross . You all know what I did. Cost me another league game I reckon.


  8. I was going to say Nankervis being out of the ruck puts Balta in the ruck so he might actually score well….and then he goals as well


    1. Haven’t heard about a tag on Fyfe or really seen one, wasn’t looking for one though. So i am going to assume there is no tag


      1. nup – no tag … big third quarter for fyfe though … 38 points

        3qtr scores:
        Tigers lead 86 -59

        Fremantle Dockers: 8.11.59
        Rory Lobb 98
        Nat Fyfe 94
        David Mundy 88
        Michael Walters 76
        Luke Ryan 67
        Matt Taberner 63
        S. Switkowski 60
        Brandon Matera 52
        Reece Conca 49
        Jesse Hogan 46
        Bradley Hill 46
        Darcy Tucker 45
        Brennan Cox 45
        Adam Cerra 42
        Joel Hamling 42
        Travis Colyer 37
        Ed Langdon 31
        Ethan Hughes 28
        Andrew Brayshaw 27
        Nathan Wilson 23
        Alex Pearce 23
        Ryan Nyhuis 14

        Richmond Tigers: 13.8.86
        Shai Bolton* 96
        Kane Lambert 94
        David Astbury 94
        Brandon Ellis 85
        Dylan Grimes 84
        Connor Menadue 82
        Bachar Houli 78
        Josh Caddy 77
        Dustin Martin 77
        Shane Edwards 68
        Tom J. Lynch 66
        Ryan Garthwaite 60
        Kamdyn McIntosh 59
        Jason Castagna 58
        Noah Balta 58
        Sydney Stack 56
        Liam Baker 56
        Dion Prestia 52
        Nathan Broad 43
        Jack Higgins 38
        Toby Nankervis 30
        Jack Ross 15


  9. Thats enough nathan…one good qtr, one bad, one good, now take a shower…the game is lost.


  10. Fyfe apparently is a chance of getting a suspension from this game. I didn’t get to see the incident


      1. High contact, intentional. Mitigated by it being on the ball and Lynch not going off.

        Hope it’s just a hefty fine.


        1. I would say if Ablett got off then Fyfe will be free to play. No worse than Gazza’s last week and Lynchy got straight up and kept playing…..


  11. Come September the tigers will be full of
    TU: AFL players
    TD: VFL players

    No comments for won’t be there – GO TIGERS!!!!


    1. I’m getting kinda excited about the Tigers in 2020. Be a nice blend of young talent and experience.


    1. Nah don’t think so it would be graded as careless & low impact which I think is a fine only, at least I hope it is


  12. Needed balta and baker to beat stack by 90 , got to 84 , another league game down the drain , ross injured. Nevermind , will come back next week and get whacked again. My mate calls setbacks character building, well my character is already at full strength this year.fusc


  13. So is fyfe a champion or a good sc scorer who doesn’t get his team over the line .seemed to score quite a few points for a nothing goal late in the game.



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