Game Chat – Hawthorn v Greater Western Sydney

Written by Father Dougal on May 12 2019

Where and when: MCG, Sunday May 12, 3.20pm AEST

Last time they met: Giants Stadium, round 15, 2018: GWS 13.17 (95) defeated Hawthorn 13.6 (84)

The Giants looked as though they would blow the Hawks away by quarter-time but couldn’t shake their plucky opponents throughout the night. Callan Ward was best on ground with 32 disposals and two goals, while Tom Mitchell’s 50 touches kept the Hawks in the game.

What it means for Hawthorn: After three losses in their last four games, the Hawks need a stabilising win to keep their finals hopes intact. However, that is easier said than done against a strong Giants side.

What it means for GWS: The Giants have won five of their last six matches to entrench themselves in the top four. Another victory here could give them breathing space inside the eight.

How Hawthorn wins: By locking down defensively. James Frawley is set to return from a hamstring injury this weekend, while James Siciliy has been in good form. They’ll need to shine if the Hawks are to shut down a potent Giants forward line.

How GWS wins: By getting off to another flying start. The Giants kicked eight goals to two in the opening term against the Saints. Doing similar this weekend could erase any bad memories of recent visits to the MCG.

The stat: The Giants have a pretty disappointing MCG record, winning only two of their 15 games at the home of footy in the club’s history.

The match-up: James Frawley v Jeremy Cameron

Frawley has missed three weeks with a hamstring problem but is set to return for just about the toughest test in footy against Cameron this weekend. Cameron has kicked 30 goals from seven games and has a significant lead in the Coleman Medal race. Quelling him will be important.

It’s a big week for: Jack Gunston (Hawthorn)

Having returned to form with three goals from 20 disposals and eight marks last week, Gunston can provide the spark the Hawks need up forward. He must maintain this form if his side is to kick a tally big enough to overcome a free-scoring Giants team.

Father Dougal’s Tip: Giants by 10 point.

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    Hawthorn: Isaac Smith (foot) replaced in selected side by Harry Morrison
    Greater Western Sydney: Nil


    Hawthorn: Harry Morrison, Shaun Burgoyne, Dylan Moore, James Cousins
    Greater Western Sydney: Adam Tomlinson, Matt Buntine, Daniel Lloyd, Adam Kennedy


  2. Toby Greene gets pinged for the Toby Greene rule. At least something has been gotten right by the umpires already in this match


    1. The way the umpiring has been going this year, surprised they don’t award a free kick for the Toby Greene rule whenever he touches it.


  3. Cameron has gone hard into the fence. So might be restricted for the rest of the day is seeming fine though. Frawley has been reported


    1. he’s been getting played a llot wide on a wing unfortunately … so necessarily his fault … but his DE doesn’t help either …

      Giants coaches are mad – need to play him on the ball …


    1. yep – i’ve posted many times this year – first time i’ve had Fox and can thus watch a lot more games – when you sit with live scores and watch the scoring and the matches live, you can see some real inconsistencies in scoring … dare I say it bordering on cheating at times … there are clear favourites and ones that aren’t.

      Could not believe the updates that Grundy got yesterday … and I was watching the match right up to the end … crazy (and I own him) … same for other players ..


        1. yep – i rewatched a lot of the Suns Demons match this morning – Oliver did get a lot of possessions but there is no way what he got in reality or did earned him that score yesterday – the last quarter alone I think he picked up 12 or 13 possies (supposedly – and they were all basically handballs bar 1 or 2) … and yet the ones I saw he did get … where incorrect disposals – missed handballs etc … and yet he finished on 71 DE!! No way he was anywhere near that …

          Anyway, if you don’t have him, time to get him in as he is back in favour of scorers it seems!!


            1. my point is Adam – if you watch the matches live, the stats showing on paper that are credited are not always there … I have seen other players get credited poor disposal efficiency for less than what was not credited against Oliver … some of his disposals weren’t there at all … and many that were should have been scored negative … I also question the number of tackles credited …


  4. Williams was on the bench for a long period of time. Has copped a few knocks today, but seemed fine. Trying to think why he spent so long on the bench, is it due to replacing Whitfield’s role, and a lack of fitness?


      1. After that head knock he took a kick in, so he seemed just fine if he was able to stay on the field


        1. mandatory concussion protocol test and rest kicked in after that mate … not great for us with him … must say though, he’s mad as … goes 100% at it and gets banged up every week!!


  5. Where is William haven’t seen after the head knock I thick he done for the day, lol just saw him 30 sec left in play


  6. Hawks doing well against the Giants … up by 22 with last quarter to go

    Hawthorn Hawks: 7.9.51
    Ricky Henderson 87
    Jaeger O’Meara* 79
    James Worpel 75
    Ben McEvoy 73
    Liam Shiels 71
    Tom Scully 71
    James Sicily 70
    Jarman Impey 68
    Jack Gunston 68
    James Cousins 67
    Luke Breust 65
    Paul Puopolo 62
    Blake Hardwick 61
    Harry Morrison 59
    Jack Scrimshaw 56
    Ben Stratton 56
    James Frawley 51
    Tim O’Brien 43
    Shaun Burgoyne 38
    Jonathon Ceglar 36
    Mitch Lewis 25
    Dylan Moore 24

    Western Sydney Giants: 4.5.29
    Josh Kelly 124
    Heath Shaw 114
    Tim Taranto 93
    Jeremy Finlayson 72
    Zac Williams 68
    Jacob Hopper 66
    Phil Davis 65
    Stephen Coniglio 56
    Sam J. Reid 53
    Adam Tomlinson 52
    Sam Taylor 50
    H. Himmelberg 47
    Adam Kennedy 44
    Nick Haynes 43
    Matthew Buntine 41
    Zac Giles-Langdon 38
    Matthew de Boer 37
    Dawson Simpson 34
    Daniel Lloyd 33
    Brent Daniels 33
    Toby Greene 29
    Jeremy Cameron 17


  7. GWS better get smarter and do the following:
    1. Plays Cogs on ball all game!!
    2. Get Hately back in this side!!


  8. Hawks win well!! – Scores pre scaling ….

    Hawthorn Hawks: 10.11.71
    Ricky Henderson 108
    Ben McEvoy 90
    Liam Shiels 90
    James Sicily 89
    Jaeger O’Meara* 89
    Jack Gunston 86
    James Cousins 82
    Tom Scully 82
    Blake Hardwick 81
    Jarman Impey 80
    James Worpel 80
    Luke Breust 76
    Paul Puopolo 73
    Jonathon Ceglar 72
    Harry Morrison 72
    Ben Stratton 69
    James Frawley 65
    Tim O’Brien 61
    Shaun Burgoyne 60
    Jack Scrimshaw 60
    Dylan Moore 44
    Mitch Lewis 37

    Josh Kelly 144
    Heath Shaw 135
    Tim Taranto 100
    Jeremy Finlayson 81
    Zac Williams 78
    Phil Davis 77
    Stephen Coniglio 70
    Jacob Hopper 70
    Adam Tomlinson 66
    Sam J. Reid 62
    Sam Taylor 57
    H. Himmelberg 52
    Adam Kennedy 51
    Nick Haynes 49
    Matthew Buntine 47
    Dawson Simpson 44
    Zac Giles-Langdon 43
    Matthew de Boer 40
    Brent Daniels 38
    Toby Greene 37
    Daniel Lloyd 36
    Jeremy Cameron 27


    1. depends on your trades used thus far, how many premos you have / need to get.

      GWS are using him incorrectly and playing him on a wing and not enough on the ball … they’re mad for doing that – they obviously rate Taranto ahead of him. Watch his role, and if he shifts back onto ball he is a hold.

      For me though, I have to focus on the other upgrades first and hope at worst he stays as M8 … or luxury upgrade later … up to you though mate …


      1. Makes you think if they know something about Coniglio not committing after this season and would rather give the role to Taranto…. tinfoil hat on ofcourse


    2. I feel your pain, I posted earlier about wanting to trade him out for Fyfe and got voted down big time. Maybe next week….I’ve only used 4 trades but unfortunately I need more premiums in my team, swapping one out for another will have to wait, and hopefully by then, he will come good.


    3. Jeannot – just some extra on COGS – he got 26 possies, second highest for GWS. 17 kicks.

      BUT no tackles and only 4 contested – his DE was better at 73

      All of these suggest / point to his role on a wing with more freedom to move / dispose of via kicks etc and with better DE … but also lower scoring impact. … Got to hope he is moved back on to ball … maybe GWS coaching staff are sending him a message to improve his use of the ball … or think they are helping him by playing him wider? …

      Tough choices …



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