Game Chat – North Melbourne v Geelong

Written by Father Dougal on May 12 2019

Where and when: Marvel Stadium, Sunday, May 12, 1.10pm AEST

Last time they met: GMHBA Stadium, round 12, 2018: Geelong 14.12 (96) defeated North Melbourne 8.11 (59)

In Gary Ablett’s 200th game for the club, the Cats led for most of the day and made sure of victory with a five-goals-to-two final quarter. Ablett was outstanding with 34 possessions (16 contested) in a best-on-ground performance, with Tom Hawkins (three goals) also prominent. Shaun Higgins was North’s standout with 30 disposals and a pair of goals. Ex-Roo Aaron Black, playing for Geelong, tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee during the match.

What it means for North Melbourne: The Roos were terrific in disposing of Carlton, but playing Geelong is a huge test. Few expect them to win, but this is a chance to prove they’re better than the early-season results suggest.

What it means for Geelong: Another box to tick. That’s not meant to be disrespectful to North, but more about the mission the Cats appear to be on. They’re one game clear atop the ladder and have slayed tougher rivals in 2019.


How North Melbourne wins: More of what we saw against the Blues. There’s been improvement in North’s centre-bounce work and that needs to continue, as will the slicker ball movement to give Ben Brown a chance in attack.

How Geelong wins: The Cats have most bases covered, but their high efficiency with the Sherrin in hand, and ability to pressure the opposition and create turnovers is a deadly combination. Maintaining a good spread of goal-scorers is important, too.

The stat: Geelong ranks No.1 in the competition for forward-half possessions gains, points against, points from intercepts and goal per inside 50 percentage – among others. This is an outstanding team at the moment.

The match-up: Mark Blicavs v Ben Brown

Brown’s booted only five goals in six games against the Cats. Blicavs, who is ranked 122nd in the AFL Player Ratings, is a big reason for that. He has the height and certainly the engine to be a match-up nightmare for the mop-haired Kangaroo, who comes in at No.106 overall.

It’s a big week for: Jack Ziebell

North’s captain has responded strongly from his six-touch shocker against Essendon, particularly with his shutdown job on brilliant Carlton onballer Patrick Cripps last week. The Roos need him to be a key contributor as much as ever this week – in the centre or up forward – against a Cats line-up chockful of stars.

Father Dougal’s Tip: Cats by 20 points.

**Our Admin isn’t always online. If you have access to the SuperCoach scores, the SCT Coaches would be very appreciative if you could pop them into the comments below. Thank you!**


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94 thoughts on “Game Chat – North Melbourne v Geelong”

  1. Menegola out Selwood in

    Selwood out Constable in

    What’s going on at the cattery?

    And why would you drop a star in menegola?


  2. Is Constable playing or not?!!?!
    It’s says CONSTABLE IN but the lineups show Selwood as a follower?!


  3. Chris narrowly beating Brad in the contest for who can pull the bigger selection swifty. Can see them sitting down at family dinner tonight having a good laugh about it all.


  4. My friend has not yet noticed this about Constable, as i am unsure if he has had the chance. He has his VC on Grundy but put the C on Constable. He will likely lose his match because of this, so this is why you never put the C on emergencies!


      1. yeah, i sent it on internet explorer and it seems to be taking a while to get to him. I hope it makes it! My other friends got the message just fine however. He did somehow captain Drew last week which none of understood how that was possible, so another rookie captain is no issue for him


  5. Thompson became Taylor, Williams became Durdin. He replaced a tall with a small then replaced a small with a tall. Odd.


  6. Oh and another one:

    T/U – roll dice with Clark
    T/D – take Answerth’s 49 – in last D spot …


  7. With Dangerfield now playing, there goes my attempt at trying to make some inroads by trading him out for J Cameron. Can’t see myself winning any matches this round, for the 2nd week in a row – now considering trading out Coniglio with his 100 average and trading in Fyfe
    TU : Walk away from the computer, re-group next week
    TD : Coniglio been disappointing – Jump on Fyfe


    1. Mate – you must be burning through trades doing that? – You have to back your premos in – Danger was always a hold and Cogs is too – at worst he becomes your M8

      He’s getting plenty of pill – just bad DE … and bad CD scoring.

      For me, hold Cogs and find another way for Fyfe – but go with your gut!!


      1. every player is just a commodity , if yr sick of a premo , sideways to low ownership or a rook that will give you a good proffit


  8. Fox sports just said Danger was flying at training yesterday and looked awesome!!
    C’mon Danger give me a 120+!!


      1. As we expected. He can sit back and kick a couple goals, will score okay considering he’s playing injured.

        Oh, look, right on cue: goal to Danger. Sitting on 13 SC now.


  9. This is crazy. Moved Constable out and put Atkins on field after The Catery team update. Finished dinner and constable is playing. Hope It doesn’t make me lose more than 20 points


    1. I’m in the same boat Jeanott.

      Constable and Ross (E) on the bench.

      Mothers day lunch 🙁

      Now I here Atkins might be injured..

      Any news ?

      I’m sounding like a crow at the moment.



  10. I feel for people who like my mate didn’t field Danger bcoz he may “rest injured” forward. Cannot undo. Long nervous game 🙂


    1. 14 pts , 3 mins to go in the 1st Q , i recon he’d be pretty happy right now ,
      i traded him , hop’n he’ll be a negative POD


              1. im back out to 850 pts behind the leader now thanks to putting the C on danger last week ,
                had to change my strategy as a result ,
                gotta move all my ready cows out of my team now & jump on some POD’s ,
                if danger had put up a 110 last week , i woulda stayed the course i was on & saved my trades for the byes
                but now i cant afford to put up with his under performances


    1. I had to do something similar with Corbett and Setterfield, was planning to loophole them with each other, but if i did and Danger was out, no cover then. Couldn’t loophole them and it didn’t really matter anyway but would have worked better if it was Parker


  11. Geez, Menegola turning into my season’s biggest regret. Chose him over Boak & he’s finding ways to disappoint more often than not.


  12. There was news from the commentators saying that Atkins might be done for the day with a hamstring injury. Not confirmed of yet but more still to come


    1. He came back onto the field so it seems to be a false alarm, keep an eye on him though


  13. watching ben brown in this game ,
    he doesn’t lead @ the ball carrier any more ,
    leads sideways & drops back for the easy grabs , then when the ball is centred he’s out of position
    doesn’t use his big frame to knock the suitcase out of the full back’s anymore either


  14. geez danger is enjoying some love from CD for doing very little ,
    i wish this scorer was doing his scores last week


  15. dangers definitely got a medial ,
    he cant change direction or even run @ more than 1/2 pace
    will be interesting to see if he finishes the game



    S. Higgins 59
    M. Duncan 60
    S. Atley 53
    C. Guthrie 59
    B. Cunnington 51
    L. Dahlhaus 58
    T. Thomas 51
    T. Stewart 55
    J. Polec 50
    B. Parfitt 52
    J. Macmillan 49
    G. Miers 49
    T. Goldstein 48
    H. Taylor 47
    J. Simpkin 45
    T. Kelly 44
    S. Wright 42
    T. Hawkins 43
    C. Zurhaar 35
    G. Ablett 42
    J. Ziebell 35
    P. Dangerfield 41
    B. Brown 34
    C. Constable 39
    N. Larkey 34
    J. Clark 36
    R. Tarrant 33
    R. Stanley 33
    J. Pittard 32
    J. Henry 31
    J. Anderson 28
    M. Blicavs 31
    T. Dumont 27
    Z. Tuohy 31
    K. Turner 26
    M. O’Connor 25
    C. Taylor 26
    G. Rohan 24
    S. Durdin 16
    J. Kolodjashnij 19
    M. Wood 12
    T. Atkins 13
    T. Garner 11
    E. Ratugolea 8


  17. I’d really like some scores on SC relevant players …if anyone has access?

    Long story..



    1. 1/2 time scores are posted but have to start work now , so someone else will have to post the last 2 Q’s
      should be able to post the 2nd 1/2 of the freo game


    2. Thanks PJ they just came in.

      Atkins on field, is going to kill what was looking like a pretty solid week.

      Dam it!


      1. Same for me FT, highest projected score in all my leagues before today’s game, but disappointed with Atkins.
        I am trying to be positive though: by averaging Atkins and TKelly, between them, they beat their projected score


  18. Really really REALLY pissed off. Tried to log into supercoach after hear8ng that constable was playing but the site said i had an invalid password.
    By the time i had reset my password the game had started so constable stays on the bench and Ross plays.
    I hope i dont lose leagues because of this but probably will.
    Go Ross or Go Roos – Go both !!!


        1. I was fixing my sons side for him.

          Very frustrating.

          Need Ross > match Constable’s score (or at least get close).

          Fyfe going ‘beast mode’ would also help as he is my captain. Not stopping at 1/4 time like so many players – taking another 3 quarters to double their score.


  19. Thought I erred in fielding Answerth over Atkins…turns out I dodged a bullet! Nice to have dumb luck on my side for a change!


  20. Atkins back on the field! Replicating to what Danger/Whitfield have done in the last 2 rounds, playing FF


  21. ablett , another jumping in the air forearm to the head , exactly the same as last week , so it looks like he gets off again


  22. Didn’t realise but Stewart actually came back onto the field at 3qtr time or maybe just slightly earlier


  23. Constable is making a statement to the coaching team that he wants to be part of the team look at him go!


  24. Cats persevere – and Kelly is the real deal!! – still subject to final scaling – though some large changes just before posting these …

    Geelong Cats: 16.8.104
    Tim Kelly 163
    Mitch Duncan 125
    Tom Hawkins 101
    P. Dangerfield* 100
    Tom Stewart 95
    Brandan Parfitt 94
    Charlie Constable 93
    Gary Ablett jnr 87
    Harry Taylor 86
    Cameron Guthrie 86
    Luke Dahlhaus 85
    Jordan Clark 81
    Gryan Miers 77
    Mark Blicavs 74
    Mark O’Connor 73
    Rhys Stanley 61
    Zach Tuohy 59
    Gary Rohan 52
    Jack Henry 50
    Jake Kolodjashnij 34
    Esava Ratugolea 24
    Tom Atkins 11

    North Melbourne : 11.14.80
    Shaun Higgins 114
    Ben Brown 99
    Robbie Tarrant 93
    Ben Cunnington 92
    Jamie Macmillan 90
    Trent Dumont 88
    Shaun Atley 87
    Todd Goldstein 80
    Jy Simpkin 78
    Nick Larkey 78
    Jared Polec 77
    Jasper Pittard 77
    Tarryn Thomas 76
    Jack Ziebell 68
    Cameron Zurhaar 65
    Sam Wright 63
    Jed Anderson 61
    Kayne Turner 56
    Mason Wood 46
    Sam Durdin 44
    Curtis Taylor 31
    Taylor Garner 26



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