Game Chat – GWS v St Kilda

Written by Father Dougal on March 21 2021

Where and when: 3:15 pm Today  at Giants Stadium. 

What it means for the Giants: It’s sort of like a season predictor. Beating the Saints means they can beat teams like the Saints, and might still belong in finals. Losing to the Saints means they can’t beat teams like the Saints, and probably don’t belong in finals. 

What it means for the Saints:  Sort of like GWS but a win is more expected given they were four spot over the Giants in the ladder last year, A loss would be a bad sign, though

Supercoach Watch

Giants: Josh Kelly,Tim Taranto, Tanner Bruhn, Connor Idun, Tom Green, 

SaintsHunter Clark,  Jack Steele, 

Father Dougal’s Watch: Matt Flynn. I wanted to say Bobby Hill, so I could make a “That boy ain;t right” joke, but really Flynn.,  The F2 of the brave and fearless. And, as it turns out, he could score better than Grundy, which would be, well pretty sweet.  No Jinx!

Father Dougal’s Tip: Are the Giants still in disarray? Maybe. I think the Saints are steadily improving and am going with St. Kilda by 10


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33 thoughts on “Game Chat – GWS v St Kilda”

  1. Both my rookie rucks R2&R3 playing against each other in this game. Who to field:

    TU Hunter
    TD Flynn


    1. Thanks folks. Looks like a landslide decision but I am curious. If you voted above may I ask a further question:

      TU If you don’t have Hunter
      TD If you have both Flynn and Hunter

      Thanks for indulging me


  2. Late out – St Kilda Mason Wood OUT replaced by Dan McKenzie.

    GWS: Xavier O’Halloran
    St Kilda: Mason Wood


  3. Quick question. In my SuperCoach22 player draft if I have a donut on field does the highest or lowest score on my bench sub on?


  4. Qtr time and Bruhn has had absolutely no involvement in the play. Currently on 0 SC points :/


  5. I’m glad I kept Highmore.

    Steele doing Steele things ,despite the attention of Cogs.

    Flynn looking good.


  6. Half Time (~>3%)
    Kelly 56
    Flynn 51
    Buckley 43 (tech team)
    Greene 40
    Green 38
    Taranto 33
    Bruhn 5 (1 disposal in last minute of the half)

    Steele 76
    Clark 50
    Higgins 50
    Highmore 41
    Hunter 39
    Brad Hill 38


  7. FFS Steele – stop giving away free kicks!! Four against is killing his score … as it not getting anywhere near it for more than a quarter now …


    1. I started him at R1 and Hunter at R2. Don’t plan on having that ruck setup all year, but the impact those cows had on my starting 22 were too much to ignore.


  8. Some of the most disgraceful umpiring I’ve seen at the end of the final quarter. Deliberate out of bounds missed followed by a dodgy ruck infringement and then an incorrect holding the ball decision. Lucky there are few Giants supporters to upset…


    1. Sydney teams always get the worst of the umpiring.

      The 2016 finals comes to mind as an obvious example.


      1. I don’t know about that, it just bothered me today because it ruined a really tight finish. Even in the wet, a player should not be able to push the ball out of bounds with minimal pressure.

        That said, the Giants could have won if they iced late goals so it’s their own fault.


  9. Flynn and Gulden are gonna be my two highest scores of the week wtf. If only my premos decided to play as well



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