Game Chat – GWS v West Coast

Written by Father Dougal on May 23 2021

Where and when: 1:1pm Sunday at  Giants Stadium

What it means for the Giants:  The Eagles are 4-5  now. Going up to 5-5 keeps them hunting for finals. And the Eagles are ahead of them so a big team to keep from getting 4 as well. Losing and going to 3-5 is not a very finals record, and the Eales go up even higher over them. 

What it means for the Eagles:  The Eagles are 6-3 now. Being 7-3 is very much keeping in the hun t for the top four. Going down to 6-4, especially vs the Giants, is not very top four. 

Supercoach Watch:

Giants: Flynn! Taranto, Bruhm, Green and Greene, Kelly, Briggs, Cumming

Eagles: Nic Nat, Tim Kelly. Witherdens.

Father Dougal’s Watch:  Flynn! Because all his owners way want him to do well. A lot. 

Father Dougal’s Tip:  Giants at home, so Giants ny 3


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9 thoughts on “Game Chat – GWS v West Coast”

  1. FINAL TEAM: Late change, Alex Witherden is OUT (groin).

    Jackson Nelson is IN.

    Medical subs
    Jamaine Jones (WCE)
    Xavier O’Halloran (GWS)


  2. Must say Flynn doing really well with 2 goals and 7 disposals only 5 minutes into the 2nd quarter


  3. Anyone looking at hynes at d6. Could be juicy pickup at sub 300k even as a loophole option. Could be handy pickup for byes and only 200k up from a non playing rookie


      1. Would be a very brave pick, if he was a forward I would definitely jump on. As a defender however there’s lots of consistent defenders that are probably worth paying up for



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