Game Chat – Hawthorn v Adelaide

Written by Motts on September 1 2020

Where and when: Adelaide Oval, 5:40pm (AEST)

Last time they met: R1 2019, Hawthorn 12.16 (88) DEF Adelaide 4.8 (32)

What it means for The Hawks: Very little. Even if they win they’ll likely remain in 15th on the ladder.

What it means for The Crows: A chance to break their 2020 duck.

Motts Watch: Titch.
Mottsy’s Tip: Hawks by 20.

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40 thoughts on “Game Chat – Hawthorn v Adelaide”

      1. This should answer any Titch VC doubts.

        Opposition Mids scores Vs the Crows
        Rd 13 – Guthrie 143, Duncan 134
        Rd 12 – Bont 199 , Baz Smith 150
        Rd 11 – Adams 129
        Rd 10- Oliver 205 , Petracca 132
        Rd 9 – Anderson 144 , Hall 134
        Rd 8 – Merrett 135 , McGrath 124
        Rd 7 – Steele 162
        Scores courtesy of the Phantom on Twitter.


  1. Adelaide at home. crouch in. Hawks not in any form. Am I deluded picking the crows to snatch one win for the season?


    1. Probably right
      Wingard is due
      playing v crap opposition is bread & butter
      Expecting him to have a day out tonight 130-150


      1. Just had a row with the other half.He put 1k on Adelaide @ $3.He follows Hawthorn!He calls it his reverse psychology


  2. Asked this before, but I need to downgrade Brander.
    Is it crazy to go Stratton at 183k? As a d7, has JS and might even make a little cash?
    Or should I just go with Bailey Williams? Cheaper but might not have JS.
    Strats TU
    Bwilliams TD


  3. Half Time – And its the Crows 6.6.36 leading the Hawks 4.3.27

    Tom Mitchell 72
    Jack Scrimshaw 66
    Chad Wingard 60
    James Cousins 49
    Luke Breust 46
    Mitch Lewis 41
    D. Minchington 40
    Shaun Burgoyne 38
    Tim O’Brien 35
    Jack Gunston 31
    James Worpel 30
    James Frawley 29
    Ben Stratton 29
    Blake Hardwick 27
    Jonathon Ceglar 26
    Tom Scully 24
    Daniel Howe 21
    Oliver Hanrahan 20
    Ben McEvoy 17
    Jarman Impey 16
    Changkuoth Jiath 10
    Conor Glass 9

    Matt Crouch 91
    Brodie Smith 61
    Reilly O’Brien 61
    Tyson Stengle 56
    Darcy Fogarty 55
    Ben Keays 54
    Rory Sloane 54
    Brad Crouch 52
    Rory Laird 47
    Daniel Talia 42
    Lachlan Murphy 40
    Jake Kelly 40
    E. Himmelberg 38
    Chayce Jones 38
    David Mackay 37
    Shane McAdam 36
    Harry Schoenberg 36
    Lachlan Sholl 32
    Luke Brown 31
    Taylor Walker 29
    Kyle Hartigan 18
    Myles Poholke 8


  4. I’m not normally one to question Clarko (except when he sold the farm for Wingard), but his team selection decisions were woeful this week.

    Hartley did ok in defence but dropping him and resting Frost has forced McEvoy to be stuck in defence even though he is too slow. If Hartley was playing we could swing McEvoy to the ruck where he was great the last few weeks.


    1. Clarko hasn’t got much to choose from ATM
      average kids & ageing stars
      Haven’t finished around the bottom of the ladder for a long time
      Ergo , no draft pics
      Best to have our turn @ the bottom for a couple of years & get some decent pics
      Otherwise we’ll just be lingering around the 8 every year
      Perfect timing actually
      GWS & suns & d’a are finished taking all the best kids now


      1. We’ve had decent draft picks and given them away. True they were not super high picks but they should have been better used.

        I’m not saying we have stars to choose from but deciding to manage players this round against Adelaide rather than any other week was silly. Also playing ageing players out of position seems pointless. Develop young defenders, don’t push McEvoy to defence.

        Your point re: bottoming out is valid though, imagine getting a Matty Rowell type at Hawrhorn!


  5. Been dreading this game for weeks now.Just knew my Hawks
    would be the ones to give Crows their first,and probably only win.We are shite.


  6. Seems like I should have pulled the trigger got MCrouch & Merrett this week oh well this way I get Neale next round.


  7. So Schoenberg got a good score coming do i just leave him on the bench? or do i need to put a 0 on the field cause i put Dow on the field


  8. Wingard needs to work on his hardness or his tank next year
    Has to be elite @ 1 or the other
    Played like a fwd pocket this year


    1. remember when he was AA at 21 years and he was hailed as best small forward going. Cyril and eddy’s boots need a clean chad!


      1. Probably still is a AA fwd pocket in a team like that
        Unfortunately he doesn’t have the luxury of triple A mids spoon feeding him in the current hawks team


  9. Full Time and the Crows get their first win for the season 12.11.83 to the Hawks 7.6.48

    Tom Mitchell 120
    Jack Scrimshaw 119
    James Cousins 97
    Chad Wingard 94
    Jack Gunston 83
    Luke Breust 79
    Blake Hardwick 75
    Tim O’Brien 75
    D. Minchington 75
    James Worpel 74
    Jonathon Ceglar 73
    James Frawley 60
    Tom Scully 58
    Shaun Burgoyne 56
    Ben Stratton 49
    Mitch Lewis 49
    Daniel Howe 48
    Changkuoth Jiath 47
    Ben McEvoy 46
    Jarman Impey 38
    Conor Glass 31
    Oliver Hanrahan 29

    Matt Crouch 162
    Reilly O’Brien 142
    Ben Keays 109
    Brodie Smith 105
    Rory Laird 99
    Rory Sloane 98
    Shane McAdam 94
    Lachlan Murphy 88
    E. Himmelberg 87
    Brad Crouch 85
    Tyson Stengle 85
    Harry Schoenberg 83
    David Mackay 76
    Darcy Fogarty 76
    Taylor Walker 69
    Chayce Jones 66
    Daniel Talia 65
    Luke Brown 58
    Jake Kelly 58
    Lachlan Sholl 57
    Kyle Hartigan 52
    Myles Poholke 13


      1. Unlucky not to best the Cats. Have seen the gradual improvement week by week with our pressure and ball movement. Good group of kids with pick 1 to add into it as well as a possible top 10 pick of the Giants first round and if Brad goes then a compo pick for him. Going to be a struggle in the coming years but the future is bright.


  10. Hawthorn’s recruiting has been terrible Too many good ordinary players and no stars.Time for a cleanout NDD



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