Table For Two – Round 14

Written by The Salamander on June 18 2021

Got questions as we head into the final bye round? Your fellow coaches are here to help.

Post your questions below, and answer them by using the thumbs up/thumbs down buttons. Simple!


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36 thoughts on “Table For Two – Round 14”

  1. Currently have 15 on field without trading this round. I think I’m set on downgrading to Bramble/Briggs so that’ll give me 16. I have 2 other decisions to possibly get 18 on field and would love some advice. (Starting the round with 15 trades and 5 upgrades left)
    First option is to either upgrade Jordon or Poulter to Langford or wait for a more proven premium/upgrade a lesser rookie like Kosi next round.
    Second option is to sideways trade Short. I’m thinking probably to Rich.
    T/U: Do both options
    T/D: Do neither option


  2. Last week my trades were Flynn > Reeves, RCD > Whitfield (Via DPP with Bianco) and Rowe > J.Kelly (via DDP with Poulter).
    I have 13 trades left before trades, $95,000 ITB
    This is what my team looks currently.
    DEF: Laird (BYE), Lloyd (BYE), Mills (BYE), Stewart, Whitfield, Short (BYE)(Kosi, L.Jones)
    MID: Oliver (BYE), Macrae , Jelly , ZMerrett , Walsh , Titch , Jordon (BYE), Bianco (BYE) (Byrnes , Brockman, Downie)
    RUC: Gawn (BYE), Reeves (Grundy)
    FWD: Ziebell, Martin (BYE), Impey , Poulter (BYE), Madden, Treacy (BYE)(Weightman, Waterman)

    TU – Poutler, Jordon & Byrnes > Newcombe, Langford & Greene
    TD – Poutler, Jordon & Byrnes > Newcombe, Langford & Gray
    Either way I will end up with 16 on field (17 if Brockman is named)


  3. Im looking to bring in 2 more prem mids, can only afford 1 this week though.
    Already have Oliver, walsh, cripps, macrae, merret, steele.
    Want the best I can get, not really going for value so thinking bont and lyons, possibly parish, touk or Kelly as well.
    But is 680k for bont really too much?
    TU for yes
    TD for screw it just do it
    What combination should I get to complete my mid?
    Thanks guys


  4. Been a lot of talk surrounding Clarry (BE 199) and what to do with him.

    T/U Keep him despite the possible tags of De Boer R16, Keays R22 and O’Connor R23.

    T/D Get him out now and use the money elsewhere. Cheers

    Edit: I’m on the Hold side but curious to see what’s everyones opinion after a week of discussion.


    1. Wouldn’t worry about a possible Keays tag, Hasn’t tagged all year and being used as a pure ball winner.


    2. He’s made 200 the last two times he’s come up against Adelaide. They really don’t tag him


      1. Haven’t really seen de Boer tag anyone either (when he’s actually played). He went with Hall for a little while last week, and we all saw how that ended.


    1. Madden is likely to play more with Lester out for 3-4 weeks. Mummy could come back in 1-2 (Personally don’t know the severity of his injury). Perhaps depends on your trade plans in the upcoming weeks


  5. Concerned for impact Moore’s injury will gave in role/output of Maynard, considering his low scores when Moore was playing forward. With 9 trades left & 3 spots to full premo, considering trade of Maynard to Stewart, also giving additional player this week?
    TU – Trade
    TD – No trade


  6. I have Heeney … Not good I know! And to make it worse I bought him in a fortnight ago..
    Trade Heeney or hold and wait for him to bounce back and finish at F6?

    TU : trade him

    TD : hold the spud and pray


  7. Is Bont worth selling the farm for?

    TU Do it – when you buy one Bont, you get two
    TD He’s burnt you before, shop for better value elsewhere


  8. Better cut price “premo” option for the run home:

    T/U – Pendles
    T/D – Haynes

    Leaning to Pendles as his role should be good no matter what – mid or half back


  9. Will have 8 trades left after making 4 this week and still need to get 2 more premos to get to full premo. Current midfield is Oliver, Macrae, Steele, Merrett, Mitchell, Duncan and Cripps. Already trading Poulter to Hall, so who do I trade Jordon to?

    T/up – Lyons (leaves me with $1.1k)

    T/down – Walsh (leaves me with $40k)


  10. 15 on field this week.
    (Playing for rank)

    Can get to 17 by bringing in Danger early and downgrading Waterman. Only issue is will finish team full premo with 3 trades left instead of 4.

    Also means I keep Cripps over Brayshaw.

    Tu) do it

    Td) wait a week keep the extra trade.


  11. Think I’ve settled on Parish, Lyons and Hall as the ins for this week, along with a DPP hail mary in Matty Parker. Figure he’s as well placed as any unnamed rookie to get some games late in the year, and comes with some reasonably scoring potential.

    Only 13 on-field this week, which bites, but I’m up against last place in the cash league so reckon I can weather it.

    DEF: Laird, Lloyd, Stewart, Whitfield, Short, Ridley (Highmore, Declase)
    MID: Oliver, Parish, Macrae, Steele, Lyons, Walsh, Brayshaw, Cripps (Bianco, Parker, Newcombe)
    RUC: Grundy, Gawn (Reeves)
    FWD: Zorko, Hall, Ziebell, Martin, Daniher, Thilthorpe (CCJ, Madden)

    One genuine upgrade left to do, but reckon Thilthorpe and CCJ can hold down F6 until Dangerfield bottoms out or convinces me he’s not worth the spot.

    Declase was a loophole/DPP pick, allows Bianco to cover down back if a premo is out and Highmore doesn’t play.

    With 4 trades left, I’m hoping to be able to downgrade a Highmore/Reeves/Newcombe later on to fund that last upgrade, keeping one of Thilthorpe/CCJ as bench cover. Will trade both if I have to though. Two trades for LTIs, and ride out the year. If I make finals with those trades still in my pocket, can look at a luxury trade of Daniher, Cripps or Brayshaw.


  12. Traded out Grundy for CCJ last week.

    Will Goldstein outscore Grundy or get within 100 points from now until the end of the season?

    TU: Yes
    TD: No


    1. Could probably grab Danger in the upcoming weeks due to super high BE resulting him dropping in price, so I’d probably go Dale and look to get Danger in the near future.



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