Game Chat – Hawthorn v Melbourne

Written by Father Dougal on April 18 2021

Where and when: 3:20pm  at the MCG

What it means for the Hawks: A win  means 2-3  and maybe not contending for the wooden spoon. Well, that belongs to the Roos it seems so they would be contending for the…..worse than wooden spoon, where they don’t get first pick and still had a terrible year. Somehow scraping into finals would be possible, if optimistic, with a win.  Also, handing the Demon’s their first loss? Very good sign for the future. 

What it means for the Demons:  It means 5-0 and second place on the ladder, barring a serious stomping of the Hawks which is possible not not likely.  Being in second by points and not percentage would be nice. A loss means 4-1, hardly a disaster, but means somewhere in the top 2 not the top 2. 

Supercoach Watch: 

Hawks: Impey, Jiath, Titich. (Autocorrect tried to make that “Twitch”)  Koschitzke, the non-donut of many.  Phillips still. 

Demons: Gawn for sure, captain of many. Oliver and Petracca

Father Dougal’s Watch:  Jordan. Will he make cash or will he spud up.  Last round I picked May from the demons and look how that turned out. No Jinx. 

Father Dougal’s Tip:  Demons by 20


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16 thoughts on “Game Chat – Hawthorn v Melbourne”

  1. 1/4 Time – 10 point lead to the Hawks

    Luke Breust 48
    Jaeger O’Meara 36
    Blake Hardwick 33
    Chad Wingard 30
    Oliver Hanrahan* 24
    Daniel Howe 23
    Jack Scrimshaw 23
    James Worpel 22
    Jacob Koschitzke 22
    Tom Mitchell 20
    Changkuoth Jiath 18
    Harry Morrison 15
    Tom Phillips 15
    Dylan Moore 15
    Shaun Burgoyne 14
    Kyle Hartigan 11
    Jarman Impey 10
    Sam Frost 8
    Liam Shiels 7
    Tim O’Brien 7
    Conor Nash 4
    Ben McEvoy 3
    James Cousins 1

    Max Gawn 58
    Tom McDonald 39
    Clayton Oliver 39
    Jake Lever 36
    Michael Hibberd 34
    Christian Petracca 32
    Kysaiah Pickett 30
    Christian Salem 26
    Jayden Hunt 24
    Mitch W. Brown 20
    Ed Langdon 16
    Alex Neal-Bullen 15
    Adam Tomlinson 14
    James Jordon 14
    Jack Viney 11
    Trent Rivers 11
    Angus Brayshaw 11
    Luke Jackson 10
    Charlie Spargo 8
    Jake Melksham 8
    Nathan Jones 4
    Tom Sparrow 1
    Harrison Petty -2


  2. My boys playing pretty well and for once are clinical going forward. Worpel is doing a bit of a number on petracca after he got away to a quick start so something to keep an eye on. As expected Gawn is slaughtering us! Hood for all scers with the c on him


    1. Nearly tipped the Hawks lol, had a feeling they’d put up a fight.

      Do you like Worpel as a tagger btw, Tom? Kinda feels like a waste when they could be developing him into actual midfielder; seems odd to relegate that talent to tagging, idk.


      1. Look im a bit on the fence with worpel. He struggled a bit last year. Plays a similar game to tich so we are sometimes one dimensional with these 2 and omeara. I think hell learn heaps from following the best in the game. For now if he can earn some possessions and close down the oppositions midfielders ill be happy.


  3. Half Time – Hawks 5.3.33 lead Melb 4.7.31

    Jaeger O’Meara 72
    Luke Breust 51
    Jack Scrimshaw 51
    Blake Hardwick 47
    Jarman Impey 45
    Tom Phillips 39
    Jacob Koschitzke 39
    Chad Wingard 38
    Sam Frost 38
    Changkuoth Jiath 37
    Tom Mitchell 35
    Oliver Hanrahan* 32
    Liam Shiels 31
    Daniel Howe 31
    Harry Morrison 29
    James Worpel 28
    Ben McEvoy 27
    Shaun Burgoyne 26
    Tim O’Brien 25
    Kyle Hartigan 23
    Dylan Moore 22
    Conor Nash 4
    James Cousins 1

    Max Gawn 96
    Clayton Oliver 76
    Jake Lever 73
    Tom McDonald 69
    Michael Hibberd 62
    Kysaiah Pickett 56
    Christian Salem 55
    Christian Petracca 49
    Trent Rivers 42
    Ed Langdon 40
    Luke Jackson 39
    Jayden Hunt 38
    Jake Melksham 31
    James Jordon 28
    Charlie Spargo 27
    Adam Tomlinson 27
    Jack Viney 23
    Mitch W. Brown 22
    Angus Brayshaw 20
    Alex Neal-Bullen 19
    Harrison Petty 17
    Nathan Jones 10
    Tom Sparrow 1


  4. I can’t fault our effort we just lack a bit of class and polish. COuld use a key forward instead of Nash, Obrien or kozzie. Other than that weve given it a crack and while im disappointed again this week im not upset with how we have played. I think we’ll pinch some wins aginst easier clubs, our fixture to start the season has been tough.


  5. Serves me right
    Listen to a good game all arvo
    Turn the footy on the tv n Melb kicks 5 str8 in 7 mins
    Should never watch the footy live or on tv
    Best way to ruin a game


  6. Very disappointing finish to the day… Wouldn’t want to be anywhere near clarko for his upcoming spray


  7. Full Time scores and the Demons are flying at 5-0 for the season for the first time since Jack Viney was 17 days old according to the Foxtel commentators
    Melb big winnners 15.14.104 to the Hawks 8.6.54 and Gawn went HUGE!

    Max Gawn 171
    Tom McDonald 136
    Clayton Oliver 114
    Christian Salem 108
    Christian Petracca 107
    Jake Lever 107
    Michael Hibberd 100
    Kysaiah Pickett 95
    Jake Melksham 82
    Ed Langdon 79
    Luke Jackson 77
    Mitch W. Brown 77
    Trent Rivers 76
    James Jordon 76
    Angus Brayshaw 75
    Jayden Hunt 72
    Alex Neal-Bullen 58
    Adam Tomlinson 56
    Jack Viney 56
    Harrison Petty 56
    Charlie Spargo 39
    Nathan Jones 22
    Tom Sparrow 0

    Jaeger O’Meara 128
    Jack Scrimshaw 96
    Liam Shiels 86
    Blake Hardwick 83
    Jarman Impey 80
    Changkuoth Jiath 76
    Tom Mitchell 75
    Shaun Burgoyne 75
    Harry Morrison 73
    Oliver Hanrahan* 69
    Luke Breust 65
    Ben McEvoy 64
    Tim O’Brien 63
    Jacob Koschitzke 62
    Chad Wingard 58
    Tom Phillips 54
    James Worpel 54
    Dylan Moore 44
    Sam Frost 39
    Daniel Howe 35
    Kyle Hartigan 31
    Conor Nash 18
    James Cousins 0



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