Game Chat – Adelaide v Fremantle

Written by Father Dougal on April 18 2021

Where and when: 1:10 pm Today at Adelaide Oval

What it means for the Crows: Win and they are 4-1. Wow.  Being t 4-1 isn’t something anyone expected! This is another match that a finals ound team really should win, but the Dockers feel that way too.  A loss puts them at 3-2 which is far from the end of the world, but a 4-1 start, especially given their pre-season expectations, would be something. 3-2 is probably around the in-out line of the finals. 

What it means for the Dockers:  A win puts them just inside the 8, or just outside it, depending on the other matches today. Pulls the Crows down too.  A loss has them at 2-3, and feels like the start of a slide down the ladder. 

Supercoach Watch:

Dockers:  Fyfe,  Treacy,  Chapman, Ryan, and Brayshaw 

Crows: Rowe, Laird, Berry, Butts

Father Dougal’s Watch: Tex Walker again, who else?  I mean. I mean. I mean….Tex Walker, WTF?  Yes I said that last week, but it is still accurate. 

Father Dougal’s Tip:  Home team for me in this one. Crows by 10


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38 thoughts on “Game Chat – Adelaide v Fremantle”

  1. FINAL TEAMS | No late changes for either side.

    Nick Murray (ADE) and Mitch Crowden (FRE) the subs.


  2. Already copped a donut in the ruck and was pretty happy Kosi got named but now with J. Clark out, it looks like I may cop it regardless. I haven’t used any trades this round but will need to deal with Ridley’s injury next week (already down to 24).

    T/U: Clark -> Chapman

    T/D: Brockman -> Chapman (moving Clark to mid bench via DPP).

    Comment: Neither is worth trading out, just cop the second donut and watch as another promising SC year is cut short by the cruel winds of fate and coaches making seemingly arbitrary and random decisions on their team-sheets.

    Anyone have some insight on whether Clark (or Brockman) end up as medical sub? I’ve got Macrae VC’d but don’t want to risk a medical sub score for my captain.

    Thanks in advance everyone.


    1. Cousins and Brockman not playing for VFL Box Hill Hawks.
      One will likely be the medical sub.
      Geelong VFL team is playing at 1 PM so we should shortly get an indication if Clarke is the likely sub if he doesnt line up.


      1. Clarke and Narkle are not playing VFL, so sub question not answered as either could be. Also there could be a late out?
        Sorry about delay as team not notified before game and I had to watch to see who was playing.
        Zach Guthrie and Josh Jenkins are playing


    2. It’s too late now but I think the move was Clark to Jones.

      What about Treacy? Is he in your plans next week? Can you somehow go Clark to Treacy?


      1. Yeah, I was looking at Jones but with all the other question marks, I couldn’t really make the move yesterday (I’m not in Aus, so time change makes last-minute changes near impossible – I miss when they’d just announce teams and everyone got locked out at the start of the weekend).

        Can’t get Treacy in this week – both Flynn and Fullarton locked in as zeroes. I had to do some juggling with my ruck set-up last week with Hunter and Flynn both missing (I traded Hunter out and put Fullarton at R3 – it seemed like a good idea at the time).


  3. Just need the trio of rookies I’ve got here in Butts, Berry, Rowe and Chapman to score respectably. Cmon, fellas.


    1. Four is a trio now? 😉

      I’d like Laird and Treacy to have good games too. Andrew Brayshaw is on fallen premium watch.


  4. ‘Afternoon fellow SCTairians.

    Please be advised I currently have Gawny as my Capt in SCT comp.

    I will not be changing him, I will not be changing him, I will not be changing him…..

    You have been advised/warned….

    ….as for SCTTL, …..I can still sense the laughter….

    Is there a “Ken Bruce” (?) award for my decisions…….LOL


  5. As simple as it sounds, Laird needs to look before he kicks. He just blasts off whenever he gets it. On literally 0% DE rn.


    1. Ooof. Condolences, CT.

      Was looking good as well. No word further word on him or sub activated, fingers crossed he comes back on.


          1. Cerra oh no. 🙁

            Might be the dreaded syndesmosis.

            At least Brayshaw looks back on track.

            I’m starting to get major FOMO with Chapman ( 25 at qtr time)

            Go Freo. !


            1. Yep.

              Scans Monday , may get news by Tues / Wed.

              Sorry if you own him CT.
              ( Was he your Rowell replacement ? )
              I went Heeney and that went south as well.

              Lets hope he won’t miss to long.


              1. Thanks Freo Tragic,
                Actually I traded Dangerfield for him and was more than pleased with his scores.
                Trying to conserve trades this year is hardly working .
                It is going to be a long year.


                1. I know I’m down to 23 already.

                  I will use another one next week. ( Upgrade Clark )

                  I will then only have 6 rookies on field unless injury strikes again .

                  Best of luck for the rest of the weekend.


  6. 1/4 Time – scores are 2.1.13 to both Dockers & Crows.

    Jordon Butts 37
    Taylor Walker 34
    Tom Doedee 31
    Luke Brown 28
    Reilly O’Brien 24
    Rory Laird 22
    Ben Keays 22
    Lachlan Sholl 22
    Shane McAdam 20
    Lachlan Murphy 19
    Jake Kelly 19
    Billy Frampton 17
    Paul Seedsman 16
    Sam Berry 14
    James Rowe 13
    Ned McHenry 13
    Darcy Fogarty 13
    Andrew McPherson 11
    Brodie Smith 11
    Will Hamill 10
    Tom T. Lynch 3
    Harry Schoenberg 1
    Nicholas Murray 1

    Blake Acres 43
    Sean Darcy  2 39
    David Mundy 39
    Andrew Brayshaw 32
    Travis Colyer* 32
    Luke Ryan 30
    Nathan Wilson 30
    Lachlan Schultz 25
    Heath Chapman 25
    Nat Fyfe 23
    Ethan Hughes 21
    Brennan Cox 21
    Adam Cerra 17
    Matt Taberner 17
    Reece Conca 13
    Caleb Serong 12
    Michael Walters 12
    Josh Treacy 12
    James Aish 9
    Rory Lobb -2 7
    Michael Frederick 6
    Griffin Logue 3
    Mitch Crowden 1


  7. Half Time and its the Crows in front 5.5.35 to the Dockers 3.5.23

    Jake Kelly 62
    Lachlan Sholl 61
    Taylor Walker 59
    Tom Doedee 54
    Luke Brown 53
    Brodie Smith 50
    Jordon Butts 46
    Paul Seedsman 45
    Reilly O’Brien 43
    Tom T. Lynch 42
    Rory Laird 39
    Ben Keays 35
    Will Hamill 34
    James Rowe 29
    Lachlan Murphy 28
    Shane McAdam 28
    Billy Frampton 28
    Sam Berry 28
    Harry Schoenberg 24
    Andrew McPherson 22
    Ned McHenry 19
    Darcy Fogarty 18
    Nicholas Murray 1

    David Mundy 77
    Luke Ryan 72
    Nat Fyfe 61
    Andrew Brayshaw 56
    Sean Darcy 53
    Blake Acres 51
    Nathan Wilson 51
    Matt Taberner 42
    Ethan Hughes 39
    Heath Chapman 37
    James Aish 34
    Travis Colyer* 34
    Michael Walters 31
    Reece Conca 31
    Caleb Serong 29
    Lachlan Schultz 28
    Brennan Cox 28
    Michael Frederick 27
    Rory Lobb 25
    Adam Cerra 18
    Mitch Crowden 10
    Josh Treacy 9
    Griffin Logue 6


    1. I hear ya Red5 BUT you are aware your post is also not about the Crows vs Freo game. Just saying.


        1. yeah i did – i didn’t want to come over all mumsy – but it was annoying

          i came to the game thread to find out about laird – i heard he was injured


      1. i changed my comment – yes – i regretted it when i posted it – i didn’t want to sound like someone’s grandma scolding them for taking too many sweeties out of the jar – but to come to a game thread and think it was a trade thread instead – maybe i’m getting too old and grumpy – that’s why i changed it – didn’t want to be “that person”


  8. 3/4 Time and the Dockers in front by a point – couple of lead changes that qtr. Injuries galore, Tex slowed right down with his calf strapped at half time, Laird, Taberner, and Darcy all copped knocks.

    Paul Seedsman 87
    Tom Doedee 86
    Lachlan Sholl 81
    Brodie Smith 79
    Reilly O’Brien 79
    Jake Kelly 78
    Rory Laird 75
    Jordon Butts 73
    Luke Brown 68
    Taylor Walker 62
    Lachlan Murphy 61
    Ben Keays 57
    James Rowe 57
    Tom T. Lynch 53
    Will Hamill 44
    Harry Schoenberg 42
    Ned McHenry 40
    Shane McAdam 31
    Billy Frampton 29
    Sam Berry 25
    Darcy Fogarty 24
    Andrew McPherson 24
    Nicholas Murray 1

    Luke Ryan 102
    Andrew Brayshaw 96
    David Mundy 95
    Nat Fyfe 85
    James Aish 77
    Lachlan Schultz 75
    Matt Taberner 73
    Sean Darcy 69
    Nathan Wilson 62
    Travis Colyer* 59
    Blake Acres 57
    Ethan Hughes 51
    Heath Chapman 49
    Michael Walters 48
    Michael Frederick 43
    Caleb Serong 40
    Reece Conca 40
    Brennan Cox 40
    Rory Lobb 35
    Griffin Logue 29
    Mitch Crowden 19
    Adam Cerra 16
    Josh Treacy 8


  9. Full Time – in a seesawing game, it was the Dockers with a 12 point win

    Brodie Smith 118
    Reilly O’Brien 113
    Paul Seedsman 108
    Lachlan Sholl 102
    Tom Doedee 100
    Rory Laird 93
    Jake Kelly 91
    Taylor Walker 84
    Jordon Butts 81
    Ben Keays 76
    James Rowe 75
    Luke Brown 74
    Lachlan Murphy 69
    Tom T. Lynch 61
    Harry Schoenberg 56
    Ned McHenry 50
    Will Hamill 48
    Billy Frampton 37
    Andrew McPherson 36
    Darcy Fogarty 35
    Sam Berry 31
    Shane McAdam 23
    Nicholas Murray 3

    David Mundy 144
    Luke Ryan 133
    Nat Fyfe 123
    Andrew Brayshaw 117
    Lachlan Schultz 108
    Sean Darcy 102
    Matt Taberner 96
    James Aish 90
    Brennan Cox 79
    Blake Acres 75
    Travis Colyer* 69
    Michael Frederick 69
    Nathan Wilson 67
    Ethan Hughes 66
    Caleb Serong 64
    Michael Walters 57
    Heath Chapman 54
    Griffin Logue 51
    Rory Lobb 40
    Reece Conca 38
    Mitch Crowden 35
    Josh Treacy 16
    Adam Cerra 15



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