Game Chat – Brisbane vs Essendon

Written by Thommo on April 17 2021

Where and when: GABBA, Saturday 17 April at 7:25pm (AEST)

Last time they met: Round 9, 2020: Brisbane 14.7 (91) def Essendon 3.10 (28) at Metricon.

The score tells the story here. Brisbane lead by 4 goals at quarter time and killed the game off in the third quarter with 5 goals to 1 goal. Lachie Neale was everywhere with 32 possessions and 2 goals and Charlie kicked 4 goals.

Match Preview: Am I alone in thinking the Lions wish they were still playing in a Queensland Hub? They have looked soft at times and have played inconsistent footy every week. While they are unlucky to have dropped the Geelong game, they have hardly looked like the team that finished in the top 4 in 2020. Despite the Bombers’ lowly ladder position, this is a huge danger game for Brisbane.

Thommo’s Watch: 


The word is that he has barely trained this week so it will be interesting to see how Lachie Neale plays tonight. Can he get back to his Brownlow best?

EssendonMerrett looked primed for a big season but he’s been solid at best – surely this is the week he scores 200 points?
Kiss of Death (4 from 12): Brisbane by 12 points.

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26 thoughts on “Game Chat – Brisbane vs Essendon”

  1. Absolutely bucketing down in Brisbane for the first quarter … Gabba massive puddles of water everywhere … should be clearing mostly and Gabba drains well … not great for good clean game though.

    Neale up and about more in the first quarter and looking more involved


  2. ****WARNING DUMMY SPIT 2****
    Can somebody pls confiscate my iPad before Saturday games.
    SCTTL capt McRae all week til just before game > Ridley……ARRRRG @#$&*
    Johann Bach I hear you…..LOL (sob)


  3. Mad bombers fan and never expected much this season. I’m almost ashamed to admit that for purely SC reasons, I am not upset about Ridley.


  4. Can’t seem to copy & paste the scores across for some reason on this game, but at half time, its the Lions leading by 36 points.

    Major players for the Bombers
    Merrett 70
    Wright 65
    Hind 62
    McGrath 55
    Langford 52

    Major players for the Lions
    McCluggage 94
    McCarthy 81
    Neale 74
    Andrews 65
    Daniher 55
    Zorko 55


    1. yeah its happened to me too before with Essendon matches Lisa – not sure why – it’s something to do with the data coming off of FF site though …


  5. 3/4 time and its the Lions by 48 points

    McCarthy 115
    Neale 112
    McCluggage 111
    Rich 98
    Lyons 93

    Merrett 99
    McGrath 90
    Wright 86
    Langford 80
    Hind 77


  6. Oh no I’m gonna have to use both trades this weekend. What are your thoughts on Ridley to Witherden and Bruhn to a well averaging premo? Cash not an issue. Like if you think good, dislike if you think bad.


  7. Full Time = Brisbane Lions 15.12.102 defeat Essendon 6.9.45. Sorry can’t post all the scores, fanfooty being problematic on this game :

    Major scores
    Neale 141
    McCluggage 131
    McCarthy 125
    Lyons 123
    Rich 116
    Daniher 104

    Merrett 127
    McGrath 113
    Wright 98
    Hind 97
    Langford 93
    Heppell 80


  8. Neale’s score upgraded to 157.
    I was tossing up between Petracca and Parker all week and thanks to CT putting Chris Fagan’s presser in the coaches box I decided last minute to go Neale, had a BE of 168 but figured I’ll take the punt on him going big.
    It’s what makes this site so valuable and thanks to you CT for your valuable input. It’s a great site.


    1. You are welcome and thank you.
      I am happy that you were able to utilise the information and pick up Neale. All the best.



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