13 thoughts on “Game Chat – Hawthorn v Melbourne”

  1. Late change

    Jacob Koschitzke has replaced Ned Reeves.

    Hawthorn – Lachlan Bramble
    Melbourne – James Jordon


  2. Already thinking about Hopper who will need to be traded out next week. Had planned one upgrade next week – now looks like might need to do two – in which case, will need to boost the bank balance. Wasn’t planning on trading this week but now contemplating –

    TU : Trade out JVR for Weddle via DPP for extra cash for next week
    TD : Worry about next week, when its next week, and no trades this week. Had planned on Drury trade in next week, assuming he will be on the bubble.

    Or comment in 2nd vote below for trade out both McKenna & JVR for Weddle & Sinclair


      1. Yep agree with TU.
        I reversed My ashcroft to steele trade last night to bank the 150k and put that onto Hopper next week to grab clarry. Happy to keep fielding ashcroft for another month if I have to.

        Have to assume a calf Is a couple weeks and this is the perfect opportunity to jump on which ever uber you don’t own brian


    1. Agreed GD, just checked Days use for the season and it shows k to hb of 1.2 to 1 on 25 per game . 1 to 2 today is the diff between his current score and the 110 he should have. Plus the mystifying time forward….



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