9 thoughts on “Game Chat – Brisbane v Essendon”

  1. Obscenely relevant SC evening on my end and all pretty critical:

    1) Neale – decided to hold instead of making him Dawson.
    2) Stringer – grabbed him last week, hoping his blended MID role holds but don’t love him away v Lions.
    3) Zerrett – back him LT, especially with Essendon’s fixture, but combined my largest cows in Ash and Kenny for him and can see him getting attention tonight.

    Then over at Blues Dogs:

    4) Hewett – grabbed him after he looked to be back to match fitness, a POD.
    5) Hollands – first time I’ve straight fielded him, worried.

    Also then have Dunks, Tingles C and Cinctotta. 8 players all up, just need to decide which game to watch!


    Brisbane: Nil
    Essendon: Alwyn Davey jnr replaced in selected side by Massimo D’Ambrosio

    Brisbane: Noah Answerth
    Essendon: Alwyn Davey jnr


  3. Always find myself wondering how good we could be if we could reliably kick at the sticks‍♂️
    Go Lions!


  4. Very happy to have flicked mckenna over ginbey this week, mckenna has looked very ordinary for a while now.. and reversal of the ashcroft -> steele may work out fine. May lose a couple pts but all I wanted was for ashcroft to hit his BE and hes done that already. Also hoped for clarry to stay under 120 for damage control an affordability next week, tick.

    Just wish I took Stewart’s 115 and not captained gawn haha oops.



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