Game Chat – Hawthorn v North

Written by Motts on May 15 2021

Where and when: UTAS, 2:10pm (AEST)

Last time they met: R4 2020: Hawthorn 8.10 (58) DEF North 8.6 (54) at The Docklands.

The Hawks dominated proceedings for most of the night and were 31 points clear midway through the final term, only for the Kangaroos to come alive. Rhyce Shaw’s men hadn’t scored in the second half until then but, as with two brief patches in the first half, they made it count on the scoreboard when they had the momentum. North Melbourne would have pulled off an improbable comeback if Jy Simpkin’s close-range snap hadn’t curled just inside the left goalpost in the final 30 seconds.

Match Preview: In a battle of the 2 Tassie-aligned teams, will we get a sell out crowd? I tipped the Roos last week on the back of their performance the week before against the Dees only to be disappointed. Jeff Kennett reckons the Hawks are a couple of years away from having a competitive side again which may well be true but I reckon the cattle they’ll bring to this game will be more than enough to take care of today’s opposition.

Motts Watch: 

Titch, Kosi, CJ, and Imp are all in my side – have I over-rotated on Hawks?

Zeebs, TPow

Mottsy’s Tip: Hawthorn by 25 (tipping record 17/24).

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17 thoughts on “Game Chat – Hawthorn v North”

  1. No late changes, medical subs are Howe (HAW) and Phillips (NTH).

    Got Ziebell and Powell here, plus new recruit Hall at F4. Need him to pop off to make up for RoMo.


    1. Good afternoon GD,
      I was all over Hall until about an hour ago when I switched and found away to bring Bont in instead. Maybe Hall next week? Good luck and have a good weekend.


      1. Ah, nice.

        Yeah, better to grab a MID premo first. Started Bont, he’s been tremendous.

        Hall will still be attainable next week, I just wanted Rowe off the field and couldn’t say no @ 419k.


  2. Final teams – no late changes.

    Medical subs …

    Hawthorn: Daniel Howe
    North Melbourne: Will Phillips


  3. CJ on bench atm being looked at after a big clash, not sure what part of him is injured yet. Phillips got crunched and also getting looked at.

    Game wise the chad and kozzie are forming a dream team partnership and im in love


    1. Yeah, Jiath a little knock. Got up and walked off, so would guess it’s just precautionary? Will update.

      Hawks look good. Kos to punish those who traded him out (myself included, R4).


  4. Commentators going on about how North are missing a key forward as a focal point in attack. If only there was a guy who averaged 60 goals a year these last couple years hmmmm… Their list manager must make their fans cry. It would mean the likes of zurhaar, larkey and campbell would get easier matchups each week.


  5. The Hawks’ brainstrust may want to let the fans know why our overpriced midfield is putting in such little effort today. When Wingard is the hardest working player there is an issue!


  6. Jacob Koschitzke
    Rd 9 Price $276.4k
    2021 Scores:53/38/22//62/104/66/38
    Rd9 BE 60

    Rd 9 Score 70
    Rd 9: $276k->$281k ( $4k)
    Rd10 BE 59

    Projected Score 57
    Rd 10: $281k->$280k($-1k) New BE 40
    Rd 11: $280k->$287k($7k) New BE 58
    Rd 12: BYE
    Rd 13: $287k->$286k($-1k) New BE 58


  7. Scaling or whatever it is being called now … is even more massive on this match than the Swans match – particularly on Hawks players … many have gone up over 20 points each …

    Something different is happening with the CD scoring, or FF is not getting correct scores or something on a timely basis …


    1. yep and through the last quarter, Ziebell started on 90 and kept getting the plus 1, plus 2 or plus three signs against his name on FF and his score went backwards …

      and in all the scaling he got about 2 extra …



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