Game Chat – Sydney v Collingwood

Written by Motts on May 15 2021

Where and when: SCG, 1:45pm (AEST)

Last time they met: R10 2020: Collingwood 6.14 (50) DEF Sydney 6.5 (41) at The Gabba.

Collingwood’s 6.14 (50) to 6.5 (41) win came at a cost, with Will Hoskin-Elliott (knee), Adam Treloar (hamstring) and Isaac Quaynor (lower leg) all suffering game-ending injuries. Josh Daicos finished with a career-high 25 disposals and almost 500m gained to be among the Pies’ best players, while Taylor Adams (29), Treloar (25) and Brayden Sier (23) ensured they won the contest battle. Jake Lloyd won a team-high 25 possessions in an ambushed Swans defence, while James Rowbottom (16 contested possessions, seven clearances) worked hard in the midfield.

Match Preview: The Pies did what they needed to last week to see off the Roos but will find Sydney at the SCG a much tougher assignment. The Swans took it up to the ladder-leading Dees but after falling short by 9, will be very much looking forward to hammering another nail in the Buckley coffin.

Motts Watch: 

Parker, Lloyd, and the Young Bloods

Pendles, Grundy, McCreary, and Moore

Mottsy’s Tip: Sydney by 20 (tipping record 17/24).

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22 thoughts on “Game Chat – Sydney v Collingwood”

  1. Thinking I should grab rookies on the bubble as who knows how many good rookies are left to come, and still need to generate cash for upgrades somehow….

    TU – OUT: Berry & Rowe IN : Poulter & RCD
    TD – conserve trades and wait until the byes to offload them


  2. 1/4 time – Pies 26 to Swans 8

    Jordan De Goey 44
    Jack Crisp 41
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 36
    Brayden Maynard 36
    Darcy Cameron 35
    Callum Brown 29
    Brodie Grundy 26
    Chris Mayne 21
    Josh Thomas 19
    Josh Daicos 18
    John Noble 18
    Darcy Moore 18
    Brody Mihocek 17
    Mark Keane 17
    Scott Pendlebury 15
    Tyler Brown 14
    Caleb Poulter 13
    Steele Sidebottom 13
    Beau McCreery* 9
    Isaac Quaynor 6
    Jack Madgen 1
    Oliver Henry 1
    Tom Wilson 1

    Justin McInerney 42
    Harry Cunningham 35
    James Rowbottom 34
    Isaac Heeney 28
    Jordan Dawson 27
    Hayden McLean 24
    Jake Lloyd 24
    Robbie Fox 24
    Luke Parker 24
    Tom McCartin 22
    Tom Hickey +1 20
    Josh P. Kennedy 16
    George Hewett 15
    Will Hayward 15
    Tom Papley 13
    Nick Blakey 13
    Chad Warner 11
    Dane Rampe 11
    Oliver Florent 10
    Callum Mills 10
    Sam Wicks 2
    James Bell 1
    Lance Franklin 1


    1. Hey, mate, more power to you if you picked him and he scores great. It’s not for me, I understand he’s got a nice 3 round average but they’ve played Essendon, suns and north. 3 of his next 4 matches are against port, geelong and melbourne. Hes currently priced at 379k atm and even if he averages 80 from here which I doubt he will for the rest of the year it’s not gonna make cash and hed be an average midpricer. The snarky attitude doesn’t look great for you though mate so hope he’s good for you but wasn’t really needed.


      1. Snark goes both ways. I remember the snarky attitude I got when I said “you need to trade Lachie Neale out before he loses a heap of cash”.

        Or when I said that Taylor Walker could be straight swapped in a couple of weeks for pretty much any forward.

        Or that it was a good idea to drop an underperforming premium and a non playing rookie in a double trade for Jiath and Impey. Or that Hickey was a viable R2 before his injury, and looks to be so again. That Isaac Cumming was a viable D5 or D6. Or that Dustin Martin only scores two big scores before the byes and they are historically round 1 against an unready Carlton and Hawthorn. Or that we might actually have to consider Daniher and Ziebell and maybe even Taranto premiums in 2021.

        Or the very unpopular notion during the preseason that Zac Williams was going to be constantly injured and score less as a midfielder than a defender.

        Yeah, I’ve copped a LOT of snarky comments this year. Funnily, a lot of it has come from people much much further down in the rankings than me.

        There’s a lot of people on here who have very preconceived ideas of what works and what doesn’t, such as “KPP’s don’t score” but then choosing the two biggest most expensive KPP’s in Gawn and Grundy with their first two picks 🙂

        But mostly based on an era of the expansion teams when there were rookies to burn and you could start with 12 uber premiums and 18 cows, when there was no sub rule.

        But also because of player past history at different clubs in different roles, or emotional attachment to those players.

        So yeah, if me throwing up one name, to start a debate is going to be seen as a big deal, you’d better also include the other “crazy” stuff I’ve done so people can make a fair judgement of whether those debates are worthwhile.

        If making people think at SCT is going to make me a pantomime villain, so be it. Put me in a top hat and I’ll twirl my mustache and laugh maniacally for the rest of the season whenever I can be bothered.

        So fair warning, if named I’m bringing another midpricer in for round 10. Jesse Hogan.

        I might be bringing in a second one too, but I’ll need to check my bye structure.


      1. He still scored MORE in a team that nearly had it’s scored doubled than Jeremy Cameron who was in a side which got an easy victory.

        So yeah, still stand by it as far as throwing up an option to another player that they could choose to accept or reject.

        Not that I chose to trade him in. I brought in Zorko and Poulter this week.

        Next week it will probably be two midpricers.


  3. Half Time – and a goalless one for the Pies – Pies 4.4.28 lead the Swans 4.3.27. Grundy as a VC not scoring as coaches would have hoped.

    Jack Crisp 70
    Steele Sidebottom 68
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 63
    Darcy Cameron 57
    Brayden Maynard 52
    Jordan De Goey 48
    Chris Mayne 41
    Brodie Grundy 40
    Scott Pendlebury 37
    John Noble 37
    Darcy Moore 35
    Callum Brown 29
    Tyler Brown 28
    Beau McCreery* 25
    Brody Mihocek 23
    Caleb Poulter 23
    Josh Daicos 22
    Josh Thomas 22
    Mark Keane 17
    Isaac Quaynor 15
    Tom Wilson 5
    Oliver Henry 3
    Jack Madgen 1

    Dane Rampe 59
    James Rowbottom 58
    Jake Lloyd 57
    Tom Hickey 56
    Isaac Heeney 54
    Will Hayward 54
    Luke Parker 53
    Justin McInerney 52
    Hayden McLean 46
    Callum Mills 45
    Harry Cunningham 44
    Josh P. Kennedy 42
    Robbie Fox 41
    Jordan Dawson 38
    Tom McCartin 37
    George Hewett 32
    Chad Warner 31
    Tom Papley 28
    Lance Franklin 28
    Oliver Florent 27
    Sam Wicks 27
    Nick Blakey 20
    James Bell 1


  4. current scores

    Sydney Swans: 10.12.72
    Tom Hickey 112
    Hayden McLean 108
    Callum Mills 92
    Jake Lloyd 92
    Justin McInerney 88
    James Rowbottom 88
    Luke Parker 86
    Isaac Heeney 85
    Dane Rampe 77
    Will Hayward 72
    Josh P. Kennedy 69
    Jordan Dawson 69
    Sam Wicks 68
    Tom Papley 65
    George Hewett 61
    Tom McCartin 61
    Robbie Fox 53
    Harry Cunningham 52
    Oliver Florent 52
    Chad Warner 49
    Lance Franklin 49
    Nick Blakey 41
    James Bell

    Collingwood Magpies: 5.12.42
    Brayden Maynard 109
    Jack Crisp 102
    Chris Mayne 101
    Brodie Grundy 98
    Steele Sidebottom 85
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 72
    Darcy Moore 71
    Josh Daicos 69
    Darcy Cameron 69
    Scott Pendlebury 65
    Jordan De Goey 57
    Josh Thomas 54
    Tyler Brown 53
    John Noble 50
    Caleb Poulter 49
    Mark Keane 41
    Beau McCreery* 41
    Isaac Quaynor 39
    Callum Brown 34
    Brody Mihocek 29
    Tom Wilson 19
    Oliver Henry 2
    Jack Madgen

    will see what scaling does … but again too late for next game and 402 points to allocate


  5. And the updated scores after whatever is occurring in these matches now … (once known as scaling, but 800 last night and 400 on this is a bit much)

    Sydney Swans: 10.12.72
    Tom Hickey 118
    Hayden McLean 117
    Isaac Heeney 110
    Callum Mills 100
    Justin McInerney 100
    James Rowbottom 100
    Jake Lloyd 98
    Luke Parker 98
    Dane Rampe 91
    Josh P. Kennedy 83
    Will Hayward 83
    Sam Wicks 82
    Jordan Dawson 81
    Tom Papley 77
    George Hewett 72
    Tom McCartin 68
    Harry Cunningham 62
    Lance Franklin 62
    Chad Warner 58
    Robbie Fox 58
    Oliver Florent 55
    Nick Blakey 51
    James Bell

    Collingwood Magpies: 5.12.42
    Brayden Maynard 115
    Chris Mayne 112
    Jack Crisp 111
    Brodie Grundy 109
    Steele Sidebottom 94
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 82
    Josh Daicos 78
    Darcy Cameron 75
    Darcy Moore 75
    Scott Pendlebury 73
    Caleb Poulter 66
    John Noble 62
    Jordan De Goey 61
    Tyler Brown 61
    Josh Thomas 60
    Isaac Quaynor 49
    Mark Keane 47
    Beau McCreery* 44
    Callum Brown 42
    Brody Mihocek 32
    Tom Wilson 19
    Oliver Henry 7
    Jack Madgen

    some decent changes on key players and nice bump up on rookie poulter!


  6. Caleb Poulter
    Rd 9 Score 66
    Rd 9:$117k->$174k(+$57k)
    Rd 10 BE -43

    Projected Score 66
    Rd 10:$174k->$223k(+$48k)
    Rd 11:$223k->$252k(+$29k)
    Rd 12:$252k->$273k(+$21k)
    Rd 13:$273k->$289k(+$16k)New BE 41
    Rd 14:BYE


  7. Isaac Heeney
    Rd 9 BE 138
    Rd 9 Score 110
    Rd9 : $355k->$343k ($-12k)
    Rd 10 BE 75

    Projected Score 90
    Rd10 : $343k->$349k ($7k) New BE 8
    Rd 11 : $349k->$385k ($36k) New BE 50
    Rd 12 : $385k->$403k ($18k) New BE 61



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