19 thoughts on “Game Chat – Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs”

    1. Hmmm

      The AFL website says no late changes, but I just received an AFL Fantasy alert that Brandon Ryan from the hawks is out. Don’t know a replacement yet. The AFL website still saying no late changes.


        1. I almost brought him in this week for Daicos. Backed off to save cash for 1 final trade.
          Glad I have even though Merrett had a poor day


  1. Please Hawthorn, stop the libba tag…another week of changing my Captain at the last minute. Had it on Sicily… one of the problems of being away on holidays with limited internet. If I was home with kayo, I would have hopefully seen Maginnes go to Libba before the bounce. And gone Bont or Sicily or English. This game can be cruel.


    1. Lisa, the games even crueller than that – Libba subbed out concussed! Will likely miss next week against WCE as well



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