Game Chat – Melbourne v Collingwood

Written by Father Dougal on June 14 2021

Where and when: 3:20pm Monday 14 June at  the SCG

What it means for the Demons: If they win they will join a mess O teams at 3 wins, which is just barely enough to make a run from. If they lost the are a few Crows wins fro the wooden spoon. Meaning they finish 17th. 

What it means for the Pies: Another tie with Richmond in points so either 5th or 6th depending on percentage. If they lose they stay in the mix for finals and have to deal with a week, no sorry, a few days, of talking about their off field distractions. 

Supercoach Watch:

Melbourne: Oliver and Petracca, Jordon. May, Lever. Gawn of course. Hermes and Tommy McD.

Collingwood: Pies:  Not Grundy,  Moore, Poulter, Bianco, Murphy, Sidebottom, Crisp.


Father Dougal’s Watch:  Moore! Lots of player this time, but I’m watching one of my few happy differentials. 


Father Dougal’s Tip:  I see no way to not pick the Demons. By 20


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44 thoughts on “Game Chat – Melbourne v Collingwood”

  1. Pumped for this game. Think it’ll be close due to the bucks factor.

    Struggling with what to do with the C. Thinking of rolling the dice in Gawn or Clarry but not sure which one

    TU – Clarry
    TD – Big Max


    1. Cheers, CT, and afternoon to everyone.

      C Gawn, Satan and Racca to close it out for me here. Also need Petracca to put SideB be away by 25+ to win a crucial league match up.

      Have tipped Melbourne but SURELY the Pies fire up for Buckley. Even as an Eagles supporter, Buckley has been hard done by. Pies very competitive for the last few years, honestly more so their list management, board dramas and feral fans that have done them in.


  2. Reading you summary just shows how much the fortunes of these two sides have changed since last year, a massive swing.


  3. Watch Gawn go big and me steaming over taking VC Kelly’s score! As a pie fan I’m hoping they can play all 4 quarters but dees not really looking like they have a weakness this year! I’ve got Oliver, Gawn, May, Bianco and Poulter in an attempt to get to 2000 this week before the carnage of next week! Go pies!


  4. Accidentally put the C on Whitfield, but he’s a chance to be my 19th player with 74. Unlikely, with Bianco, Poulter and Murphy to come, but a chance.

    If his 74 is my 19th highest score, will it drop out or do I still get his 148 (C)?


  5. Geesh…was looking at one up one down with Jordan next week…might have to reconsider. Got 49 pts in q1 but -25 metres gained !!


  6. Jordan and Highmore traded out this week for me…… Hahah
    Can’t complain though, brought in Kelly and put VC on him.

    Means I can just enjoy the game as not many uniques. Oliver, Gawn, Bianco, Poulter…


  7. Jordon and Highmore out for Whitfield and Powell-Pepper… best keep the sharp objects out of my reach


  8. Captain choice Gawn vs Oliver , never fails – always ends up being the wrong decision.
    Told myself safer to go Gawn as my main opponent had him as captain and I should have him covered if I chose the same Captain. So brain said Gawn. Heart said Oliver. Just didn’t want to risk it.


    1. Your opponent would be me, Lisa.

      Dw, May and Jordon are putting me on blast. You’ve got this, congrats.


      1. Predictor still has you beating me by 24 points GB. I was keeping a close on your team before the game to see if you switched to Oliver – I would have followed. Still a big half to go….it’s anyone’s match at this point.


  9. Half Time and its the Pies 6.8.44 leading the Demons 4.4.28. Would love to know the stats of how often a team unexpectedly wins the next game when a Captain is stood down / walks away mid season. Would also love to see the Pies win this for Bucks.

    Brayden Maynard 82
    Jordan De Goey 71
    Scott Pendlebury 69
    Jack Crisp 54
    Chris Mayne 52
    Brody Mihocek 51
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 51
    Darcy Cameron 51
    Jack Madgen 41
    Isaac Quaynor 39
    Darcy Moore 35
    Jordan Roughead 34
    Max Lynch 33
    Caleb Poulter 29
    John Noble 28
    Josh Daicos 27
    Steele Sidebottom 27
    Jamie Elliott 26
    Josh Thomas 25
    Beau McCreery 23
    Trent Bianco 22
    Nathan Murphy 13
    Jay Rantall 1

    Steven May 65
    James Jordon 63
    Clayton Oliver 63
    Christian Salem 57
    Luke Jackson 56
    Christian Petracca 55
    James Harmes 52
    Alex Neal-Bullen* 42
    Tom McDonald 36
    Tom Sparrow 35
    Harrison Petty 33
    Max Gawn 32
    Angus Brayshaw 30
    Jayden Hunt 27
    Jake Lever 26
    Ed Langdon 25
    Kysaiah Pickett 25
    Michael Hibberd 23
    Bayley Fritsch 23
    Trent Rivers 19
    Charlie Spargo 15
    Sam Weideman 8
    Kade Chandler 1


  10. Pendles may come into contention as a cheap M8 in R15.

    He should be $400k- $410k with a 100-120 today.

    He’s getting CBA’s again,and looks great.

    Harvey is coaching for the job, I can’t see him playing the Captain anywhere else.


    1. Agree with this also – something I strongly considered before the game today. The way Impey has been the past few weeks, might look at swapping him out via DPP for Pendles.


  11. Gawn 1 hit out to advantage, seriously Max you’re up against a rookie and that’s all ya got, lift FFS!!


  12. Bianco has well and truly hit a wall. I’m not sure if he’s playing a different role to the past 2 weeks but he’s anonymous out there and when he does get the ball his use is poor.


  13. HUGE 3rd Qtr from Gawn – 64 points if you don’t mind umpire! And this game hangs in the balance. Collingwood lead 8.12.60 to Melb 8.6.54

    Brayden Maynard 115
    Scott Pendlebury 101
    Jordan De Goey 98
    Darcy Moore 84
    Darcy Cameron 73
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 68
    Steele Sidebottom 68
    Isaac Quaynor 68
    Brody Mihocek 66
    Jack Crisp 65
    Chris Mayne 63
    Jamie Elliott 60
    Caleb Poulter 57
    Josh Thomas 53
    John Noble 53
    Jack Madgen 48
    Jordan Roughead 47
    Beau McCreery 40
    Max Lynch 39
    Josh Daicos 28
    Trent Bianco 20
    Nathan Murphy 13
    Jay Rantall 5

    Luke Jackson 103
    Max Gawn 96
    Clayton Oliver 96
    Steven May 91
    James Jordon 87
    Christian Salem 86
    James Harmes 78
    Christian Petracca 78
    Jake Lever 64
    Alex Neal-Bullen* 53
    Michael Hibberd 52
    Angus Brayshaw 49
    Jayden Hunt 47
    Harrison Petty 47
    Trent Rivers 45
    Tom McDonald 43
    Bayley Fritsch 39
    Tom Sparrow 34
    Kysaiah Pickett 33
    Ed Langdon 31
    Charlie Spargo 28
    Sam Weideman 21
    Kade Chandler 1


  14. Pendles c & c ???…….isn’t that what Capts are expected to do these days…….or is it a union rep role…….???….LOL



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