Round 13 Review (Part 1)

Written by Dane on June 14 2021

Port Adelaide (14.7.91) defeated by Geelong (17.10.112)

  1. Jeremy Cameron (151). A huge game from Cameron up forward saw him snag 5 goals from 19 disposals of the footy. Also threw in some tackles and ran at a very good 89% DE.
  2. Ollie Wines (144). When he’s scored big this year, hes gone really big with four of his tons being above 130. Had 29 touches (13 contested) with 1 goal,  6 tackles and 7 clearances.
  3. Tom Stewart (130). I’m in one of those parts of Victoria that didn’t have power all weekend so I couldn’t watch any games, but just looking at the stats I can see that Stewart played a typically commanding role across the backline. He finished with 23 touches, 5 marks and a game high 723 metres gained.
  4. Connor Rozee (126). The young gun kicked 4 goals in the first quarter alone and 5 for the match, while also collecting 16 touches.
  5. Gary Rohan (122). The speedster had another solid game up forward for Geelong, kicking 3 goals from 18 touches, while also hauling in 10 marks to combine well with Cameron and Hawkins.

Other 100+ scores: Charlie Dixon/Tom Hawkins/Jack Henry (110), Travis Boak (108), Dan Houston (102)

Disappointment: He’s been out for weeks and weeks but if anyone went early on Dangerfield (66), they’d have been spewing with his return of 18 touches and 7 clangers. Powell-Pepper (44) and Higgins (60) couldn’t keep up their good form.

Rookies: The only couple of rookies here were from Port. Bergman (64) provided a serviceable score from 16 touches, but Jones (44) didn’t despite kicking his first career goal. Hopefully you had enough players that his score dropped out of the best 18.

Injuries: Young tall forward Marshall was subbed off in the first quarter after hitting his head on the ground.

Sydney (7.9.51) defeated by Hawthorn (14.5.89)

  1. Tom Mitchell (134). Was at his ball winning best despite a second half tag, ultimately finishing with 34 touches (16 contested), 7 tackles and 1 goal.
  2. Jon Ceglar/Dane Rampe (131). Rampe had by far his best game of the year with 29 touches, 9 marks and 575 metres gained, while Ceglar was a late in for Reeves and might well hold his spot after having a career best score from 20 touches (19 contested), 1 goal, 35 hitouts, 4 tackles and 11 clearances.
  3. Ben McEvoy (116). The Hawks other ruckman was equally impressive as he gathered 14 touches of the football, as well as laying 5 tackles, taking 7 marks and kicking 1 goal.
  4. Changkuoth Jiath (111). His first tom since round 8 came thanks to a rebounding role that allowed him to have the footy 28 times, which he used to gain 553 metres at 85% DE.
  5. Josh Kennedy (107). Rounding out the top 5 is Swans and Supercoach royalty Kennedy, as he had 27 touches, 7 marks, 8 tackles and 6 clearances.

Other 100+ scores: Callum Mills (105), Jake Lloyd (104)

Disappointment: A couple of guys who are on the cusp of being premium forwards in Heeney (42) and Impey (51) stunk it up on Friday night.

Rookies: A couple of really promising games here from youngsters Amartey and Newcombe. The Hawks first gamer laid an incredible 14 tackles and grabbed 13 touches of the footy for a first up score of 75, while the Swans youngster had 12 touches, 2 goals, 7 tackles, 5 clearances and 8 hitouts for 70 points of his own. Both look viable downgrade options next week. Jacob Koschitzke (49) will lose money but was important up forward snagging a couple of goals.

Injuries: Young Hawk Harry Morrison was subbed out early with a hamstring injury, while for the Swans it was Hayward who came off second best during a 2nd quarter contest. Cunnigham and Lloyd were both sore but played out the game.

Fremantle (11.10.76) defeated Gold Coast (6.13.49)

1. Sean Darcy (140). Thought he was out for a while after a hamstring injury ended his game last week but clearly I was wrong, as he dominated to the tune of: 17 touches, 40 hitouts, 6 tackles, 7 clearances and 1 goal.

2. Luke Ryan (128). Has begun to hit his best form in 2021 over the past couple of weeks. Had 29 touches and 10 marks in the backline but importantly ran at 96% DE.

3. Touk Miller (127). A tag was flagged and ultimately was applied but Touk showed his class with another massive game of 33 touches (13 contested), 8 clearances, 6 tackles, 1 goal and 560 metres gained. Glad he’s finally getting the outside attention he deserves.

4. David Swallow/Hugh Greenwood (117). A couple of Suns mids tied it up in fourth spot, as both gentleman posted their sixth tons of the year from 23 touches and 5 tackles (Swallow) and 16 touches and 10 tackles (Greenwood), respectively.


5. James Aish (118). His second ton in three weeks came from an impressive 31 touch ame across half-back, while he also led the team in metres gained with 560.

Other 100+ scores:
Rory Lobb (110)

Disappointment: If people were keen on Rowell (54) maybe this 14 disposal effort will throw some doubt into their minds.

Rookies: Budget ruckman Zac Smith (73) had 10 touches, 4 tackles and 18 hitouts to bring his three round average to a respectable 72 as he begins his cash growth, but the same cant be said for Rosas as he could only return 21 points from 3 touches and 4 tackles. The Dockers provided a couple of first gamers here, with both Walker (50) and Western (27) having wins in their debut game. Henry (55) had his slow cash generation continue, as did Flanders (62), while on the opposite side Treacy will now grow very quickly after he had 15 touches, 7 marks and 2 goals for a great score of 95.

Injuries: No subs used in this game and the only report I could find was that Acres had a sore knee during the game but played on.

St Kilda (8.12.60) defeated by Adelaide (9.12.66)

1. Dougal Howard (160). This career best score from Howard came courtesy of 24 touches (21 kicks) with 7 marks and 445 metres gained. On paper it doesn’t look like a 160 point game so he must’ve done some important things.

2. Rory Laird (132). From all reports this guy was massive in the last quarter of the game as Adelaide sealed their comeback, which probably boosted his score. Finished up with another 33 touches (18 contested), 8 tackles and 10 clearances.


3. Jack Steele/Jack Sinclair (126). Two of the many Jack’s on St Kilda’s list weren’t split here, as the skipper had 34 touches (19 contested), 10 tackles, 9 clearances and 605 metres gained, while the zippy backman had 24 touches, 6 tackles and 1 goal.


4. Brad Crouch (124). Looked to have some value coming into the round at 486K and delivered with his fifth ton in six games. Had 36 touches (19 contested) with 1 goal, 6 tackles and 5 clearances against his old mob.


5. Tom Highmore (111). Sent out a big stuff you to the many thousands of coaches who probably moved him on this week with a massive score that was helped along by 22 touches and 13 marks.


Other 100+ scores: Riley Thilthorpe (110), Luke Dunstan (105), Rory Sloane/Ben Keays (103), Paul Seedsman (100)

Disappointment: If people are still holding onto Taylor Walker, this return of just 11 touches and 34 points would’ve hurt.

Rookies: Plenty of rookies in this game. Highmore has already been praised but Thilthorpe also deserves some love for his score that came from 16 touches (14 contested) and 3 goals, the final one being the match winner. Byrnes (64) continues to be keep busy in the Saints engine room with another 14 touches and 1 goal, while for Adelaide their previously rookie priced players in Rowe (66), Berry (60), Butts (58) and Hamill (55) all had serviceable scores. Finally, the debut of Worrall was sealed with a win but with only 3 touches and 13 points, he didn’t scream out to be a downgrade option.

Injuries: Hunter Clark came off second best from a fierce contest, which resulted in an unfortunate broken jaw.

North Melbourne (14.10.94) drew with GWS (14.10.94)

1. Josh Kelly (147). His awesome form continued with another stellar effort that produced 39 touches (17 contested) of the football, also contributing with 2 goals and 6 tackles.

2. Aaron Hall (141). Another guy in super good form is the long-kicking defender who had another 35 touches of the ball which resulted in 791 metres gained. Overcame a tag from De Boer too.


3. Ben Cunnington (129). Typical game from Cunnington as he found plenty of contested ball (14 of his 25 touches) as well as clearances (9) and tackles (5). Also contributed with 2 goals of his own.


4. Jy Simpkin (128). Another North midfielder who has stepped up in recent weeks for ¾ tons is Simpkin, as he collected another 33 touches of the footy while also laying 8 tackles and having 7 clearances.


5. Todd Goldstein (126). The good games of the North mids listed above wouldn’t have come about if Goldy hadn’t won 29 hitouts, while his score was also aided by 14 touches and 1 goal.


Other 100+ scores: Nick Haynes (118), Matt Flynn (117), Cameron Zurharr (106), Toby Greene (103), Tim Taranto (101)

Disappointment: The score of 68 was actually Isaac Cummings worst of the year, while I’m sure the coaches who brought in Whitfield weren’t thrilled with his 74.

Rookies: Ruckman Matt Flynn was super in this game just to rub salt into the wound for those who dropped him for Reeves, as he posted 117 from 12 touches and 2 goals. Elsewhere Powell (70) posted his best score in a while from 11 touches and 1 goal, while cash-cow Young (29) needs to be moved on if he hasn’t already, his cash bleeding continued with this 9 touch effort. Jake Stain (200K defender) played his first game since 2019 and had 4 kicks for 32 points.

Injuries: Forward Taylor Garner was taken off very late with a leg injury, while Nick Haynes did spend time on the bench for a leg concern as well but played on.

West Coast (13.7.85) defeated Richmond (12.9.81)

1. Nic Naitanui (125). Hasn’t dropped under triple figures since round 6 as he continues this outstanding season. Another 20 touches (15 contested) for him on Sunday night as he added 5 clearances, 31 hitouts and 1 goal to his stat-sheet.

2. Shannon Hurn (122). The Eagles games record holder turned in another good one with 25 disposals and 10 marks across the backline, while also gaining 578 metres for his club.


3. Nick Vlastuin (116). Kept Darling very quiet for the night but was good enough to play a solid attacking role as well with 23 touches and 9 marks while running at 87% DE.

4. Jack Redden (113). Found 32 touches of the football in the middle of the ground, while also taking 12 marks and having 7 clearances as he worked his way to ton number four of 2021.

5. Jayden Short (111). Rounding out the top five is this premium defender who had 26 disposals of the footy (24 kicks), while also hauling in 15 marks and running at a very, very good 92% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Dustin Martin (110), Josh Kennedy (109)

Disappointment: You’ve probably already seen his name here multiple times this season but that because scores of 80 aren’t something that one associates with Andrew Gaff too often, he’s been solid for 105 consistently before 2021.

Rookies: This game had a bunch of ripping rookie scores! First off Coleman-Jones began his price rise with a great effort of 81 points that came from 13 touches, 7 marks and 2 goals, while his opponent at times in Edwards (89) was also very impressive with 14 disposals at 88%. The other two Eagles in Foley and Edwards also put their hand up as downgrade options with scores of 82 from 22 touches and 7 marks (Foley) and 96 from 27 touches (11 contested) for Edwards. The same warning of last week comes with these guys though, their job security might be an issue despite these impressive performances.

Injuries: Nothing major from this game!

Jump back on later tonight for a review of this afternoons game!



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