Game Chat – West Coast v Richmond

Written by Father Dougal on June 13 2021

Where and when: Saturday 12 June at Optus Stadium

What it means for the Tigers: They pull ahead of the Eagles and go into 6th or 7th if they win. If they lose they stay in 8th. 

What it means for the Eagles: They will be 6th or 7th on the ladder if they win. If they lose, they will fall back to 8th. Plus, losing to the Tigers at home? Not good, not at all.  


Supercoach Watch:

Tigers: Short, Bolton, CCJ,  Martin, 

Eagles:  Yeo! (Kidding)  Nic Nat…Gaff?

Father Dougal’s Watch: CCD has to be it, big in for so many. 


Father Dougal’s Tip:  Normally I am a coward and pick the Eagles at Optus. But, well, I think the Tigers are going to pull off an upset away. They need this game, and I bet they want it. Richmond by 6


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21 thoughts on “Game Chat – West Coast v Richmond”


    Jack Petruccelle (hamstring) OUT, Jake Waterman IN.

    Medical Subs :
    WCE – Xavier O’Neill
    Richmond – Hugo Ralphsmith


    1. Would love us to manufacture something here, CT, but think the Tigers on ball bridge will slaughter us without Shuey and Kelly.

      Just a matter of whether can we wrestle it back at both ends.

      Short, CCJ and Martin in SC.


      1. I haven’t been over impressed with Richmond and a few of their players seem to be down.
        Our structure and strategies seem to work well regardless of personnel. I just think at home and Richmond traveling back and forth it would be to our advantage.

        Just two Richmond players in this CCJ and Martin!!


  2. Dustin Martin is inconsistent with his score in Supercoach but he does know how to make an impact to the game.


  3. Cole making lots with that score If only I kept Highmore and Flynn then it will $$$ could’ve got bont next week and have extra dollars *sigh*


        1. GD rules are rules, and learning how far 15m is one area the umpires have always needed to improve. Also, I only wish my club had won 3 of the last 4 flags…


    1. The rule is pretty simple.
      If you are kicking the ball out of your backline, 15m = 15m.
      When you are forward of midfield, 15m = 10m+.
      When you kicking into the forward line, 15m = 5m+

      See: Simple.



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