Game Chat – Melbourne vs North Melbourne

Written by Thommo on August 9 2020

Where and When: Adelaide Oval, Sunday 8 August at 6:10pm (AEST)

Last time they met: North Melbourne 13.10 (88) def Melbourne 12.11 (83) at Blundstone Arena, Hobart.

What is means for Melbourne: This a massive danger game for Melbourne. With Gawn and Viney out, they will need to dig deep to overcome North in their first meeting in South Australia. If they lose too many more matches, they will lose touch with the top 8.

What it means for North: Like Melbourne, North are in danger of losing pace with the leading pack and to be honest, if they can’t defeat an ailing Dees, should they play finals? If they chalk up another loss tonight, they should start planning their end of season trip back to the Gold Coast.

Supercoach Watch: This is all about Clayton Oliver and Petracca. They are both in form and without Gawn and Viney, there are plenty of SC points to go around. The footy may not be good to watch, but if you own both of them, this match will be very attractive!

Thommo’s Watch:  I was shocked to discover a little green dot next to Rivers today. I’m hoping he can do enough to push his price up. Thommo needs $$$$

Thommo’s Tip: North by 6 points.


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58 thoughts on “Game Chat – Melbourne vs North Melbourne”

  1. Goldie named in the centre and Daw at Ruck!! That may put a crimp in the Gawn to Goldie trades … if Daw takes a lot of the ruck contests …


    1. It’s going to be weird without Gawn dominating the ruck. The game Gawn missed last year Pruess played and did pretty well.


  2. Qtr time scores with north leading 20-10

    Oliver 26
    Petracca 48
    Rivers: 5

    Nth Melbourne:
    Simpkin 35
    Mckay 21
    Goldstein 18


      1. I’m going to have to take one of Rivers, Close or Ruscoe score
        Guessing it won’t be rivers

        Jack Martin got injured after I traded him in… not exactly the plan.


    1. In my Draft team GP.

      The most under owned “Premo” in SC.

      11th Mid over all , 5 round Ave of 119.

      If only I had gone to Rowell to Dumont in R5.


      1. not a lot of stoppages or ball ups / thrown ins etc for Goldie to be involved in thus far … weird game – no crowd


        1. They both should be used to no crowds by now in the cold weather, ie ski seasons and, well just no crowds……


    1. Been like this since he hurt his ankle.
      I’m an owner and am hoping a full week between games will improve his ankle… I live in hope at least


  3. Half Time and it’s the Dees by 5 points over the Roos
    Melb 4.7.31
    Roos 4.2.26

    Sam Weideman 76
    Christian Petracca 66
    Angus Brayshaw 61
    Clayton Oliver 58
    Jake Lever 54
    Tom Sparrow 45
    Tom McDonald 43
    Ed Langdon 43
    Christian Salem 40
    Mitch Hannan 35
    Michael Hibberd 35
    Charlie Spargo 33
    Nathan Jones 32
    Luke Jackson 28
    Adam Tomlinson 26
    Trent Rivers 24
    Kysaiah Pickett 23
    Jake Melksham 22
    Aaron Vandenberg 20
    James Harmes 11
    Bayley Fritsch 10
    Steven May 7

    Luke McDonald 79
    Trent Dumont 69
    L. Davies-Uniacke 66
    Aiden Bonar 60
    Robbie Tarrant 56
    Nick Larkey 53
    Jamie Macmillan 51
    Shaun Higgins 47
    Jy Simpkin 46
    Cameron Zurhaar 43
    Todd Goldstein 41
    Jed Anderson 40
    Shaun Atley 37
    Aaron Hall 36
    Majak Daw* 28
    Jared Polec 28
    Ben McKay 28
    Josh Walker 26
    Sam Durdin 21
    Jack Mahony 21
    Jasper Pittard 21
    Bailey Scott 2


      1. yeh , in hindsight shaw shoulda just rested goldy higgins & co
        now hes got 6 injured players to replace & a handful of players that still need a game off


    1. doing SFA – scared of getting leather poisoning.

      Seriously though, it’s like he is too afraid to do anything after absolutely butchering kicks in the first half … just not competing … both teams ball skills leave a lot to be desired


    2. Simpkin had 6 Clangers most in the game there is -30 points right there had enough of the ball just poor use of it.


      1. Still looks sore to me. Not sure when North’s bye will be but he might be looking at a week off before that.


  4. Gee its painful to watch this game … both sides are bloody awful … Roos just that much worse (sorry RooBloke and Troroo)

    Roos mids just look lost and hopeless at getting hands on the ball … will not help Goldie and his owners at all.


  5. Full Time – big win by Melb 13.14.92 defeat Nth Melb 5.5.35

    Christian Petracca 155
    Clayton Oliver 133
    Angus Brayshaw 109
    Tom McDonald 98
    Jake Lever 88
    Sam Weideman 83
    Ed Langdon 81
    Tom Sparrow 78
    Michael Hibberd 76
    Charlie Spargo 75
    Mitch Hannan 73
    Luke Jackson 70
    Bayley Fritsch 69
    Kysaiah Pickett 65
    Christian Salem 64
    Trent Rivers 52
    Jake Melksham 52
    Nathan Jones 49
    Adam Tomlinson 47
    Aaron Vandenberg 37
    Steven May 35
    James Harmes 31

    Luke McDonald 134
    Trent Dumont 127
    Robbie Tarrant 100
    Todd Goldstein 96
    L. Davies-Uniacke 94
    Jared Polec 80
    Nick Larkey 79
    Aaron Hall 77
    Shaun Higgins 72
    Jy Simpkin 72
    Jamie Macmillan 72
    Shaun Atley 68
    Ben McKay 66
    Aiden Bonar 65
    Jasper Pittard 63
    Cameron Zurhaar 58
    Jed Anderson 47
    Josh Walker 47
    Majak Daw* 45
    Bailey Scott 37
    Jack Mahony 37
    Sam Durdin 32


  6. Goldstein barely tons v the second fiddle in Jackson lol.

    Imagine what Gawn would have done to him…


    1. Nothing to do with him and his work GD.
      Roos mids were pathetic and couldn’t touch the ball.
      23 HO’s to 5+2 on the Demons

      Strange game with not a lot of stoppages for ball ups etc … but his biggest problem was his mids around him were pathetic …


      1. Goldy’s score was reflective of Shaw’s use of Goldy, not of Goldy’s play. What i mean is that Goldy didn’t have many CBA’s which is where he does some of his best work. He can’t get a clearance if he’s not in the centre circle. Quite happy that Goldy got a ton from very little impact on the game.

        Shaw’s use of Goldy over the last few weeks is concerning for us Goldy owners. Hopefully it’s just managing Goldy through consecutive 4 day breaks and not a sign of him sharing the ruck permanently with Majak.


  7. Really disappointed with that result but not being helped by poor coaching starting at selection. Not just this week either.
    8 players over 195 cm is too tall by a couple.
    If Goldy needs a rest then dont play him.
    Higgins seemed to play as a defensive winger.
    We are not helped by having the most injuries in the AFL.
    Looking forward to a clean out at the end of the year and getting rid of list cloggers.
    At least it is a shorter season.


    1. Shaggi, that was one strange game to watch ,… but gee your boys were awful!! Seemed to be a lot of running around chasing leather with no direction and when they had stoppages Goldie was basically winning everything, but his mids just did not support him …


      1. We really are missing Cunnington and not having Higgins in the centre square was not helpful.
        I get the feeling that Shaw is already coaching for next year.
        Simpkin will be very very good for us and LDU once he gets a full preseason under his belt will be a star.
        Commendable performances by McDonald and Dumont.
        Maybe McDonald become SC relevent next year.
        Too many players just not up to AFL standard and some happy to come to North just for the bigger pay cheque.


    2. Totally agree Shaggi. Our team looks like the Aussie cricket team heading into a 5th test. You know the team where you’ve got a random all rounder at 5, the wickie at 6, a 2nd spinner for no real reason at 7 …. it doesn’t look right from the get go and it just never works.

      I didn’t count 8 talls in the team though.

      Tarrant and McKay are our two tall defenders. Goldy is our solo ruck. Larkey our tall fwd. With Brown out we need another tall fwd so Walker goes fwd. Daw played really well two years back as our 3rd tall defender so put him there, not as our first ruck drifting fwd. He’s not good at that role. Why Durdin was in the team with all the other talls is beyond me!


      1. I counted the talls as Tarrant, McKay, Durdin, Larkey, Walker, Daw , Goldy and ???. Okay you got me there.
        I guess Durdin was in there to see if he is of AFL standard.
        Polec plays like M.Crouch and is not damaging enough . Has had a disappointing year.
        Hall is no longer consistently of an AFL standard.
        Pittard seems lost in the forward line and Hinkley would have been glad for him to go cause he is a coach killer.
        I would like to see players like Scott, Bonar and Ahern given an extended go.
        My personal view with everything B.Brown is that at the end of the year North will make the call depending on what they might get for him. A 1st round pick then I think they will let him go as he won’t be in our next premiership side. He does work well with Larkey though.



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