Poll: Where Should The Grand Final Be Played?

Written by The Salamander on August 10 2020

With the Grand Final almost certain to be played outside of Victoria this year, speculation has been heating up about which stadium not called the MCG will get the rare privilege of hosting it.

Where should the Grand Final be played this year?

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20 thoughts on “Poll: Where Should The Grand Final Be Played?”

  1. The WA, SA and Qld governments have allowed the season to continue. Without their support, it’d have been over long ago. So it seems logical that they get the GF if the AFL can get a deal done with the MCC to break the existing contract. Whilst Optus and the Adelaide Oval appeal as traditional footy states, the Qld government has easily been the most accommodating of the AFL this year. I get why WA and SA have been a bit more hard line so i’m not being critical of them but the Gabba and Metricon have each hosted at least a couple of games per round for the last month or two. For me, it’s gotta be the Gabba.


  2. Gabba all the way.

    Based solely on the feral Wet Toast supporters booing. Same applies with the feral Adelaide teams. Boo!!!!!


  3. would it be too crazy to let the higher ranked team on the ladder host the grand final at their “home” ground?

    If it’s a vic club then in queensland.


    1. The problem is that so much needs to be organised well in advance….venue needs to be locked in a long way out.


      1. I get your point but that seems like a lack of ‘will’.
        The AFL made it happened for the drawn grandfinal.
        One week notice, lets do it all again folks.
        Would it be easy? No
        Is it possible to do with planning. Yes they have weeks of notice of the possible venue selection.


  4. think Ive said before……I wonder how Telstra ( being the major partner of the AFL ) sits with having the GF at a ground with their biggest oppositions name, plastered all over it ?


  5. queensland would be the best imo
    a rugby state , good chance to grow the game there
    less chance of 1 team being favored by umpires or crowds
    good weather to showcase the game internationally also


  6. Has anyone bothered to ask the players for their opinion???

    As a non-player though, I would love to have a West Coast grand final against anyone played in Perth…….And West Coast loses…..

    or Port v Collingwood in Adelaide…..and Port wins…..suffer crows
    or Port v Collingwood in Adelaide…..and Collingwood wins(???)…..
    …….Suffer crows……


  7. As long as MCC members are given a free pass to travel interstate without quarantining, and a guaranteed seat at the game, then I don’t mind where it’s played 🙂

    Just might not be many seats left for the locals once 22,000 MCC members take their tickets!


    1. … and don’t forget ~20,000 AFL members who will all need to be flown at the AFL’s expense with two weeks hotel quarantine. We need a look in too.


      1. The thumbs down to my joke seem to indicate it didn’t come across as intended. Lighten up everyone, we need some humour to keep us going down in Melbourne at the moment!

        And apologies for forgetting about the AFL members there Roo Bloke. Happy to share the ground with you 🙂


  8. It’s been a different kind of year so why not try some thing different. I think this would be a pretty fair solution.

    Make every team name a “Home ground” outside of Victoria.

    They would need to except crowds, maybe eliminating NSW ?

    Geelong may prefer the Gabba.
    Richmond the bigger Optus.
    Maybe Collingwood has a great record at Adelaide oval and would like to play there ?

    All Finals will be then be played at the designated “Home ” ground as per usual.

    The GF going to the top ranked team at the end of the H&A season.

    Seems pretty fair to me.


  9. Obviously it probably depends on what Jeff and Eddy reckon though…….

    Ps Would anyone nominate ACT or Tassie…(apart from Jeff)


    1. Alright… I nominate York Park (aka UTAS Stadium), Launceston. Very similar dimensions to the MCG, except slightly bigger.


  10. The Gabba. Hands down. QLD have done a huge amount to ensure the continuation of the season. WA not far behind. If it means bums on seats V no one in attendance, then clearly the MCG is a no go zone.

    As a bonus, I loved to Brisbane 6 months ago from Sydney, so a local GF would be cool.



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