14 thoughts on “Game Chat – North v Port”

  1. Do I take Sullivan 88 and bring in Houston or bring in Butters and field Clohesy?

    TU – Sullivan and Houston
    TD – Butters and Clohesy


  2. Butters copping a hard tag this game. Only on 5 disposals at half time, but has kicked 2 goals for a respectable score.
    Quite concerning second half coming up


  3. Question about emergencies.

    If I have jordan MID/FWD 32pts and Boak pure MID 130+pts both as EMG. Who’s score will cover a non playing MID?

    I have a feeling it will be Jordan, but boak can only cover MID so wondering if anyone knows for sure?


    1. The lowest score is counted.
      Players designation is irreverent. It is the line they are on that counts.


      1. Draft league, so 4 universal bench players.

        I’m assuming it will be what you have said unfortunately 🙁

        Thanks for the input 🙂


    2. What line is Jordan your emergency on?
      If he is on the forward bench, he will not be the emergency and Boak’s score will be taken.
      If he is on the midfield bench with Boak. The lowest score on the midfield bench replaces the 0 on the field, therefore Jordan will score.


      1. Hmm this is in a draft league actually. So we have 4 bench players but there is no positional designation for the bench players.

        So I’m assuming that’s prolly gonna mean lowest score as jordan can count as both. 🙁

        Just can’t find any hard rules for draft stuff.

        Thanks for the input! 🙂



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