Game Chat – Richmond vs GWS

Written by Huttabito on July 23 2017

Venue: MCG at 1:10pm (AEST)

R9, 2017, GWS 11.12 (78) d Richmond 10.15 (75) at Spotless Stadium
R19, 2016, GWS 17.9 (111) d Richmond 3.5 (23) at Manuka Oval
R14, 2015, Richmond 10.18 (78) d GWS 10.9 (69) at the MCG
R19, 2014, Richmond 13.11 (89) d GWS 8.14 (62) at the MCG
R10, 2014, Richmond 24.10 (154) d GWS 5.11 (41) at Spotless Stadium

Game notes: There wasn’t much convincing about Richmond’s 31-point win over the Brisbane Lions and a significant lift will be required to get past Greater Western Sydney in a crunch game for both clubs. It hasn’t been a good fortnight for the Tigers, who are struggling to turn their inside 50s into quality scoring opportunities and putting their top-four ambitions at risk. Another brilliant performance from a rampaging Dustin Martin made sure the Lions never seriously challenged, but there are cracks the Tigers need to address. A win against the Giants would get their season back on track in a big way, while putting the Giants’ top-four prospects on shaky ground. GWS has not won a game for three weeks, drawing with Geelong and Hawthorn before a 13-point loss to Sydney. The Giants need a confidence-boosting win as much as the Tigers, which should make for an absorbing, high-stakes clash at the MCG. The winner will emerge buoyed going into the final five rounds.

Hutta’s Tip: GWS by 40 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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    Richmond: Shaun Edwards, Daniel Rioli, Corey Ellis, Nathan Broad
    Greater Western Sydney: Tom Scully, Tendai Mzungu, Harry Perryman, Rory Lobb


  2. Three Quarter Time

    Richmond 8.8.56
    GWS 4.5.29

    D. Martin 133
    T. Cotchin 91
    N. Vlastuin 89
    K. McIntosh 76
    J. Caddy 72
    J. Riewoldt 67
    S. Grigg 64
    D. Astbury 61
    D. Grimes 59
    B. Ellis 59
    D. Rioli 57
    K. Lambert 57
    A. Rance 54
    J. Castagna 52
    D. Prestia 43
    T. Nankervis 35
    S. Edwards 33
    N. Broad 32
    J. Short 27
    D. Butler 21
    C. Ellis 20
    I. Soldo 17

    Z. Williams 107
    P. Davis 92
    C. Ward 90
    N. Wilson 76
    S. Mumford 76
    L. Whitfield 75
    D. Shiel 74
    A. Tomlinson 62
    T. Greene 60
    J. Kelly 59
    H. Shaw 58
    N. Haynes 56
    A. Corr 54
    D. Smith 53
    W. Setterfield 52
    R. Lobb 41
    T. Scully 37
    M. Kennedy 35
    J. Patton 32
    S. Johnson 25
    T. Mzungu 22
    H. Perryman 20


  3. must concentate more on a saturday!so used to freo playing sunday forgot to bring on strdnica for nank!geeenwood ton stuck on the bench difference in a lot of my leagues


    Richmond defeat GWS by 19 points

    D. Martin 153
    N. Vlastuin 113
    T. Cotchin 108
    B. Ellis 94
    J. Caddy 86
    K. McIntosh 84
    J. Riewoldt 81
    J. Castagna 80
    S. Grigg 76
    D. Grimes 73
    D. Astbury 72
    A. Rance 72
    D. Rioli 69
    K. Lambert 65
    D. Prestia 64
    T. Nankervis 55
    N. Broad 51
    S. Edwards 40
    D. Butler 34
    C. Ellis 34
    J. Short 30
    I. Soldo 25

    Z. Williams 138
    P. Davis 126
    C. Ward 121
    S. Mumford 107
    J. Kelly 101
    L. Whitfield 99
    D. Smith 94
    D. Shiel 91
    N. Wilson 90
    H. Shaw 83
    A. Corr 77
    T. Greene 76
    T. Scully 72
    A. Tomlinson 71
    N. Haynes 67
    W. Setterfield 61
    R. Lobb 56
    J. Patton 55
    M. Kennedy 54
    H. Perryman 37
    S. Johnson 32
    T. Mzungu 22


    Big win today in testing conditions, very proud of the players after that performance! I know better than to use the F-Word with Richmond but we’re right in the mix now…….



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