14 thoughts on “Game Chat – St Kilda v Geelong”

  1. I have a tough choice in my defence for this game – taking Daicos score from last night and then have to choose between McCartin or SDK …

    Have taken McCartin – assuming bombers will spray kicks into their forward line giving Paddy lots of intercepts … correct call?


  2. Hoping Gresham makes a tonne this week to make a recovery for his 55 last week and 3 weeks without a tonne


  3. Steele working this but off to get the Saints back into this game.

    He’s such a freakin star

    Gresh trolling those that traded him this week. .


  4. Half time SDK on 48 and I was smiling at my choice to put him on ground instead of Daicos 69 score! Into last quarter and it’ll be close if he even gets to 69! Cmon pal



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