Game Chat – St Kilda v Port Adelaide

Written by Father Dougal on June 2 2019

Where and when: Jiangwan Stadium, Sunday June 2, 12.20pm AWST

Last time they met: Adelaide Oval, round 16, 2018: Port Adelaide 12.14 (86) beat St Kilda 7.8 (50)

This was the win that took the Power to an 11-4 record last year and into the top-four. They would win one more game and miss finals. Charlie Dixon bagged four goals and Chad Wingard was outstanding – neither will feature this time, with the former nursing a long-term right leg injury and the latter now at Hawthorn.

What it means for Port Adelaide: The Power have a reputation as being inconsistent, and that continued after a disappointing showing in the round 10 loss to the Hawks. They will be desperate to shed that tag.

What it means for St Kilda: At 5-5, the Saints are in finals contention. Their relatively meagre percentage of 91.7 means they will probably need one more win than whichever side finishes ninth to feature in September, and victory over 10th-placed Port would help achieve that ambition.

How Port Adelaide wins: Having twice played in China already means most of the squad knows what to expect, in terms of the travel, conditions and the ground’s specifics.

How St Kilda wins: Port Adelaide can be a little up-and-down on a week-to-week basis, whereas the Saints have been pretty honest all year. Keep that up and they will be in with a fair chance.

The stat: After a slow start to his time at St Kilda, speedy forward Dean Kent is equal-ninth in the competition for total goal assists with 10. That’s even more impressive considering the club enters round 11 fourth-last for scoring.

The match-up: Travis Boak v Jack Steele
St Kilda coach Alan Richardson sends his gun stopper Steele, ranked No.63 in the Official AFL Player Ratings, to someone every week and rejuvenated Port onballer Boak can expect plenty of attention after outstanding form so far this season. the former Port skipper is at No. 52 in the Player Ratings.

It’s a big week for: Jade Gresham (St Kilda)
Supremely talented, the 21-year-old needs to show he can back up impressive games for him to become a top-flight onballer. He showed what he can do with a superb outing in the win over Carlton last week, and to produce at a similar level would be a sign of development.

Father Dougal’s Tip: With the Saints struck down by illness, the Power by 10 points.

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39 thoughts on “Game Chat – St Kilda v Port Adelaide”

  1. Am contemplating jive for Rozee. Rozee done a great job but was probably going to go soon anyway. Plus desperately need cas generation.


    1. Rozee also gives me cover for Moore second week of bye but am thinking just bring in boak for Moore after first week of byes. Problem solved.Basically Rozee today gives me boak in two weeks


      1. Joyce’s JS is precarious.

        Especially with the Saints bye next week, that will give Marsh time to recover and the Saints time to re-jig things. Plus, when there were serious openings for a defender in the Saints list with all those injuries Joyce didn’t hold his spot.

        Would steer clear, Sean.


  2. Boak and Duursma here, couple of tons will get my Sunday charge to 2400 started nicely. Let’s go.


        1. just a few so-so players …
          Merrett, Dunkley, Macrae, Cripps … you know, the average types!! *wink* … rolling with Gibbons now he is named in the mids too …


              1. Cripps, Walsh, Hurn, Darling and Macrae still go to.

                Looks like Boak and Duursma have performed for us.


  3. Quarter time. Boak: 40. Duursma: 25. Me: loving life.

    Just hope Boak can continue to shake the Steele tag.


  4. I’m guessing Young is afraid of leather poisoning … can’t be any other reason for a player supposedly good enough to get listed at AFL level to be this bad … will be stuck with him on my fwd bench to the end now … no money to be made


  5. Port by a lot at the Half!!

    Port Adelaide Power: 12.3.75
    Travis Boak 71
    Scott Lycett 60
    Zak Butters 59
    Jarrod Lienert 58
    Robbie Gray 55
    Connor Rozee 52
    Dan Houston 50
    Riley Bonner 49
    Karl Amon 47
    Darcy Byrne-Jones 44
    Dougal Howard* 43
    Tom Jonas 41
    Ryan Burton 41
    Kane Farrell 41
    Xavier Duursma 41
    Justin Westhoff 40
    Sam Gray 35
    Tom Clurey 35
    Steven Motlop 34
    Sam Powell-Pepper 34
    Patrick Ryder 26
    Matthew Broadbent 19

    St Kilda Saints: 5.8.38
    Rowan Marshall 60
    Jade Gresham 54
    Josh Bruce 40
    Josh Battle 38
    Dean Kent 38
    Jack Newnes 37
    Callum Wilkie 37
    Luke Dunstan 36
    Tim Membrey 36
    Jack Sinclair 33
    Jack Billings 32
    Jack Steele 32
    Ed Phillips 31
    Ben Long 31
    Seb Ross 29
    Nicholas Coffield 29
    Jarryn Geary 28
    Shane Savage 23
    Matthew Parker 22
    Nathan Brown 22
    Darragh Joyce 15
    Robbie Young 11

    Missing persons report has again been filed on Young …. what a spud!! (sorry AS!)


  6. SC relevant scores at HT:

    Boak – 71
    Lycett – 60
    R. Gray – 55
    Rozee – 52
    Duursma – 41
    Westhoff – 40
    Broadbent – 19

    Marshall – 60
    Gresham – 54
    Wilkie – 37
    Billings – 32
    Steele – 32
    Parker – 22
    Young – 11


  7. still a big lead for Port …

    Port Adelaide Power: 18.3.111
    Travis Boak 99
    Zak Butters 90
    Scott Lycett 88
    Dan Houston 80
    Robbie Gray 79
    Jarrod Lienert 78
    Riley Bonner 76
    Karl Amon 74
    Dougal Howard* 73
    Darcy Byrne-Jones 67
    Xavier Duursma 64
    Connor Rozee 63
    Justin Westhoff 62
    Tom Clurey 60
    Patrick Ryder 58
    Tom Jonas 55
    Steven Motlop 53
    Kane Farrell 52
    Sam Gray 51
    Sam Powell-Pepper 49
    Ryan Burton 48
    Matthew Broadbent 34

    St Kilda Saints: 7.10.52
    Rowan Marshall 107
    Jade Gresham 76
    Jack Newnes 63
    Jack Sinclair 57
    Josh Bruce 56
    Dean Kent 55
    Callum Wilkie 53
    Seb Ross 51
    Tim Membrey 51
    Jack Steele 49
    Ben Long 46
    Luke Dunstan 46
    Josh Battle 45
    Nicholas Coffield 43
    Jarryn Geary 42
    Ed Phillips 40
    Jack Billings 38
    Shane Savage 35
    Robbie Young 29
    Darragh Joyce 27
    Matthew Parker 26
    Nathan Brown 26


  8. Could Robbie Gray be a decent F6? Seems to be getting midfield minutes and the scores should come too.


    1. no Rockliff and no Wines ATM – his midfield time is therefore up … whne those two back I would imagine he moves forward again and his scores will drop … unless they swap him and Rocky again …


      1. Exactly, Macca.

        Scores well when his in the middle, isn’t always there though and that’s the problem.


  9. commentators are saying Geary may have broken his leg now … still waiting confirmation – couldn’t put weight on leg …


  10. Rowan Marshall, why hello. Welcome to my forward-line after your bye. Ryder and Lycett have had him two to one in hitouts and he’s still gonna put up a beast of a score. 131 SC 20 mins in to the last.


    1. yeah AS in his wisdom (and maybe insider knowledge??) got him in a couple of weeks ago … looks like a good call!


  11. Well, that’s a spanking …

    Port Adelaide Power: 22.7.139
    Travis Boak 129
    Robbie Gray 122
    Scott Lycett 115
    Zak Butters 112
    Jarrod Lienert 110
    Karl Amon 98
    Dan Houston 98
    Dougal Howard* 94
    Riley Bonner 93
    Darcy Byrne-Jones 90
    Xavier Duursma 88
    Connor Rozee 81
    Justin Westhoff 80
    Tom Jonas 77
    Steven Motlop 75
    Patrick Ryder 74
    Tom Clurey 70
    Ryan Burton 67
    Sam Gray 62
    Sam Powell-Pepper 62
    Kane Farrell 59
    Matthew Broadbent 39

    St Kilda Saints: 9.15.69
    Rowan Marshall 133
    Jade Gresham 106
    Tim Membrey 81
    Jack Sinclair 77
    Jack Newnes 74
    Seb Ross 71
    Josh Bruce 68
    Luke Dunstan 67
    Jack Steele 66
    Dean Kent 65
    Ben Long 60
    Callum Wilkie 60
    Josh Battle 59
    Jack Billings 53
    Ed Phillips 52
    Nicholas Coffield 48
    Jarryn Geary 46
    Matthew Parker 44
    Shane Savage 44
    Darragh Joyce 36
    Robbie Young 33
    Nathan Brown 31


  12. SC relevant scores at FT

    Boak – 129
    R. Gray – 122
    Lycett – 115
    Duursma – 88
    Rozee – 81
    Westhoff – 80

    Marshall – 133
    Gresham – 103
    Steele – 66
    Wilkie – 60
    Parker – 44
    Young – 33


  13. Lol, sorry everyone. Macca and I have done the ol’ double post of the scores again.



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