Game Chat – Essendon v Carlton

Written by Father Dougal on June 2 2019

Where and when: MCG, Sunday June 2, 3.20pm AEST 

Last time they met: MCG, round 8, 2018: Carlton 14.7 (91) defeated Essendon 10.18 (78)

Carlton registered its first win of the season against its arch rival in a dogged display at the MCG. The loss was Essendon’s lowest ebb of 2018 before it made a late, albeit unsuccessful, rally to try and make the finals.

What it means for Essendon: A loss here will all but end the Bombers’ finals hopes if they fall to 4-7 before their round 12 bye. Essendon is injury hit but must find a way to overcome the 18th-placed Blues, however, its history against sides it is expected to beat is poor in recent years (it has lost to the wooden spooners the past two seasons and the 18th-placed Swans in round eight this year).

What it means for Carlton: The Blues should see this as a real opportunity to win. They have been up and down the past month, with more respectable defeats to Collingwood and St Kilda in between shockers to North Melbourne and Greater Western Sydney. Carlton will enter the clash knowing it has had Essendon’s measure at times in recent years.

How Essendon wins: The Bombers need to keep this a low-scoring affair because they have lost a lot of their firepower around goal. Also, somehow finding a way to limit Patrick Cripps would go a long way to Essendon claiming victory. That’s much easier said than done.

How Carlton wins: Essendon will give its opposition chances to score, the Blues just have to be good enough to make the most of them. If they can pressure the Bombers as they try to move the ball out of half-back the Blues will be a big sniff to claim their second win of the year.

The stat: Since the clubs’ draw in round 23, 2014, neither of Essendon or Carlton have been able to string together consecutive wins against each other. A Bombers victory would continue the back-and-forth trend.

The match-up: The AFL Player Ratings ranks Andrew McGrath at No.210 overall, with Carlton counterpart Sam Walsh at No.483. Walsh is in his first season and McGrath in his third, but the No.1 draft choices could square-off at some stage in the midfield.

It’s a big week for: Mitch McGovern. The Blues recruit managed only five disposals and three marks against St Kilda last week.

Father Dougal’s Tip: Call me mad, but I think this time the Blues will take hang on and win. Carlton by 10 points.

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32 thoughts on “Game Chat – Essendon v Carlton”


    Essendon: Darcy Parish, Kyle Langford, Mason Redman, Matt Guelfi
    Carlton: Paddy Dow, Matt Kennedy, Liam Stocker, Alex Fasolo


  2. Anyone advise on the weather conditions in Melbourne?
    thinking of putting the C on Crips rather than taking Grundys VC

    TU C on Crips
    TD Take Grundy 124


  3. Man, Merrett better grow a pair and learn to deal with a tag … second week in a row he’s been tagged and he’s hopeless … every team will tag them if this continues….


  4. Low quality game – and I’m a bomber man *sad face*

    Essendon Bombers: 5.4.34
    Dyson Heppell* 87
    Michael Hurley 74
    Darcy Parish 64
    David Zaharakis 63
    Cale Hooker 62
    Conor McKenna 61
    Kyle Langford 57
    Dylan Clarke 51
    Andrew McGrath 45
    Mason Redman 43
    Aaron Francis 41
    Matt Guelfi 40
    Jayden Laverde 39
    Tom Bellchambers 37
    A. M-Tipungwuti 32
    Adam Saad 27
    Josh Begley 25
    Zach Merrett 23
    Ben McNiece 23
    Mark Baguley 20
    Patrick Ambrose 14
    Shaun McKernan 8

    Carlton Blues: 2.4.16
    Nic Newman 50
    Patrick Cripps 50
    Matthew Kreuzer 49
    Caleb Marchbank 46
    Michael Gibbons 44
    Harry McKay 42
    Jacob Weitering 40
    Paddy Dow 37
    Lachlan Plowman 36
    Liam Stocker 36
    David Cuningham 35
    Ed Curnow 34
    Sam Walsh 32
    Will Setterfield 32
    S. Petrevski-Seton 31
    Charlie Curnow 30
    Matthew Kennedy 25
    Jack Silvagni 22
    Levi Casboult 22
    Darcy Lang 22
    Zac Fisher 20
    Alex Fasolo 16

    Hopefully Merrett is looking for a heart at halftime …


  5. Really, Walsh? That’s the score you’re going with?

    Thought he’d be doing alright with big dog Cripps tagged. Ugh.


    1. Walsh is also still more of an outside player – without Cripps, his supply dries up.


      1. its his fitness that gets him his pts
        gets to every contest , all over the ground
        bit like gaz @ the suns


  6. Had to wait for Walsh to get some unicorn upgrades there at the end of that quarter … Bombers still up … and tag lifted off Merrett and his scores go up …

    Essendon Bombers: 8.5.53
    Dyson Heppell* 118
    Michael Hurley 108
    Cale Hooker 84
    Kyle Langford 82
    Darcy Parish 79
    Conor McKenna 77
    Matt Guelfi 74
    Dylan Clarke 71
    David Zaharakis 71
    Tom Bellchambers 68
    Andrew McGrath 67
    Jayden Laverde 66
    A. M-Tipungwuti 64
    Zach Merrett 54
    Ben McNiece 51
    Mason Redman 50
    Adam Saad 44
    Mark Baguley 43
    Aaron Francis 42
    Josh Begley 36
    Patrick Ambrose 28
    Shaun McKernan 18

    Carlton Blues: 4.8.32
    Matthew Kreuzer 87
    Charlie Curnow 80
    Patrick Cripps 71
    Caleb Marchbank 64
    Nic Newman 63
    Jacob Weitering 63
    S. Petrevski-Seton 57
    Paddy Dow 57
    Sam Walsh 56
    Will Setterfield 56
    Ed Curnow 53
    Liam Stocker 53
    Michael Gibbons 50
    Harry McKay 47
    Lachlan Plowman 43
    Levi Casboult 40
    David Cuningham 38
    Jack Silvagni 37
    Matthew Kennedy 29
    Zac Fisher 28
    Darcy Lang 27
    Alex Fasolo 19


  7. recon cripps is gna struggle for the rest of the year
    has had too bigga workload , bashed from pillar to post
    shoulda traded him out @ 700k & banked the cash


  8. Essendon Bombers: 11.8.74
    Dyson Heppell* 153
    Michael Hurley 132
    Darcy Parish 127
    Cale Hooker 106
    A. M-Tipungwuti 103
    Andrew McGrath 100
    Dylan Clarke 99
    Conor McKenna 96
    Matt Guelfi 95
    Kyle Langford 95
    Zach Merrett 88
    Tom Bellchambers 86
    David Zaharakis 85
    Jayden Laverde 82
    Ben McNiece 69
    Mason Redman 67
    Mark Baguley 66
    Adam Saad 60
    Josh Begley 46
    Aaron Francis 46
    Patrick Ambrose 37
    Shaun McKernan 25

    Carlton Blues: 4.9.33
    Matthew Kreuzer 119
    Charlie Curnow 90
    Patrick Cripps 85
    Caleb Marchbank 80
    Jacob Weitering 78
    S. Petrevski-Seton 76
    Ed Curnow 73
    Levi Casboult 72
    Paddy Dow 71
    Nic Newman 70
    Sam Walsh 67
    Will Setterfield 64
    Liam Stocker 61
    Michael Gibbons 60
    Harry McKay 58
    David Cuningham 56
    Lachlan Plowman 51
    Jack Silvagni 42
    Zac Fisher 36
    Darcy Lang 32
    Matthew Kennedy 30
    Alex Fasolo 28



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