18 thoughts on “Progress Scores – Round 8”

    1. My rule always is – if it’s 120+ then take it…

      That being said, Gawn is the only player I’d consider given his scoring this year.


  1. Feel like im lining up the best ever multi except im on the losing side. Had to make a few big calls to mix things up and bring back the year. So here is the scenario so far and what im thinkin might occur if the luck so far is anything to go by…

    Climbed on board sweet early like others… not a complete disaster but not the scenario id painted…

    Also was adamant Rozee was a go but the feedback late was strong so a last minute retention… arghhh 2 down

    Now what im thinking is gunna occur to double down on this is…

    ROMO who I threw to the wolves is gunna mid ton up…

    STEELE is gunna throw those layers of bandages and prove he is the man of steel and punish me for trading him out…

    And finally Turner who I went early on to make this a bit possible is gunna disappear on me…

    Now Im not gunna mention the name of the premos I was able to bring in as I dont wanna put the mozzie on the entire SC system but I thought it opportune to write down where I think this week is going if the first game is anything to go by…


    1. Was planning on trading grundy out for merrett, but now not sure about running with sweet as R1.
      He does have some easy games from a ruck perspective coming up though. 70 is such an awkward score to make a decision haha


      1. I guess the question is who is a better scoring combo going forward

        T/u grundy and powell
        T/d sweet and merrett


  2. Definitely! I have a feeling sweet/powell will have fairly comparative scores, with sweet having a higher ceiling as he has rhys stanley then hawks/north coming up.
    But merrett will definitely outscore grundy, especially with his run over next month of eagles, North, tigers.
    Hmmmm i dont normally lateral trade but im talking myself into this haha


  3. Butters, Laird, Crouch for 346
    Glad sweets on the bench!!
    Clean start to the week let’s hope it stays that way!!


  4. Glad I resisted the urge to swap Grundy for Sweet. Stuck Sweet on my bench instead and moved on a stalling cow to get him in as a cash generator. Houston and Butters so far for 217 is not horrendous but slight unders I think.


  5. Butter, rankine, diacos and Harry


    Projected over 2500 again but I know how that worked last week…..


  6. 1522/Gawn

    8 to play

    Serong, Young, Libba, Flanders, Rowell should at go 120+ = 600
    Cholsey, Darcy, Sharp at 70+ = 210

    I hope I get 2350, would be above average with carnage this week

    Bring on Sunday – SC god please be with us and not against!


  7. 1440/15/Gawn
    Started the week projected for 2500+, now sitting at 2142
    Thought 74 was enough for Sweet to be an on field rookie and went Grundy out Green in………………….
    Have Wilson sitting on the bench as had no chance of looping any rookie this week. Picked Roberts and Darcy over him
    Serong, Bont, Flanders, Miller and Zorko to play for my premos
    Graham and Darcy as my two rookies. Clohesy on the bench this week

    Hoping I can salvage a respectable score this week and hold my top 1000 rank


  8. 1498 / 14 / Gawn

    Have managed to avoid most of the carnage so far (except Green, but that’s a big boat).

    Unfortunately that means that today Rowell’s head will explode, Bolton will get lost on the way to the G, Flanders will find religion halfway through the first quarter, and all my rookies will turn into potatoes.


  9. 1429/14/Gawn
    Ryan,Serong,Bont,Miller,Flanders,Jackson,Darcy and the Gold Coast roulette -one of Graham,Clohesy and Rogers! Anything over 2275 will acceptable.
    Any suggestions on which GC rookie?



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