9 thoughts on “Table for Two – Round 8”

  1. The big questions many are deciding on this week is

    TU Garcia
    TD Rogers

    Garcia has JS issues but is playing Hawthorn and Richmond in his next two games and can score well up forward. Will then play GWS and Sydney which can stunt cash growth. He is 20k cheaper too

    Rogers is playing up forward, as he gathered 95% of his possessions up forward against West Coast. He scored 28 the week prior against Sydney.
    Next 4 opponents are Brisbane, North, Geelong and Carlton. Can make some quick money but may hit a brick wall when playing the latter two opponents.

    Who is best value?


  2. To Sweet or not to Sweet?

    Current rucks are: Gawn, Grundy and Naismith

    Would need to use a boost to get Sweet in as I’m moving Fisher on this week and using two trades.
    Can Sweet keep an average of above 100?

    TU – Trade Grundy for Sweet
    TD – Don’t do it!


  3. T/U – Value option in Dale to keep the upgrade cycle going
    T/D – Spend the kitty on N.Anderson in mid



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