Game Chat – Sydney v West Coast Eagles

Written by Father Dougal on July 4 2021

Where and When:  1:10pm at GMHBA Stadium

What it means for the Swans: They are 8-6, just like the Eagles. They want to be 9-6, they really do not want to be 8-7.  

What it means for the Eagles:  They are 8-6, just like the Swans. They want to be 9-6, they really do not want to be 8-7. 

For both teams, this is huge huge huge.  Could be the match the ends up deciding who makes finals. Sure, the loser might still get in, but 9-6 is a lot better than 8-7.


Supercoach Watch: 

Swans: Lloyd! Warner, Mills,  Heeney

Eagles:  Yeo! (Kidding less than last time)  Nic Nat…Gaff? 


Father Dougal’s Watch:  Heeney, the big will he or won’t he. 

Father Dougal’s Tip:  I’m stumped.  I’m guessing the Eagles, but that is pretty much a guess, and I think from their having a more mature and experienced squad.


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16 thoughts on “Game Chat – Sydney v West Coast Eagles”

  1. I started with Heeney and held him all year. Gotta be one of my worst ever starting picks. He’s shaping up to be a $350k starting option next year. Just don’t.


  2. Lloyd 21
    Mills 30
    Buddy 28
    Parker 26
    JPK 20
    Rampe 23
    Heeney 1

    Yeo 35
    Kelly 25
    Shuey 14
    Darling 35
    JJK 1
    Nic Nat 30
    Hurn 22
    McGovern 19
    Sheed 10
    Witherden 5
    Edwards 6

    Fractionally after quarter time.


    1. dont forget dow …

      they were my two worst starting: Dow instead of Impey and CRipps instead of Walsh … killed the season in those first 6 weeks, along with the injuries to Danger and Dunks etc … which were the reasons kept missing chances to get rid of Cripps and Dow …


  3. Lloyd 46
    Mills 69
    Buddy 64
    Parker 40
    JPK 37
    Rampe 48
    Heeney 19
    Hickey 52

    Barrass 56
    Yeo 56
    Kelly 38
    Shuey 24
    Darling 48
    JJK 7
    Nic Nat 37
    Hurn 49
    McGovern 33
    Sheed 29
    Witherden 16
    Edwards 15

    Half time


  4. I think this may be the most wrong tip I have made all year,. OMG I did not see this coming.


  5. Godammit, West Coast.

    If you’re going to subject me to this sh*t, atleast let Heeney kick a couple fml.


    1. WTF is wrong with Heeney this year??? He’s looking disinterested half the time … half hearted efforts …


      1. he makes woeful efforts at getting involved, when he gets it his disposal efficiency is like a young rookie mid onballer just diving on a ball in traffic and handballing / kicking without looking etc … which it shouldn’t be like in the role he is playing … he’s really fallen off a cliff … I can’t remember if he’d signed a long term deal??? Thus no need to make the harder efforts??? …. and as I type, he finally takes a decent mark … and misses from right in front … sheesh


  6. Lloyd 63
    Mills 85
    Buddy 77
    Parker 59
    JPK 54
    Rampe 63
    Heeney 31
    Hickey 74

    Barrass 71
    Yeo 70
    Kelly 55
    Shuey 41
    Darling 79
    JJK 20
    Nic Nat 55
    Hurn 68
    McGovern 56
    Sheed 45
    Witherden 20
    Edwards 21

    Syd 85 WCE 17 @ 23 minute mark
    Last score update as I have to be out as of now. Good luck to all..


  7. wow – massive updates / changes in this match (or something wrong with the scoring on FF) … Swans players all jumped significantly in their scores after FT …



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