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  1. As always let us know how you closed out the season in Round 23, but do stick around:

    Soon we’ll have a “Season In Review” thread up for coaches to reflect on their final rank, best/worst starting picks, trades, league finishes, etc. Tomorrow we’ll have Dane’s final Round Review, through the week CT and Sal may have some numbers for us and we’ll be announcing the winner of the SCT Group (*cough bAps) and leagues.

    In a couple weeks time there’ll be a our Brownlow competition and then SCT BBL when cricket season kicks off. We’ll also keep match chats running through the finals.

    Anyway, big thanks to all our readers. It’s a tremendous community. Catch you all in the coming threads and in 2022.

    Have a great summer and take care, all.


    1. Mate….thanks to you and everyone for another great year and contributing your time….don’t know how some of you do it. Thank God also for SC these last two football seasons….living alone, it stopped me going stir fry !!!

      When do 2022 prices come out !!! LOL


  2. Lost my league GF by 58 points.

    Special shoutout to Walsh, Danger, Grundy for all putting in sub par efforts in their biggest game of the season.


  3. I lost both of my finals. Well done to my opponents and congratulations.

    I was outclassed with 3 premos sitting on the bench, knitting socks or masks or whatever!

    One of my opponents made an inspired trade in the first game.
    They traded Ziebell., putting Dangerfield forward and bringing in….. WINES! 161 points. Virtually winning the GF with that one trade.
    I on the other hand, I had no trades, so was forced to play “Beau McCreery” -3 points!!!

    That succinctly summed up my whole season. Lol.

    Still its been fun, especially with all the great crew here at SCT.

    Take care everybody, stay safe and we will see you all next year.

    Cheers, CT.

    PS. I hope you won a GF and/or your team is in the finals.


  4. 2445, good enough for 6/6 Grand Final wins! Ended up taking Titch’s score of 127 for the C.

    Ripper year all! Stay safe to all those in lockdown, as well as everyone else of course and fingers crossed for a memorable finals series!


  5. Won both grandfinals even with Danger as my captain and Bont stinking up my midfield. Who would’ve thought that A.Waterman would be the one to get me over the line.

    Thanks for the advice this season!


  6. 2590 / Mitchell
    Won all 3 GFs (or 4 if I count a bottom final in CattaSCTChallenge3) . Managed almost a full premo team – Briggs filled in for Ziebell very well, outscoring 5 premiums so couldn’t ask for more from a rookie. Went into this week with no trades left after using my last one trading Stewart for Rich in the prelim. Very glad with his improvement this week., plus 125+ scores from Mitchell, Neale, Oliver, Gawn, Steele, Lloyd & Laird.

    Congrats to all finalists and looking forward to next season.


  7. Won my GF, But its been a sub-par year for me

    Good luck to everyone for next season and good luck to the people doing sc bbl


  8. 2547/Steele/8668

    Won 4 out of 4 Grand Finals, very happy with that.

    Good end to a crazy year. Have a good off season everyone and see you next year.


  9. 2417/Satan/8601

    Only fielded 20 including Brockman and Durham, went down by 1 place lol.

    With overall ranks now out, the “Season In Review” thread is now up.


  10. Won my grand final and had my best year by far with a donut. I was 122 OA at round 8 but continually had long term injuries to deal with. I traded very aggressively this year and it made a huge difference – must get the rookies off field asap. Not being able to get Steele cost me a top 100 finish. Many thanks to the contributors to the site – really enjoyed the comradery and goodwill. 2408/Oliver/400


  11. 2461 / Mitchell / 5,858

    First year of SuperCoach so I am quite happy with a ranking of 5,858. Managed to make it to the GF in my public league after only dropping 1 game all season, however just fell short in the end. I had no idea how the game worked to begin with (I thought that if you saved a trade one week, you could then use 3 trades the following week haha). Thankfully, I now understand the importance of
    saving trades, whilst I was able to avoid a donut the entire year, poor rookie
    scores off my bench still didn’t save me.

    I managed to finish 81st overall in AFL Fantasy which I am stoked about however, and to be honest, DT had most of my attention this year so I made a few mistakes in SC (such as putting Taranto as E last week just in case he performed poorly, however, scored 131 and I forgot to take bramble off field and lost 53 points haha).

    Anyway, back to the drawing board for next season. Really enjoyed the challenge SC provides and would love to be able to finish in the top 2k next season
    (and hopefully get the car in AFL Fantasy haha). Loved following SC Talk throughout the season, it really helped me along the way, there is a great community here. Cheers everyone.



  12. 2560 / Titch / 20 (+3)

    Stoked with this result. #1 for coaches outside of Australia, and #1 for Adelaide supporters. What a wild season and only my 3rd year playing SuperCoach.

    Thanks everyone at SCT for all the valuable insight and advice. Looking forward to the season review.


    1. Goddamn, Emile! HUGE!

      Tracked you all year as you dominated Guns Regular’s #2 and shot up the ranks.

      Congratulations. Amazing result and some nice accolades.


  13. 2306 / Danger (boo) / 4017

    Finishing 4000th is my best ever SC season in AFL. Going Danger ‘C’ over Satan cost me quite a bit. Learnt plenty of lessons this year. ‘Never get Cripps again, idc if hes bottom dollar’.
    Happy with the overall season but so glad its over aswell. This season at many times has been brutal & unkind. Looking forward to the break & can’t wait for next year


  14. 2518/Titchell/6265

    Terrible starting squad finally came good for SC finals, took home one cash league so can’t complain. Big shout-out to NicNat who came home with a wet sail, 160+ this week.


  15. 2469 / Laird / 3502 (up 102)

    Pretty much the opposite to Thommo – good starting team, let down by some god awful trading throughout the season.

    Going to take a break now, but some early thoughts for 2022:
    – Laird will be an interesting midfield POD
    – If Aaron Hall is going to continue in this ridiculous role, he must be picked
    – GWS players should only be selected in case of emergency
    – I can’t believe I went the whole season without Jack Steele in my team!
    – Goodbye Crippa
    – A lot less certain about rucks next year
    – I can not possibly mess up my forward line again the way I did this season!

    Enjoy the finals everyone (go the Swans!)


  16. 2572/Danger/4,467 – w/ a Ziebell donut.

    No finals for me. Just happy to have got here after a red hot Round 1 start of being ranked 53,282nd!

    Truly one of the hardest SC seasons, congrats to everyone for making it through and thank you to the excellent SCT team and the regular SCT users in the comments. Hopefully, next year brings fewer headaches!


  17. 2304/Danger/7530

    No finals, but had to tune in for the final kick in the guts. Both Cerra & L. Edwards (mid emg) were late outs giving me at least one donut for the last 3 weeks running. Worst finals series ever.


  18. 2460/Steele/708

    Won 1/2 grannys out of 10 leagues this year koed out of 8 prelims last week oh well. The granny i won was my cashie! so rapt about that




  19. 2512/Kelly/3

    I had the VC on Titch, but needed a bigger score to overtake the bloke in 2nd spot, so threw the C on Josh Kelly hoping for his annual 200 score.
    Unfortunately he scored 124 (only 3 less than Titch, so no biggy), and even if I put the C on one of my other two candidates (Laird and Hall), I still wouldn’t have taken 2nd spot anyway.


  20. 2276/Macrae/22,038 (-305)

    Made one minor GF, but got molested by my oppponent’s 2533. Lost all major finals in the other three which was expected.

    Well done to those who did better all year, particularly the couple of fellas above who ended up ranking in the top 20, should be proud of your efforts and the huge amount of luck you guys got this year. For those who didn’t, I wish you the best of luck next year and hope you can come back and get up there.

    As for me, I bid you all farewell. Good luck in the future seasons!


  21. In a Grand Final, only got to 2231 – and lost by 6 pts. Not bad considering I had no back up on the benches and two doughnuts.

    Thanks to ALL involved for making SC such a marvellous distraction, especially during lockdown. Roll on 2022!


  22. 2466 / Zerrett / OR: 2930

    Hampered by injuries but a top 3,000 finish isn’t all bad.

    Cheers to all the fellas I see commenting and posting round here, made the year lol!



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