Season In Review – 2021

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on August 22 2021

With the home and away season done and dusted and a six month hiatus from SC coming up, now’s the time to reflect on season 2021. So, pretty simple, copy and paste the questions below and give us your Season In Review:

Team Name & Final Rank in 2021:

Personal Best:

Best Starting Picks:

Worst Starting Picks:

Best Trades:

Worst Trades:

Never Agains:

League Results:

Best/Worst SC Moment 2021:

Lessons Learned in 2021:

2022 Plans (locks, structure, etc.):

2022 Breakout Candidate:

Favourite Weekly Article on SCT:



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29 thoughts on “Season In Review – 2021”

  1. TrooRoo. Will be changing to TrooPoo after my 5740 finish. My worst ever.

    PB is 126.

    Worst starting pick between Cripple and Neale.

    Best starting pick Jack Macrae or Satan.

    Best trades were Titch, RoMo, Zerrett, Hall and Zorko all the week the began to pop off.

    Worst trades were SideB and Shai Lolton in.

    Never agains: not a fan of banning a player from ever returning from my side, you never know if they’re going to impr- Patrick Cripps

    2022 plans will be to pick safe mids, No jelly types.

    2022 breakout candidate is Andrew Brayshaw. Wouldn’t be surprised if he does 115-120.

    Overall lessons learned are that sometimes the option who’s been great all year (Bont for eg) isn’t the greatest back end selection. A cheaper pick like Fiorini can hit a 4 week Patch of form and match/even outperform the established and expensive pick.

    That’s all from me. Will be taking a leaf out of the late AllSaints book and starting that god Jack Steele. See you in 2022.


  2. Team Name & Final Rank in 2021: kid81@sct – 4811

    Personal Best: 228

    Best Starting Picks: mccrae, gawn

    Worst Starting Picks: matt rowell

    Best Trades: hall round 9

    Worst Trades: Bolton

    Never Agains: heeney

    League Results: 8 gf 7 wins

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2021: having satan C for some massive scores

    Lessons Learned in 2021: don’t trust anything you read

    2022 Plans (locks, structure, etc.):don’t start with grundy

    2022 Breakout Candidate: Durham

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: punters club but for SC, rookie review til round 15 then captaincy candidates.


  3. Team Name & Final Rank in 2021: Gunboat Diplomacy & 8601

    Personal Best: 3x 2000~ finishes

    Best Starting Picks: Macrae, Bont, Laird

    Worst Starting Picks: Not starting Ziebell, put me so far behind while everyone got a 200k F6. Neale was also a 720k headf*ck

    Best Trades: Jumped on Hall at 419k in R9, Miller, Oscar McInerney as R2 in R16 knowing I couldn’t afford Grundy, De Goey as my last trade

    Worst Trades: Offloaded Kos early and missed all his substantive growth, RoMo as a Dunkley replacement, Bowes, Cameron and Langford all down and out

    Never Agains: GWS players and Martin

    League Results: Barrelled out in all of them, no GFs. Shout out to King Maximus and Emile for winning Gun’s Regulars #1 and #2

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2021: Going all out to get Miller in and just loving life/RoMo and Bowes going down in the same round f*cked me so hard

    Lessons Learned in 2021: Don’t grab a POD just for the sake of it (eg. should have replaced Dunkley with Zorko like everyone else, not RoMo) and don’t chase every rookie that comes through

    2022 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): Looking for discounted R2 and D3/F3 to facilitate a stacked midfield with Neale M6. Macrae, Satan, Miller and Steele all locks as well as Hall, De Goey and Dunks at either end.

    2022 Breakout Candidate: Agree with TrooRoo, Brayshaw on a really nice development arc

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Has to be Alza’s Reserves Rookie Review. Came on board this year and just killed. So comprehensive and relevant right through to the season’s end.


  4. Team Name & Final Rank in 2021: Chillo’s Champs, 3509

    Personal Best: 703 (2019)

    Best Starting Picks: Laird, Macrae, Flynn, Ziebell

    Worst Starting Picks: Cripps, a couple of spud rookies that didn’t do much

    Best Trades: Powell to Zorko (rd 10). Bringing in Touk mid-season was a great POD too

    Worst Trades: Anything involving upgrades in the forward line (apart from Zorko). Probably bringing in Heeney and Bolton were the absolute nadir

    Never Agains: Docherty, Cripps, Sidebottom, Heeney

    League Results: Only made one GF (SCT1) – lost to Kid81 thanks to the usual suspects (Cripps, my crap happy forward line)

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2021: The byes. They stuff me up every year and 2021 was no exception. Butters getting injured in round 4 after posting a first half ton was deflating too

    Lessons Learned in 2021: If in doubt about whether I should trade – don’t. Especially for rookies.

    2022 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): Strongly considering starting Laird in the mids, just so reliable this year. Neale is a lock and I’ll probably pick a couple out of Oliver, Macrae, Steele, Miller and Bont (budget permitting). The other lines – who knows?

    2022 Breakout Candidate: Jordan Dawson to become a must have defender.

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Hahaha I choose not to answer this! Love reading Dane’s reviews before starting the working week though – amazing effort to get them out so quickly with such detail!


  5. Team Name & Final Rank in 2021: Rat Bags, 4,467.

    Personal Best: Round 20 score of 2839, which got me a weekly rank of 68.

    Best Starting Picks: Ziebell, Laird, Macrae

    Worst Starting Picks: Cripps and Neale

    Best Trades: Touk in Rd 13 and Marshall Rd 18

    Worst Trades: Bringing Neale back in for Rd 16, only for him to get injured (again), I traded him out, which was a relief and great decision.

    Never Agains: Cripps will never start on my Rd 1 team until he regains his 2019 form.

    League Results: Garbage lol.

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2021: The worst was by far whatever week that Steven May, Caleb Daniel and Dustin Martin were all out. The best was not trading and eating those donuts, which helped me gain a lot of ground in the latter half of the year while a lot of people ran out of trades.

    Lessons Learned in 2021: Going with the ‘No GWS players’ plan was a blessing.
    Getting a good Rd 1 start can make or break a season lol.

    2022 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): Not sure, Dunkley looks good $$$ wise but he can never stay on the park. Might not see Grawndy R1/R2 line-ups at the start of next year.

    2022 Breakout Candidate: Andy Brayshaw was so close this year in achieving this status, I think he’ll deliver next year. He’ll be in my starting team.

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Rookie Review and Fallen Premiums


  6. Team Name & Final Rank in 2021:Poppygaz 527

    Personal Best: 122 OA

    Best Starting Picks: Laird, Oliver, Gulden, Warner, Powell

    Worst Starting Picks: Danger, Rowell , Phillips, J Clark

    Best Trades: Cumming rd3, Hind r4, Mills rd 5, Macrae rd 7

    Worst Trades: Rozee, Heeney, Neale, Langford,

    Never Agains: Rozee, Heeney, Dusty, Danger, Treloar, Whitfield, J Kelly,Hunter

    League Results: Won GF

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2021: Best – Not starting with Neale. Worst trading Neale in rd 6.

    Lessons Learned in 2021: Trade aggressively getting rookies off field asap. Choose resillient players, Macrae, Laird, Steele, Oliver, Walsh etc. Look for value.

    2022 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): Avoid Richmond and GWS players

    2022 Breakout Candidate: ZacBailey, Andrew Brayshaw

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Captainy candidates


  7. Team Name & Final Rank in 2021:
    SG Ninjas , 1875

    Personal Best:
    1875 (4th year playing) – was top 50 after the byes and dropped 1500 spots in the last two rounds

    Best Starting Picks:
    Steele, Bont, Laird, Flynn, Ziebell, Gawn and the hot rookies Gulden, Powell, Jordon, Warner

    Worst Starting Picks:
    Fantasia, Phillips, Jordon Clark

    Best Trades:
    Tex for 5 weeks, Impey, getting Miller, Hall and Zorko

    Worst Trades:
    Mcgrath for Rowell was my first trade of the season, traded Brayshaw in when Mcgrath went down then traded him a week later when he had a minor injury, Reeves, Greene, Kelly, Dixon, Heeney, Dusty (nearly all my forward trades were rubbish)

    Never Agains:
    Dusty, Greene, Cameron, Dixon, key position forwards totally suck

    League Results:
    10/10 prelim finals and lost all of them!

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2021:
    Best – Reaching top 50 overall during the year, scoring 2750 R17 and beating Wighty that week in Sledgers league hehehe
    Worst – fielding 17 players in R22

    Lessons Learned in 2021:
    Don’t piss away trades chasing overall rank early in the year (play the long game). Don’t pick PODs late in the season to try and get an edge. Focus on winning league games and let overall ranking take care of itself. Don’t listen to everything here as gospel, take advice but back your own judgement.

    2022 Plans (locks, structure, etc.):
    No idea yet, keen to go with 6 premo mids again though

    2022 Breakout Candidate:
    It’s a secret lol

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT:
    Read them all but really enjoy the Progress Scores and How Did You Go especially where people take the piss out of themselves!!

    Thanks to all the guys regularly contributing and running SCT – catch ya in 2022


  8. Team Name & Final Rank in 2021: LeapingLizards – 1,146

    Personal Best: 766 (2019)

    Best Starting Picks: Macrae, Satan, Laird & Zerret

    Worst Starting Picks: Neale, P Dow & J Clark

    Best Trades: The Bont (Rd 7) Mitchell (Rd 9) Steele (Rd 12) & Lyons

    Worst Trades: Bolton x 2 (Don’t Ask) I blame RoMo for missing that round Dusty went down.

    Never Agains: Think I will throw away never again list after refusing to trade in Hall all year. He nearly cost me my main cash league victory today but lucky I hung on by just 6 points! That said, if on owned Cripple he would be on it!

    League Results: won 5 out of 8 GF’s – so can’t complain

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2021: Winning cash league by 6 points today

    Lessons Learned in 2021: Savings trades is gold, even more so in a year like this one when most are dropping like flies around you. Being able to trade out 2 x premo’s in PF week was the key to making GF’s

    2022 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): Too early to plan but paying up for the best premo’s to start is the key. Steele & Macrae will be first picked. Set and forget Gawn/Grundy’s will come under serious consideration for first time in several year.

    2022 Breakout Candidate: As Freo supporter looking at Brayshaw and Darcy to gain consistency and go to next level scoring

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Rookie Review, but all really.


  9. Team name & final rank: Yeah Nah, 7530

    PB: 1200ish in 2016

    Best starting picks: Macrae, Zerrett, Laird, Ziebell

    Worst starting picks: Cripps, Neale, Dow

    Best trades: Zorko rd7, Steele rd11. Honorable mentions to Heppell & DeGoey.

    Worst trades: Sholl rd6, Neale back in rd14, Dusty instead of Hall rd10. (Dis)honourable mention…Heeney

    Never again: Clearly Cripps. Very likely GWS in general.

    League results: 4 prelims, 1 semi

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2021: Best…a 2646 in rd20. Worst…the last 3 weeks of the season

    Lessons Learned in 2021: Maximum trades are required for finals. Not 2 or 3. Or 0 as I had. But a full 8 trades. Plus need to campaign for 3 trades per week for finals. Absolute carnage is guaranteed.

    2022 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): Get someone else to choose my initial premiums. Simply cannot get it right.
    Only locks will be Macrae, Steele & Oliver.

    2022 Breakout Candidate: Ben Keays

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Rookie Review & Fallen Premiums


  10. Team Name & Final Rank in 2021: Headless Zombie- 1582

    Personal Best: 20

    Best Starting Picks: Macrae, Laird, Mitchell, Ziebell

    Worst Starting Picks: Cripps, Rowell, Fantasia, Philips

    Best Trades: Oliver, Bontempelli, Zorko, Steele, Walsh, (Walker when he was hot)

    Worst Trades: Martin, Heeney, Hickey (Got injured the week he was in, straight out next week)

    Never Agains: Martin, Heeney

    League Results: 5th

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2021: 2 bonus trades

    Lessons Learned in 2021: Running out of trades by round 16. ( I never learn)

    2022 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): My locks next year. Macrae, Oliver, Steele, Mitchell. (Lloyd and Neale as they look like to a little under priced)

    2022 Breakout Candidate: Anyone

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Vice Captain/Captain picks.


  11. For the second year in a row I got smashed R3 and never quite got going.

    Wighty@SCT 11427 after being below 30k at some stage

    PB …525

    Best starter… Ziebell

    Worst … Cripps Caldwell Draper

    Best trades……..Chapman/Dale, Cox/May, Martin/Heeney

    Worst…..Danger/Dunkley, Draper/Marshall, Poulter/R Gray the week Gray went down, Pendles/Telly

    Never again Any GWS, Cripps, Telly

    League Results…7 prelim losses

    Worst moments…R3, losing Lloyd/May/Rob for prelims and no cover then Telly going down

    Best….season over !!

    Lessons….you cant win SC in rds 1-6 but you can sure make it impossible to win !!

    2022 Plans. Already have a draft using magic number of 5.4, and what discounts should be. Steele,Macrae, Oliver, Neale the only locks so far. Def going GnR in 2022

    Breakout candidates……Tarryn Thomas, Tom Green even if he is from GWS !!

    Fav Article….Game day chat rooms


  12. Team Name & Final Rank in 2021: BBQbarbs, 485th

    Personal Best: 485th

    Best Starting Picks: Zeibell, Oliver, Laird

    Worst Starting Picks: Dow, Jelly, Clark

    Best Trades: injured Dunkley to Aaron Hall

    Worst Trades: Dusty to Bolton

    Never Agains: Bolton

    League Results: won LoEC #1!

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2021:
    Best: being in 6 of the top 30 leagues
    Worst: drawing a semi and being knocked out of the #1 ranked 18-man league finals because my ladder position was lower than my opponent

    Lessons Learned in 2021: back in your gut, missed starting Jiath because I got swayed by the pack and started Clark instead

    2022 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): no Gawn with the continued emergence of Jackson. Start Steele.

    2022 Breakout Candidate: Witherden if Hurn retires. Uber breakout of Tarryn Thomas

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: sal’ s scoring anomalies


  13. Team Name & Final Rank in 2021: Nathan’s Gunz@SCT 708

    Personal Best: 21 in 2018

    Best Starting Picks: Laird, Stewart, Ziebell, Merrett and had all the right rookies besides H jones instead of Sharp.

    Worst Starting Picks: Danger, Neale, Clark, Phillips

    Best Trades: Neale to Macrae (R3), Dunkley to Walsh (R7), Getting Zorko in R9 for 492k, Getting Steele in R11 for 563k, Getting Hall in R13 for 502k (waited a few rounds to make sure he’s the real deal), Getting Marshall in R20 his score on the weekend made me win my cash leauge!

    Worst Trades: Phillips to Butters (R3), Getting Ridley in for top dollar in R5, Getting Bowes instead of Crisp in R6 (Couldn’t split at the time), Geeting in Heneey in R12 only lasted a week in my team took advantage of those extra trades.., Paying 524k for Bolton in R15 besides the crap score v sydney every score was 88+ i trade him in for 6 scores or so under 60… No trading in Danger a week earlier cost me 150+ points due to that huge game against Essendon while CCJ scored 5 held trades due to CCJ/Highmores low breakevens oops

    Never Agains: Bolton, Heeney, Whitfield, Phillips

    League Results: 1/10 Grannys won thankfully was my Cashie!

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2021: Pretty much summed up in my trades 😛

    Lessons Learned in 2021: Take same approach into 2022 worked out mostly well

    2022 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): Guns and rooks mostly with a few midpricers. Matt Crouch looks like a lock

    2022 Breakout Candidate: Tarynn Thomas

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Rookie review!!


  14. I know I said a few weeks back that I’ve made my final post here, but I thought this would be fun to do:

    Team Name & Final Rank in 2021: GangstaGurus – 22,038

    Personal Best: I have no clue if they mean my personal best year or personal best rank at any point this year, I think there’s more clarification needed with that. So I’m gonna do both – Best during 2021 (10,831 after Rd.1), Best year (12,370 – 2017)

    Best Starting Picks: Macrae and Laird

    Worst Starting Picks: Phillips, Dow and Clark

    Best Trades: Hickey and Kelly

    Worst Trades: Trading in Heeney, Bolton and Marshall in the very same rounds they got injured. Also bringing in Walker, who pretty much left me with only one bencher after he got suspended.

    Never Agains: Bolton, Impey and Walker
    League Results: Lost all major finals in three, somehow made the minor GF in one but got smashed because I had a donut (thanks Ziebell)

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2021: Don’t think I had any good moments tbh. Considering there was only 5-6 rounds where my trades weren’t trading out someone who got injured. Had to waste them all and run out by Rd.19

    Here’s a list of injuries I copped :
    Caldwell – Rd.1
    Draper – Rd.3
    Heeney – Rd.4
    Dunkley – Rd.6
    Bolton – Rd.8
    Marshall – Rd.9
    Fyfe – Rd.12
    Jones – Rd.14
    Impey – Rd.15
    Whitfield and Jiath – Rd.17
    Martin – Rd- 18 (who I used my final trade with taking him out)
    Walker (suspended) – Rd. 20
    Highmore – Rd.21
    Ziebell – Rd. 23

    Lessons Learned in 2021: 1 – That I’m a lot happier when I’m not focusing on this game. 2 – You’re never gonna have a good forward line in Supercoach, because most of them suck ass.

    2022 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): Not coming back next year. I’ve lost interest and connection with Supercoach. I know there’s some of you who are saying “See you back in 2022!”. But no, I’m not coming back, especially not after this year. I need to focus on things that make me happy and mentally stable.
    If I’m to give any advice to anyone else though, lock in Macrae and you’re set for life. That’s all.

    2022 Breakout Candidate: Dylan Moore and Isaac Cumming

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Don’t really read them

    Good luck in future seasons guys, and I hope it continues to be fun for you!


    1. This is the equivalent of walking into a toy store and yelling “I hate toys and if you like them you’re stupid.”


  15. Team Name & Final Rank in 2021:
    bAps@SCT, rank 3

    Personal Best:
    rank 3

    Best Starting Picks:
    Oliver, Walsh, Macrae, Dunkley, Ziebell, Impey, Stewart, Laird

    Worst Starting Picks:
    Dangerfield, Jordan Clark

    Best Trades:
    – bringing in Hall for 419k
    – trading Dunkley to both Zorko and Bolton in round 7

    Worst Trades:
    – trading Zorko out during his bye/suspension, thinking he couldn’t keep up his scoring
    – keeping Bolton during the last 6 weeks, thinking his scoring would return to the 100’s he was scoring mid-season
    – bringing in Kelly over Touk during the byes, if I got Touk instead I think I would have won the $50k

    Never Agains:
    – all GWS players

    League Results:
    – Didn’t really pay attention to leagues this year

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2021:
    – hitting rank 1

    Lessons Learned in 2021:
    – play aggressively

    2022 Plans (locks, structure, etc.):
    – my only locks are currently Steele, Macrae, Hall and Dunkley
    – structure is dependent on rookies, which we won’t know until after preseason games

    2022 Breakout Candidate:
    Tarryn Thomas

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT:
    – the captain’s article offers a lot of great insight each week
    – rookie review is a close second


  16. Team Name & Final Rank in 2021: the good things/12443 (ouch!)

    Personal Best: 1325 last year

    Best Starting Picks: laird , oliver, ziebell

    Worst Starting Picks: Cripps, Neale, Danger, Lloyd

    Best Trades: Cripps > Mitchell round 9

    Worst Trades: Taranto> Lyons round 21

    Never Agains: Cripps!

    League Results: won cash league

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2021: holding on to danger f0r 6 weeks at beginning only for him to get injured when he came back….

    Lessons Learned in 2021: those one or two sideways injury trades you could’ve saved earlier in the season are SO much more valuable at the end of the season when the real carnage happens!

    2022 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): avoid mid priced mid fielders and players with injury riddled preseasons (neale, cripps, danger, lloyd for me this year )

    2022 Breakout Candidate: wish i knew! maybe gulden

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: rookie review and teams

    Thanks to all those that take their time to write the articles it’s much appreciated- see you next year!


  17. Team Name & Final Rank in 2021: Lock and Load – 5,848

    Personal Best: 2020 – 1,073

    Best Starting Picks: Laird, Macrae, Gulden, Dunkley, Warner, Stewart, Ridley, Oliver, Ziebell.

    Worst Starting Picks: Cripps, Dow (over Impey), Neale.

    Best Trades: Steele ($569k) & Lloyd ($552k) round 10, Mitchell ($542k) round 13, Dangerfield ($495k) round 16.

    Worst Trades: Gawn (756k) round 7, Heeney ($437k) round 11, Pendlebury ($424k) round 14, Bolton ($420k) round 19.

    Never Agains: Cripps, Heeney, Greene, Taranto, Whitfield

    League Results: 4 GF wins out of 8 leagues.

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2021: 410 rank after round 1. Winning cash league GF

    Lessons Learned in 2021: Took a risk and only used 1 trade in first 4 rounds which cost me a few places until about round 10 as a few premiums behind but finished stronger, prefer this strategy for my sanity’s sake. Wait for premiums to drop in price than bye at highest point (Gawn, Walsh).

    2022 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): Started 6 premium mids (Taranto and Cripps included) but left little chance to trade in the guns that I needed, will try to lock in other lines earlier and wait for mids to drop price.

    2022 Breakout Candidate: Thomas, Cumming, Scrimshaw.

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: All of them!!


  18. Team Name & Final Rank in 2021: G.O.A.T 15184

    Personal Best: 121 in 2019

    Best Starting Picks: Macrae, Oliver always in my starting side. Laird & Walsh

    Worst Starting Picks: Dangerfield & Rowell R1 injuries was a horrific start to a season. Neale also was terrible

    Best Trades: Dangerfield to Brayshaw & trading Neale before he lost value.

    Worst Trades: Highmore to Lachie young NM, traded Highmore back in then out before he played well

    Never Agains: Dangerfield, Martin & Cripps

    League Results: 1 win, 2 semis & 1 bottom 8

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2021: Worst all the injuries 12 total forced a lot of trades, best finishing 146 in weekly rank in rd20 with my best score ever of 2812

    Lessons Learned in 2021: pick reliable players who aren’t injury prone & save trades when possible I ran out in Rd 17 due to injuries & bad management

    2022 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): same structure more reliability

    2022 Breakout Candidate: Dow if at another club & Keays Adelaide

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Rd review

    The above is also me but didn’t work fully my bad


  19. Team Name & Final Rank in 2021: Skyarm@SCT 38000 (ouch)

    Personal Best: 5000

    Best Starting Picks: Short, Laird, Macrae, Ziebell and would have been Stewart if I had trades when he got injured

    Worst Starting Picks: Howe, Adams, Dunkley, Fyfe, Neale, T. Phillips, Danger, Rowell, Flynn, Meek, Young

    Best Trades: Lyon, Guthrie, Walsh, Merrett, Oliver

    Worst Trades: Mcgrath, Dusty

    Terrible season, made 14 trades (I think) due to Injuries and was stuck with so many bad rookies that weren’t generating cash. Looking forward to the next season good riddance.


  20. Team Name & Final Rank in 2021: Kunde’s Kings – 8337

    Personal Best: 1043 (2020)

    Best Starting Picks: Laird, Stewart, Oliver, Ziebell and most of the right rookies

    Worst Starting Picks: Clark, Neale, Cripps, Rowell, Dow, Danger and Phillips

    Best Trades: Rowell, Danger to Mills and Walsh after Round 1. Brayshaw Rd 6 for 480k and May Rd 7 for 408k

    Worst Trades: Cerra in Rd 10, Bolton although he was good for a while. Sidebottom and Greene

    Never Agains: Sidebottom but that is probably more to do with age and role so not really anyone. Cripps maybe but he is surely playing injured

    League Results: Won 2/2 GFs, lost 4 prelims, week 2 of finals in 2 and week 1 in 2

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2021: Best – Trading in Walsh and Mills after Rd. 1. Worst – Dropping in rank badly, was ranked around 1900 at round 8. Trading in Sidey instead of Danger cost me 200 points in 2 weeks. Bringing in Greene not too long before he missed 2 out of about 4 games

    Lessons Learned in 2021: Look for value but don’t compromise points. Trading in players like Cerra instead of waiting a week to bring in an uber premo. Got a good start after Rd1 but fell away quickly after the byes once everyone caught up

    2022 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): Guns and Rookies, 13/17 split. Locks – Sicily, Lloyd, Steele, Oliver, Thomas. Others that come to mind are De Goey, Schoenberg, Caldwell, Coniglio, Butters

    2022 Breakout Candidate: T. Thomas, Schoenberg

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Rookie Review and Captains


  21. Team Name & Final Rank in 2021: Arzi@SCT (25,828)

    Personal Best: 3,347

    Best Starting Picks: Ziebel, Macrae, Laird, Brayshaw, Walsh, Steele

    Worst Starting Picks: Daniels, Martin

    Best Trades: Lloyd

    Worst Trades: Greene, Pendlebury (injury)

    Never Agains: Martin, Greene, Daniel

    League Results: 9th to 13th in all leagues, but they were all very good leagues so well done all.

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2021: Rounds 3 to 6 trying to find rookie defenders

    Lessons Learned in 2021: Never starting with two rookie rucks again! Never leaving money sit on the bench (Butters) thinking they’ll be back soon.

    2022 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): Started the league in the top 3000’s so team selection is fine, but I tried too hard to early to stay at the top which lead to poor trade choices and leaving money on the bench for too long.

    2022 Breakout Candidate: Bramble will only get better next year.

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Danes weekly round summary.


  22. Team Name & Final Rank in 2021: Kiwi Crusaders 22,891 – worst ever!!!

    Personal Best: 19,140 – still my lowest ever!

    Best Starting Picks: Ziebell, Impey, Laird, Daniher, Heppell.

    Worst Starting Picks: OMG – Cripps, Neale, Danger, Martin,

    Best Trades: Walsh & Zorko

    Worst Trades: HEENEY!

    Never Agains: 2021

    League Results: Plate semi-final

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2021: Every week

    Lessons Learned in 2021: Don’t believe in the uber-prems or invest in them and keep 6-7 trades for the finals (as if!)

    2022 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): Do not pay top dollar for any player. Laird is a lock.

    2022 Breakout Candidate: Cripps LMAO

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Rookie review

    Thanks for all the insight this year everyone. May 2021 quickly bugger off!!!!!


  23. Team Name & Final Rank in 2021: Kicking Behinds (1,024)

    Personal Best: 520 (also had a 554 and 563 previously)

    Best Starting Picks: Ziebell, Laird, Macrae, Oliver

    Worst Starting Picks: Dow, Neale, Daniel, Dusty, Clark

    Best Trades:
    Neale -> Walsh (rd 4)
    Rookies -> Kelly (rd 9)
    Zorko/Jordon/Warner/RCD –> Whitfield/Miller/Mitchell/Newcombe (rd 13)
    Rookies -> Marshall (rd 18)

    Worst Trades:
    Sidebottom in round 7.
    Heeney in round 11 (out round 14 for Houston!)
    Did I mention Houston?
    Dusty -> Bolton (rd 19)
    Stewart -> Rich (rd 22)

    Never Agains: Heeney will be strongly scrutinised before future selection

    League Results: 2 wins/5 (lost cashy in prelim)

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2021: The Touk Train/Losing cash prelim after bringing in Rich & narrowly missing top 1,000.

    Lessons Learned in 2021: Get on the role change players more quickly (for cheaper) and trust in them (i.e. Hall/De Goey/Parish/Impey)

    2022 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): Def: Hall, Mid: Touk/Steele/Oliver/Neale, Fwd: Dunkley. Structure depends on what rookies are available. High on watchlist would be Sicily, M Crouch and Howe.

    2022 Breakout Candidate: No idea. I liked the look of Fin Macrae and some sub affected scores mean he should be a good price for 2022. Elijah Hollands might be a must pick as well.

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Captaincy Candidates & Rookie Review.

    Hope to see everyone back in 2022!


  24. Team Name & Final Rank in 2021: Vegan Hookers (Was meant to be a fun pun on Cale Hooker being essendon captain to start the season aged like milk) 13795

    Personal Best: Rookie Season got dragged into SC by a new GF

    Best Starting Picks: Dunkley, Butters, CJ, Laird, Zorko, Avoiding Neale

    Worst Starting Picks: Danger, Jy Simkin and a few premium rookies when a cheap rookie would do.

    Best Trades: Tex for 5 weeks at the start of the season. Lyons early in the season. Zerret and Steele in the low 500ks

    Worst Trades: Jack Bowes for 520k, Danger For a premium rookie, Flynn for Reeves and copping a round 14 donuts. Shorting Zorko with Bolton/Hawkins during his suspension. Bringing in Neale over Danger to end the season, Degoey in RD 21 and needing that trade in RD22 for my main league

    Never Agains: Tex: Racism isn’t okay, Dusty and GWS Players

    League Results:

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2021: Three Donuts in Defence in the semi final week due to injury blown and Cox/Briggs being rested.

    Lessons Learned in 2021: Don’t blow all your trades early. Get rookies off the field early rather then turn mid pricers who have risen in value into fallen premiums. There will be more of them later. Don’t use a primo for a rookie correction trade at the start of the season you just end up playing one primo short.

    2022 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): Base Structure off rookies. Go for more low end premiums and focus on getting rookies off the field. Defenders on Bad Teams and Forwards on good teams.

    2022 Breakout Candidate: Ask me next season.

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Captains Corner


  25. Team Name & Final Rank in 2021: Juddchella / 573

    Personal Best: 155 (2020)

    Best Starting Picks: Stewart, Macrae, Ziebell, Oliver

    Worst Starting Picks: Cripps, Caldwell, Dow, Dangerfield

    Best Trades: Boak sub 500k, Merrett low 500k

    Worst Trades: Grundy –> Z Smith; Daniel –> Short

    Never Agains: Jelly, Sidebottom, Short, Daniel, Whitfield, Heeney

    League Results: Didn’t win a gf

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2021: Hard captaining Laird in R12 as highest scorer (144) in my team / Never owning Steele

    Lessons Learned in 2021: Don’t waste trades; jump on hype players early (i.e. Tex, Hall, De Goey, Hind); starting a non-playing rook is worth it

    2022 Plans (locks, structure, etc.):
    Locks: Steele, Macrae, Oliver, Hall D1, Neale
    Maybe: Caldwell at sub 250k, Howe

    2022 Breakout Candidate: Jack Billings (at new club)

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Fallen Premiums


  26. Just wanna say I looked forward to Father Dougal’s posts. One of the most entertaining and thought-stretching ones! May there be more


  27. Team Name & Final Rank in 2021: Insomnia 1,395

    Personal Best: This year 1,395

    Best Starting Picks: Nailed the rookies across the board, paying up for Flynn at R3

    Worst Starting Picks: Fyfe (injury prone) over Oliver, probably too light in MIDs

    Best Trades: getting cheap FWD mid-pricers early (Impey R4, Hall R9, Dale R11) and low owned keepers (Rich R6, Miller R13)

    Worst Trades: Ridley in R7 at top $ over cheaper alternatives (he had a 31 in rolling avg), Grundy over Darcy R16 (cost me top 1000), Bolton R19

    Never Agains: Fyfe – this guy just can’t stay on the field

    League Results: –

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2021: Getting on Hall at 0.5% owned in R9

    Lessons Learned in 2021: take advantage of mid-pricers in FWD line, you can’t anti-POD everyone (Oliver), take advantage of low owned players in form (Rich, Hall, Lyons, Miller)

    2022 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): play what is dealt wrt rookies available – but only started 4 MID premiums in 2021 which was too light

    2022 Breakout Candidate: –

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: none in particular but I always take note of comments made by players on here who consistently rank well



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