Tech Leagues Final Results

Written by JimmyDee on August 23 2021

Chips Ahoy! left nothing out there this week and not only took out the highest score of the round, (2483) but also ensured that the nine points he had up his sleeve stayed more than intact to take out the overall.

Congratulations Chips, you may need to get in touch with Motts to organise your prize as I’m tripping off to Birdsville tomorrow for a few weeks.

Congratulations to runner up, Ninius. Kirstie played a superb game all year but just fell short at the final hurdle. And Phil Gilbert AllStars who Baz had streaking early and hung on for a podium finish despite the lack of trades at the end.

I want to put out a hearty well done to all the Techies this year. It is the first time we’ve had three leagues and it was always challenging but immense fun. Hope you can all join up for next year and not just continue the tradition, but strengthen it even further. Thanks for playing.

As announced earlier in the year, Chips Ahoy! will not only take home a greenback for his efforts but will also now be the proud owner of this fine vintage leather footy (with stand) that was kindly donated by indepal.



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8 thoughts on “Tech Leagues Final Results”

  1. I won my cash league, but the real prize this year was taking out Tech League! Feel like I Steven Bradbury-ed it a little in the end as others ran out of trades. A couple of late season cheapies in De Goey, Marshall and even Houston probably got the team over the line.

    Massive thanks to JD for not only running the comp, but keeping up the very enthusiastic weekly updates. Enjoy your break JimmyDee!


  2. Awesome win Chips and played it very well to have the trades to get you to the end / near the end!! Fantastic win and the hard part now will be to defend next year!!

    Special thanks to James for running the Tech league again and posting out the results late most Sunday nights and keeping everyone engaged!

    It’s a great and fun comp to keep people a bit more interested in the whole AFL / SC season! Hopefully even more play next year!!


  3. On Ya Chips, JimmyDee and everyone else who took part.
    I find it a more relaxing torture when knowing all the agony and intrigue has been evenly distributed amongst us.
    …..Now all we have to do is find a way of barring bad luck and perhaps getting extra trades for injuries…..LOL.
    Ps JimmyDee i was only jokin’ when i suggested a “never again” team list for next year,…..i was, really, i was.
    Cheers all, and hope to catch you next year, and so do the grand-kids, even if they still barrack for Essendon…..



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