Round 23 Review

Written by Dane on August 23 2021

I’ll be omitting the rookies/injuries section this week and replacing it with “Other Stuff”, which will cover the two in a very quick form!

Western Bulldogs (10.4.64) defeated by Port Adelaide (9.12.66)

  1. Ollie Wines (161). Might well have put himself into the Brownlow votes with this effort of 34 touches (17 contested), 9 tackles, 4 clearances and 1 goal. Best score of the year.
  2. Travis Boak (134). Finished the home and away season with 13 tons and an average of 106 thanks to 31 touches (11 contested), 4 tackles and 2 goals.
  3. Robbie Gray (126). Class is permanent with this guy and that shone through again as he finished the game with 25 touches (16 contested), 6 clearances and 2 goals.
  4. Scott Lycett (117). Took control of the ruck contest to finish up with 22 touches (11 contested), 5 clearances and 40 hitouts. Averaged 94 for the year with 7 tons.
  5. Jack Macrae (113). Wrapped up 2021 in typical fashion, gathering 29 touches of the ball as well as laying 6 tackles and taking 8 marks.

Other 100+ scores: Caleb Daniel (110), Connor Rozee (108), Bailey Dale (101)

Disappointment: The premium Bulldog midfielders in Liberatore (75), Bontempelli (67) and Dunkley (66) failed to fire up in this contest. Dixon has been pretty consistent this year and wound it all up with a goalless game of 30 points.

Other Stuff: Weightman (62) and Bergman (46) may have been loopholes with the omission of Ziebell, while young forward Georgiades suffered a hamstring injury which may see his finals series in doubt.

Richmond (12.11.83) drew with Hawthorn (12.11.83)

  1. Tom Mitchell (127). His outstanding second half of the season came to a close as he clocked over 750 disposals in a home and away season for the third time, the only player to have ever done so. Finished the year with 17 tons and 117 point average after scoring 11 tons in a row from round 13 onwards, not dropping below 110 for an average of 128 in that time. Topped it all off this week with 36 touches and 5 tackles.
  2. Jaeger O’Meara (120). Finished the year with eight tons and an average of 97, his second best return ever. Had 36 touches (15 contested) with 6 clearances and 7 marks to finish off 2021.
  3. Chad Wingard/Jayden Short (117). Priced at 392K in Round 19, Wingard went on a tear to finish with 117 point average from then on, finishing the year with another 30 touches and 2 goals. Short has been consistent all year, averaging 98 with twelve tons, the final one being courtesy of 26 touches at 92% DE that gained 520 metres.
  4. Blake Hardwick (103). A solid year for Hardwick who improved his average by 22 points on 2020 (69-91) with seven tons mixed in. Had 20 touches at 90% DE to finish up.
  5. Tom Lynch/Jonathan Ceglar/Ben McEvoy (102). A tie between the big guys here. Lynch kicked the first goal of the game, finishing with 3 of them from 16 touches and 7 marks, while the rucking duo of Ceglar (19 touches, 8 clearances, 24 hitouts) and McEvoy (13 touches, 9 marks, 6 tackles) couldn’t be split. Both of them have been pretty consistent this year.

Other 100+ scores: Jack Ross/Daniel Howe (100)

Disappointment: The year wrapped up for Shai Bolton (80) and Tom Phillips (63) finally, hopefully no one had to deal with those scores all year round.

Other Stuff: Multiple guys who may have been called upon here with Bramble (65), Brockman (59), Coleman-Jones (54) and Parker (41) being the most likely suspects for forward bench cover. Ben Miller made his debut, so congrats to him, but injuries struck down Koschitzke, who was a good servant this year in our backlines, and young Tiger Thomson Dow.

Sydney (21.10.136) defeated Gold Coast (6.13.49)

1. Jordan Dawson (158). Elite after his bye in round 14, scoring six tons with a low of 85 for an average of 114, pushing his season average to 101. This career best score came from 33 touches off half-back that saw him gain 689 metres, while also contributing to his score was 16 marks and 1 goal.

2. Jake Lloyd (154). Saved the biggest of his fifteen tons till last, picking up 36 touches across half-back to gain 615 metres at 92% DE. Very consistent year from him, with 15/21 tons, the other scores being 73, 93, 95 and 98 x 3.

3. Touk Miller (148). Ah Touk, what a year you’ve provided the Supercoach community. Average of 124, eighteen tons, nothing under 100 since round 5 and Captain worthy scores more often than not. Finished the year with 37 touches (16th game in a row he’s done that by the way, most of all time), 9 tackles and 4 clearances. I’ll see you in my starting midfield in 2021.

4. Isaac Heeney (135). Just dangling the carrot one last time, his 20 touch, 3 goal game provided the best score of his 2021 campaign.

5. Lance Franklin (127). Feasted on the dominant performance from the midfield group to score 6 goals from his 13 touches. Also had 7 marks and 5 tackles, his sixth ton of the season.

Other 100+ scores: Tom Hickey (126), Luke Parker (110), George Hewett (106)

Disappointment: You don’t see negative scores very often, so when you do, it 100% earns the disappointment score. 5 clangers from 6 touches meant Joel Jefferey scored -1.

Other Stuff: Sharp (5) was the sub, Farrar (55) wasn’t bad collecting 15 touches, while first-gamer Davies (62) looks like he was made of the right Supercoach scoring stuff with 16 touches (14 contested) on debut. Unfortunately the game saw Callum Mills subbed out on 83 and might be touch and go for week one of finals, while the career of Jarrod Harbrow finished with a red vest after a shoulder knock.

Brisbane (19.11.125) defeated West Coast (13.9.87)

1. Nic Naitanui (165). While all the love has gone to Gawn, Grundy and Darcy this year, and deservedly so, owners of Nic Nat would’ve been beaming all year with his consistency. Didn’t miss a game, scored 19/22 tons (86, 93 and 94 the others) and didn’t drop below triple figures after round 6, finishing with a career best average of 115. Finished the year with a season best score thanks to 24 touches (22 contested), 54 hitouts and 11 clearances.

2. Lachie Neale (133). The rollercoaster year came to an end with a ripping 29 touch (14 contested), 6 clearance, 8 tackle, 1 goal game. Will be cheap as chips next year after averaging just under 100.

3. Luke Shuey (123). Showed just how badly he’s been missed this year with a huge 35 touches (16 contested) to go along with 12 clearances and 574 metres gained.

4. Daniel Rich (119). Year 13 = the first time he’s average triple figures. Capped off his “breakout” year with ton number thirteen courtesy of 29 touches, 1 goal and 874 metres gained.

5. Jarryd Lyons (113). Another super game from Lyons as he found 19 touches and kicked 1 goal, but importantly layed 14 tackles. Scored 19/22 tons this year with the other three being 81, 82 and 98, overall averaging 117.

Other 100+ scores: Dayne Zorko (109), Alex Witherden (103)

Disappointment: A pretty horrid season all up for Andrew Gaff, sealing it with just 64 points.

Other Stuff: Minimal ownership on all of Prior (66), Cockatoo (53) and Fullarton (30), as well as the West Coast guys in Foley (62), Edwards (60), West (45) and Hutchings (36) but surely someone, somewhere had their score counted. Versatile tall Oscar Allen the only casualty, suffering concussion.

Geelong (12.5.77) defeated by Melbourne (12.9.81)

1. Clayton Oliver/Max Gawn (159). Fitting really, in a spiritual sense, that these guys couldn’t be split here. Oliver was huge, gathering 37 touches (26 contested), 9 clearances, 7 tackles, 466 metres gained and kicking 2 goals, while Gawn willed his team with 25 touches (13 contested), 7 clearances, 6 marks, 477 metres gained, 39 hitouts and the after the siren, match winning goal. 18/22 tons for Gawn this year, 120 point average, 17/22 tons for Satan, 123 point average. 

2. Mark Blicavs (128). Game 200 for the former Steeplechaser and he did just about everything right to finish with 14 touches, 4 marks, 5 tackles and 5 hitouts.

3. Jake Lever (126). 22 touches (10 contested) with 8 marks and 90% DE for Lever as he patrolled the defensive half for ton eleven of 2021.

4. Joel Selwood (118). Back to a triple figure average for the first time since 2018 for Selwood as he scored ton number twelve on the back of 28 touches (16 contested), 6 clearances/tackles and 1 goal.

5. Cameron Guthrie (115). Solid as ever, this week gathering another 30 touches and 8 marks through the middle of the ground. Fifteen tons for the year, averaged 113.

Other 100+ scores: Tom Hawkins/Jack Henry (100)

Disappointment: Two and half quarters in and Patrick Dangerfield was cruising, but it all stopped after that as Melbourne mounted their comeback. Finished up with just 73.

Other Stuff: Bowey (45) has put together some good games in the final part of the season and should hold his spot for finals, while Max Holmes (76) looks a Supercoach player of the future after this 18 touch, 7 tackle effort. No injuries out of this game before finals time for these teams.

Carlton (11.9.75) defeated by GWS (12.17.89)

1. Callan Ward (150). Another great game from one of the inaugural Giants as he suits up for another finals campaign. Had 28 touches (14 contested), 7 clearances, 5 tackles, 2 goals and 517 metres gained.

2. Nic Newman (128). Drove Carlton forward on many occasions (677 metres gained, a game high) even through a bad elbow. Had 27 touches and 9 marks for the day.

3. Josh Kelly (124). Great return from Kelly in the final round of the year, gaining a team high 603 metres gained from his 29 touches in the middle of the ground. Thirteen tons and a 107 point average for the year.

4. Ed Curnow (113). Kept Carlton in it with 4 straight goals from 25 touches through the middle, also taking 8 marks. Hope he goes on next year!

5. Jacob Hopper (110). Career best average of 97 points for Hopper in 2021, mainly thanks to more than half of his games being in triple figures. 21 touches (10 contested) with 8 clearances, 7 tackles and 1 goal for him.

Other 100+ scores: Sam Taylor (101)

Disappointment: Just 68 in the final round for Lachie Whitfield.

 Other Stuff: Stocker (85) has been pretty good in the second half of the year, maybe a mini-breakout coming in 2022 for the former first round pick? The same could be said for O’Brien (65), while Kemp (52) and Honey (21) also showed enough for some excitement surrounding the Blues next year in my eyes. Also congrats to Durdin for kicking his first goal. Briggs (84) is just Shane Mumford cloned to be honest and looks the goods for a decent career, while Sproule, Idun, Bruhn and Stein have shown plenty this year and have more to do in the finals. Patrick Cripps was subbed out to end his year, having recorded 17 handballs with 0 kicks, the most handballs without a kick on record, while the previously mentioned Stein was subbed off late for Captain Coniglio. 

St Kilda (17.5.107) defeated Fremantle (6.13.49)

 1. Jack Steele (129). A great season topped off by a great score. 19/22 tons, average of 126, total score of 2772, second only to Macrae in both categories. 36 touches (17 contested), 7 marks, 6 tackles and 6 clearances for the game.

2. Rowan Marshall (120). Had a corkie but played through it to finish up with 21 touches (12 contested), 5 marks, 7 tackles and 2 goals. Will be super popular next year.

3. Nicholas Coffield (117). Only the second ton of the year for the promising youngster. Had 21 touches and 7 marks with 4 tackles across half-back, using the ball well at 81% DE.

4. Zak Jones/Hayden Young/Andrew Brayshaw (112). Decent season from Jones with 6/13 tons. Got poked in the eye early but still grabbed 28 touches, while defender Young notched his second ton thanks to 17 touches and 8 tackles. 12/20 tons for Brayshaw, smashing out 29 touches and 6 tackles for the last one.

5. Jack Higgins (109). Good little finish to the season for Jack with a couple of tons, this one thanks to 21 touches, 5 marks and 2 goals.

Other 100+ scores: Caleb Serong/Cooper Sharman (103), Jack Sinclair (101)

Disappointment: He had a bit of a leg problem, but with 76% game time, 61 was a rough finish to Sean Darcy’s year. 

Other Stuff: How bloody good was Cooper Sharman (103)! Snagged 4 goals from 15 touches for the mid-season draftee deserves a mention as it was much better than Hunter (71), Clavarino (49) and Byrnes (22). Liam Henry played 17 games this year, with this score of 64 being his second best, but hey at least he played, the same can be said about Treacy (31) who served up his usual. Western (11) was subbed on, Meek (48) has potential, while Walker (63) looks the goods. Heaps on injuries in this one, with Switkowski suffering a leg injury, Hill an ankle and the luckless Alex Pearce the same as Hill.

Essendon (16.6.102) defeated Collingwood (9.10.64)

1. Devon Smith (148). Nineteen games this year and this was his first ton. Had 23 touches, 7 marks, 4 tackles and 2 goals as he and the Bombers got the win and secured eighth spot.

2. Zach Merrett (120). Super season from Merrett as he finished up with 115 point average scoring 18/22 tons. Had 27 touches (11 contested) with 3 clearances and 4 tackles at 81% DE to finish the H&A season.

3. Jamie Elliott (113). 4 goals for Elliott up forward from 18 touches, 8 marks and 4 tackles. Two tons for him, the other from his 6 goal haul vs the Crows. 

4. Chris Mayne (110). In the final game of his career, Mayne gave everything he had (as per usual) to finish up with 23 touches (10 contested) at 100% DE. Has been a great servant for two clubs.

5. Jake Stringer (105). Keeps producing good scores and this week was no exception as he used a big second half to record 24 touches (10 contested), 6 clearances, 7 marks and 2 tackles. 6/10 tons since round 14.

Other 100+ scores: Jack Madgen (104), Taylor Adams (103), Jordan De Goey (102), Tom Cutler (101) 

Disappointment: Not the end of the year that owners of Grundy (80), Parish (74), Ridley (80) or Sidebottom (75) were after. -3 for McCreery after being subbed on.

Other Stuff: Nothing great in this game but a heap of thanks to our early season cash cows in Cox (not subbed on), Perkins (57), and Waterman (82) as well as the strong finish from Durham (47), they all provided us with something this year. The same can be said for Bianco (28), Henry (24), Wilson (61), Rantall (25), Murphy (36), Ginnivan (42) and McCreery (-3), although nothing great came out of this game, they’ve been in many teams this year and did enough. One of them, Ollie Henry, was subbed off during the game with shoulder soreness.

Adelaide (13.20.98) defeated North Melbourne (8.6.54)

1. Ben Keays (173). What a super year and what a super finish from the incredibly improved Keays. 103 point average with eleven tons and this career best score to boot. 38 touches (13 contested), 6 tackles, 6 clearances, 2 goals and 621 metres gained to lead all comers.

2. Rory Laird (149). Wow. 116 point average, 18/22 tons (the others being 75, 92, 94 and 95) and no sub tons since round 11. 40 touches this week (17 contested), 10 clearances and 8 tackles with just 1 clanger for him.

3. Tarry Thomas/Aaron Hall (139). Thomas looks like a huge breakout contender for next year as he posted this career best score from 26 touches (16 contested) with 7 tackles and 1 goal, while Hall was on track for the magical 1000 metres gained but slowed in the last, finishing with 967 of them from 37 touches for his sixteenth ton. Averaged 105 and thats with a score of 6 and 37 involved!

4. Keiran Strachan (119). Has shown huge promise in his few career games, this week getting a (unsurprisingly) career best score from 18 touches and 34 hitouts.

5. Harry Schoenberg (115). Another guy who has been largely unheralded this year is the Crows second round pick from a few years back. Has played a variety of roles but looks set to become a full time midfielder in the future, this week notching a career best score from 24 touches (10 contested), 6 clearances, 8 tackles and 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Rory Sloane (113), Ned McHenry (111), Tom Lynch (107), Rory Sloane (100)

Disappointment: Another unheralded ruckman this year has been the ageless Todd Goldstein (averaged 100 again, the ninth time in his career), but finished up with 79.

Other Stuff: Almost too many bench players to cover here. Rowe didn’t get onto the ground in the final game of the year, but Thilthorpe (79), Cook (71), Davis (50), Butts (44) and first-gamer Gollant (37) all did. Phoenix Spicer also played his first game to score 12 points, Phillips (47), Ford (37) and Bosenvulagi (31) were all above him though. Zurhaar will enter the off-season with a thigh concern.


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  1. Thanks for all your hard work during the year, Dane. My Monday mornings wouldn’t be the same without this post!


  2. Great round up, Dane.

    Exceptional work throughout the year. Certainly mandatory reading every Monday.

    Enjoy your break and looking forward to reading the reviews again next year.

    Take care.


  3. Will need to go back and look a bit closer over the off season, but both Gawn and Grundy scores were interesting this round. Saw both games. It looked close to a standard 110 game for Grundy, but scored 80. I felt Gawn was heavily underscored. I really thought it was closer to a 200 game. I know it’s been spoken about a bit already, and I am sure the off-season will also have some interesting discussion, but it seems to me that the set and forget ruck structure was based on two key factors: the top 2 were daylight ahead of the next, and they represented VC and C choices each week. Right now, I am not sure that either is true for 2022.

    Thanks all on this site for the great work during the year. Much appreciated



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