The 2021 Saint of SuperCoach Talk Award

Written by Motts on August 24 2021

In 2020, we created the Saint of SuperCoach Talk award which honours the memory of allsaints by enshrining in our Hall of Fame on an annual basis, the individual or individuals who throughout the year were always willing to lend a hand and/or offer advice.

In its inaugural year, we awarded it to two very deserving recipients: The Death Adder and Chaos Theory.

In 2021, there were once again two names that we couldn’t split and so today it gives me great pleasure to announce that this year’s recipients of this illustrious honour are Freo Tragic & Abs.

Freo Tragic

Freo Tragic received many votes for this award in 2020 and was only narrowly edged out by the two eventual winners. In 2021, he continued to provide thoughtful and detailed responses to questions from the community and was always helpful with sage advice and friendly banter in our Game Chats.


A fantastic presence across the site, Abs was particularly active in our Trade Talk threads. He responded to a lot of coaches’ trade dilemmas when members of the writing team couldn’t get to them during critical junctures of the SC season (especially during the byes and at the end of the year). Abs also responded to stats requests in the comments of our captaincy article when Gunboat Diplomacy wasn’t available.

Both individuals are like unofficial members of the writing team and we’re so glad to have you.

On behalf of the writing team and the SCT Community, thank you and congratulations!


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6 thoughts on “The 2021 Saint of SuperCoach Talk Award”

  1. Congratulations to two very worthy recipients of “Saint of SuperCoach Talk award”.

    They epitomise the community spirit of SCT by devoting their time and knowledge to assist everyone on this site. They take the time to acknowledge the concerns and questions posed by hopeful coaches and to give sound advice with thoughtful reasoning to assist them to make informed decisions. Suggestions to look at their query from a different prospective, to weigh up choices and given the facts to , hopefully, make the correct choice.

    Thank you Freo Tragic & Abs for your valuable contributions. We all appreciate your assistance. True supercoachtalk legends.

    Well done.


  2. Thanks a lot fellas means a lot!

    SC was a great distraction with all that’s been going on in the world!

    Glad I could help contribute as so many of you lads have done the same for me!

    If I don’t get to chat to you all til we begin planning for 2022, hope youse all look after yourselves!


  3. Well I’ll be.

    Thanks so much everyone.

    I want to echo Abs thoughts above. In a very challenging year , Its actually been great to have SC and this awesome site as a welcome distraction.

    I think I found this site around 2015 and ghosted for a full 1/2 season trying to work out what Terms like BE and Fallen Premo even meant.

    When I finally struck up the courage to ask for help the floodgates opened.I had so much help, mixed with a healthy dose of ribbing on occasion. ( I really had no Idea ! ) But I was hooked, and I haven’t stopped learning and sharing what I have accumulated about SC ever since. This great site, Contributors and regulars alike have helped me understand this great game infinitely better than when I started .

    It really is the least I can do to try to help those new to caper.

    I’m really chuffed to make the hall of fame.

    I can feel allsaints smiling down on me. RIP brother.

    See you all for Preseason next year.



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