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  1. 2069 / Gawn / I might drop a bit you would think.

    Brayshaw and Heeney ruined what could of been an ok score.

    Ah well , there’s always next week. 😉


    1. Ended up 2083

      I even moved up 3 214 places to 18 029 overall.

      Not too bad as I was 54.920 after R1

      Onward and upward!


  2. 2076 / Macrae
    Not a great score but managed to win all but one League game……. Including against The Death Adder by a point……


    1. Great work Schwarzy but you ended up knocking me over by 15pts in the end with some late scaling with you finishing up on 2,094 to 2079.

      Anyway Good Stuff!


  3. 2265 / Gawn / was 533

    Had C Daniels 19 and J Jordans 24 onfield… other than that no real complaints


  4. 2062/gawn

    Definitely dropping rank from 285 this week! Asbolute shocker for me, brawshaw and Daniel plus a butters injury. Flynn sitting on the pine too with treacy covering


  5. 2035/Gawn
    Not the best of rounds, but glad I still managed to make the 2k mark. Jordon Daniher and Daniel really hurt my score with the highest being Daniher with 34.
    I also had to deal with Williams on the bench due to a soft injury, stopping me from trading Dow. Traded Kosi instead for Chapman and that turned out well, but will have to deal with Daniel out next week for a 1 week suspension. I wonder whether I should stay strong with him or to offload him. Just have to see what next week brings


  6. 1944.

    These four gentlemen:

    Caleb Daniel
    Steven May
    Andrew Brayshaw
    James Jordon

    combined for a whopping 98.

    Demoralising. Daniel and May out next week too.


  7. 2011/Macrae

    What a nightmare of a round. Copped the one-two combo of Daniher & Daniel on Saturday, the self-inflicted blow of fielding Berry over Powell & Treacy over Rowe, and finished of with what feels like a low blow from Brayshaw after choosing to bring him in instead of Impey.


  8. 2130/gawn
    Traded in Grundy, was that worth it, wait & see l suppose, special mention to Jiath, from his upbringing to what he’s achieving now, amazing to see
    Cheers everybody, have a great week


  9. 2138/ Gawn
    Overall happy ,
    Won 7/10 leagues
    Happy with Ridley joining team , T Walker backing up after adding last week and Fyfe coming back strong this week

    Only disappointments
    Powell on bench –
    Meek on Field due to Flynn being managed ,
    Daniel ( Say no More )
    Campbell , Jordon Berry ( can’t expect too much from rookies )
    JClark hasn’t quite deliver to expectations .


  10. 1978/ Macrae

    McGrath, Zorko, Daniel, Crisp, Fantasia, Brayshaw were the biggest culprits for me.

    I was the other big one going with Powell non scoring on the bench with Rowe instead.

    Going to need to get Ridley in ASAP and start rookie downgrading where I can.


  11. 2009/Macrae/11,516 (-3,766)

    Ugh, another heinous week.

    On the premo side, Lloyd, Neale and Zerrett have not delivered on their hefty price tags and Grundy and Martin were also quieter than expected. Then had Jordon (24), Butts (31), McDonald (39) and Campbell (51) on field.

    Shout out to Paul (Tok Magic Dragon) who saw me off in Gun’s Regulars #2 with a strong 2216.


  12. 1930 / Macrae / 33,283 (was ~25,000-ish)

    Not a great week, but the score was made up of most of the team performing well, and a handful having really, really awful weeks, so nothing to panic about at this stage.


  13. 2193/Macrae/163

    Without going into detail, because of the rookie defender issues and Flynn being out I had lots of choices through complex dpp subbing and trading to end up with either:
    Two 0’s
    Chapman and a 0
    Treacy and a 0
    Fullarton and Parks

    I chose Fullarton and Parks because 0’s terrify me. Obviously would have scored more by simply copping a 0 and getting Chapman. Now I’m stuck with Parks who I didn’t want and I’ve missed Chapman. But I didn’t cop any 0’s. To me that’s a small win. Probly cop one next week.


  14. 2071/Ridley /2614

    The good: Ridley, Short, Laird, Jiath, Bontempelli, Macrae, Steele, Oliver, Gawn, Dunkley, Ziebell, Warner.

    The bad: Boak, Jordan, Martin.

    The ugly: Flynn’s donut, Daniel.

    Daniel & Koschitzke > Houston & Jones for me this week and I’ll still have 3 rookies on the bench who won’t be playing, including my original loophole Saunders. Last 2 weeks have been ordinary, so happy with my overall ranking but hoping for a better round next week!


  15. 2091 / Macrae / 6178 (-224)

    The Good – 9 out of 12 premiums tonned up and the ones who didn’t scored over 80 (Crisp, Grundy, Taranto). Haven’t had to worry about the rookie panic in defense. Powell on field. Average score but could easily be better.

    The Bad – WHY DIDN’T I TRADE DOW TO IMPEY. Had it locked in all week and then something about $ vs points vs trades and ugghhh. Definitely picked the wrong mid-pricers. A few poor scores on field from Dow, Daniher, Jordon & Butts (he gets a pass because I don’t have to worry about him playing).


  16. 2063/Macrae/9195 (was 8135).

    Happy i didn’t drop out of top 10,000 with that score.

    Main let downs this week were Martin, Grundy & Neale (yes i can’t believe I’m still holding him).

    But also didn’t help having Jordon, Parks and Dow on field and Powell on the bench.

    I always seem to make the wrong on field rookie decisions.


  17. 1967 / Gawn / 32,165

    The Good – Ridley, Laird, Stewart, Oliver, Zerrett, Gawn, Dunkley & Ziebell.

    The Bad – 6 on field players with scores 51 & under – rookies can be excused somewhat but C Daniel & A Brayshaw, I have no words.

    The decision making – Juries out. Traded in Impey & Chapman so happy with them both. Didn’t help as lost 7/10 league matches for a 2nd week in a row. Having Powell’s 101 on the bench was painful.
    No idea what to do next week. With Kos, Highmore & Daniel in my backline, something needs to be done there to avoid a donut. And with 6/8 of my midfield scoring under 100, I’m needing multiple trades. Almost think we need a “Fix my side” article / discussion topic this week, as honestly don’t even know where to start with my train wreck of a side. Probably a double downgrade to try and build some bank balance.


  18. 2146/Gawn dropped 100 places to 1186th but still very happy with that

    A few weekly duffers – Daniel and Jordon on the pitch


  19. 1917/Grundy/26542.

    Fell 9000 odd places.

    Daniels didn’t help,
    Butters and Heeney scored Okish between them but got injured.
    Not the best round to be far.


  20. 2013/Grundy/663

    Horror round. All that was supposed to go wrong went wrong. I had May and Treacy (Flynn is my R2) on field, 7 premos who didn’t ton up.
    Hopefully May is ok. After Dangerfield, Rowell, Caldwell I cannot afford to trade him out.
    One good thing to take is I am Lucky to still remain in the top 1000. That’s still a good start for the season


    1. I know you were super high in the rankings but you’ve done remarkably well to score what you scored with all those low scores. Many scored sub 2K this week so you’ve held on alright.


  21. Good Morning all,

    Just thought I’d get your day off to a better one.

    1920/Brayshaw along with Daniel and Jordan.

    Hopefully I’ll have more than 2 benches available this week to cover new omissions.

    I also think Highmore will be back and Collingwood will win a grand final.

    Cheers all.


  22. 2227 / Gawn / 23559

    I’ve had a horrible first three weeks but back to it now and had a mighty jump in the rankings.

    Trades that have seemingly set up my season:
    * Neale to Tex last week meant I had cash to get Ridley this week
    * Dow to Impey on the weekend was an instant success

    Early plan this week is to hold the trades and wait til next week but that’s before looking at it too deeply.


  23. 2004/Grundy/7060 (down 3,380)
    A poor captain’s score plus playing Dow instead of Powell cost me 110 points.


  24. 2167/Gawn/10020
    Last week I had 3 players in the 20’s and 3 x 40’s all on field yet still scored 2126 – a poor score – however ok considering.

    This week just the one 19 and a 40 on field and yet managed only 2167 – but turns out this was a goodish score.

    Funny game this…..


  25. How did I go with the big experiment?

    2046/Gawn/2580 (dropped 1500 places).
    6/10 Leagues

    So lets have a bit of analysis.

    Firstly, my biggest mistake was fielding Jordan on the field instead of Powell.
    This single fact would have guaranteed me 10 out of 10 league wins and a score over 2100.
    Justifiable based on his 10 point higher average before this round. Just bad luck benching Powell for the first time this week.

    On top of that, my two most expensive forwards were both on for monster scores, and got injured early (Heeney Q2 and Butters Q3).

    Oh, and my R2 got rested.

    So all in all, not bad considering. To miss out on 10/10 league wins by choosing the wrong field rookie with so much carnage suggests a pretty solid team.

    Finally, the big trade. I was tossing up between two premiums to chop so I could afford the likely looking premiums of Jiath and Impey. I was going to trade Caleb Daniel who I cannot see being a top 6 or 8 defender, and was my last “premium” into the side, but in the end I went with Oliver, based on his previous 67 and the expected tag.

    Was it a mistake? To trade out a premium, no. Jiath and Impey combined for 221 points, and have now each got 3 hundreds in a row. Seems like a great deal to me..

    The only mistake was choosing Oliver to chop over Daniel.

    Now this week, we’ve got some big decisions. If Flynn doesnt come back I want Grundy, but Daniel will be a donut, unless Highmore or Kosi comes back. Plus I’m facing two serious injuries in the forward line. I can only resolve two issues and have potential depth coverage for forwards and rucks.

    Gonna be an interesting challenge this week.



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