How Did You Go – Round 1

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on March 19 2023

Score / Captain / Rank

In addition to the usual information, feel free to let us all know how happy you were with the team you went in with. Any structural or selection strokes of brilliance? Or perhaps some clear sources of correction?



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38 thoughts on “How Did You Go – Round 1”

  1. 2130/McRae/4117
    Not many huge scores but mostly serviceable
    Jones and Cowan biggest disappointments but not on my own with Jones
    The Giants players were my best – Green/Cogs/Callahan – all popular picks though
    My pod of Tom Mitchell was decent with 109 – about half of it in 4th quarter
    Hope he can build on that


  2. 1987/Witts/35,256

    Did somebody say KFC???

    Wow what a weird start to the season. Yeo going down so moved some things around and felt really good when I got him to Stewart thinking won’t touch him for whole year now!! Watching Jones going down next and was ready to explode! Underperforming Bruhn, Hopper, Flanders and Jelly. Luckily Witts as captain, having Sheezel on field and not starting Laird or Oliver worked to my advantage. Lets hope round 2 is better!


  3. 2132/Miller/3930 ish
    Jones onfield for 5.
    Only 2 in the top 30 scorers Green & Gulden
    Traded out Oliver and Laird at the last minute because I just couldn’t bring myself to pay $700k for round 1.


  4. 2079/Green/10,438

    Jones and no Sheezel less than ideal. Laird, Satan and Neale combining for 250~ also not great. Did also ride Greene at F6.

    Paying up for Witts, value DEF PODs in McGovern and Cole and drilling the C on Green balanced it out.

    Happy with the team I went in with. Sheezel the obvious blunder and those 3x MIDs returned nowhere near enough PPD. Other than that, there were no players I’d taken out of my side/considered but abandoned that popped off. Tingles R2 would have been lit but was never realistically affording that. When Yeo went down I did fleetingly consider Weitering but would have never pulled the trigger despite how much I rate him as a player lol.


  5. 2120 / Bont
    Jones to McKenna this week. If if Jones plays I’d rather the price increase with Mck.

    Contemplating corrective Jelly to Cogs after splitting hairs with them at last minute.

    Can’t believe I pulled out of Cally but happy with Worp. Not sold on Hopper. He gets 1 more chance.

    Brayshaw disappointing.


  6. 2029/Bony/21,770

    Thinking of using a boost to bring in Daicos for Dale, McKenna in for L.Jones and JHF in for Bruhn.

    I usually trade quite consequently, but boy did the trio of Daicos, McKenna and JHF look good.

    TU: Do the boost
    TD: Stick to two, save the boost


  7. 1903/Macrae/69k

    Not a good start at all but Jones and Stewart to McKenna and Young will give me cash to try and fix things up next week.


  8. 1920/Laird/63k

    Laird as C finished off a pretty underwhelming R1.

    Have Jones and no Sheezel, so a couple of corrective trades looming.

    Bruhn, Flanders and Hopper get one more week to perform or they are gone.


  9. 1907/Bont/68k
    Fielded Jones, King,Fyfe.
    Should have seen Darcy with Jackson vs Marshall and Lyon would be an issue.
    DE of Day, Brayshaw, Trac, Constable really hurt.
    Jones gone-has become Macca.Looked awful before injury especially with Bruce trying to be in the same place all the time. Fyfe gone,has become other Macca. King gone,has become Sheezel.
    Moved LDU and Warner out of my mids for Bont and Fyfe. Forward line of Dunkley /Cogs/Rozee/Gulden good bar King. Tracc will go there in due course. Onwards and upwards!


  10. 1958/Laird’s brother I think46742

    Not the greatest of starts and I didn’t have Jones or Stewart, but I did take a punt on Hunter Clarke for Yeo as I wanted to keep a similar structure. Fail.

    Liked Pedlar and Coles’ games and stoked with Cally and MacKenzie. Phillipou on the pine outscored Flanders and Bruhn.

    Time to Ponder before next week.


  11. 1974/Witts/40211
    I had an absolutely shocking start in the first 5 games. Had Stewart, Jones, Chesser all on field. Add Bruhn and Hopper to that. Laird was the only other quite poor performer after that

    Witts as captain brought me back faith. Gulden, Green, Callaghan and Ridley all doing well. Sheezel Mackenzie and Ginbey all on field. Also Comben with 83 on the bench


  12. 1933 / Laird / 57k

    Ehhhhh Laird captain killed me but could’ve been worse. Probably overspent in the backline (Doc, Dawson, Ridley) and underspent forward with Allen at F4. ROB tonning up was nice as I didn’t have the $ to get to Darcy, Witts or Gawn anyway. Might make a couple of adjustments this week to free up cash so I have the option to restructure and correct rookies the week after.

    +’s Ridley, Green, Callaghan, Mackenzie, ROB, Sheezel

    Eh’s – Dawson, Neale, Bont, Rozee/Taranto/Dunks (over Gulden/Cogs)

    -‘s Laird, Jones, Marshall, Hopper


  13. 2035/ Daicos(VC)/ 18K
    Daicos, Warner, cogs, sheezel, Callaghan, gibney

    Disappointments: FYFE, both rucks were disappointing (mcinerney&draper) Holmes, Neale, BCrouch, JKelly & petracca midfield very disappointing


  14. 2100/ DeGoey/ 7286
    Stewart and Jones held the team back a bit.
    Stewart > Daicos and will keep Jones if hes playing next week.
    LDU, DeGoey, Libba all came through.
    668 points from my stacked forward line with Ziebell F6, but will bring in Sheezel via dpp and bench Hollands in the middle.
    Defence looking shaky!


  15. 2165/Laird/921
    Some big scores this week, with the only disappointment being Laird as Captain. Next time I will go with my first thought and loophole Oliver. Definitely a fluke of a round, but fingers crossed I can keep up a pace around it.


  16. 2149 / Bontempelli / 2797

    Happy enough but a few under performers like everyone else. Did miss any of the injuries which helped, so no complaints


  17. Badly. Gonna be three trades this week and still short of happy.

    I was travelling in remote areas so had little research/internet time so had to make some pure guess changes based on teams when I had reception.

    With Yeo’s injury, I pulled out of Yeo Gawn Sheezel and Comben to go with Dawson, ROB, Caminiti and Uwland.

    Then, while driving back from Birdsville, chose to roll the dice with Laird and copped a 50 captaincy instead of the Satan VC option. 1891. Ouch.

    Chesser and Greene on field also hurt big time.

    Did get to be first across the QAA line East to West from Birdsville to Poeppel Corner for the 2023 season AND managed to complete the return on the same day which is cool, even if I didn’t get to do the full Simpson crossing.

    When I fail at SC I just have to brag about my other life experiences 🙂

    Home OK, car good, after some initial concerns it seems the most damage is some paint scratches and need for a front end alignment. Even if we only got to do 2 of 3 corners due to issues with the other car on trip it’s a pretty extreme way to spend a week driving out there and experiencing that.


  18. 2074/Oliver/11K

    Considering I had Jones on field, this was a decent result.

    My only other real disappointment for the weekend was Hopper, who seems to be battling with Prestia for contested possession points. But I’m gonna give him another week or two to see where he really is. Bruhn I can cut some slack, because it was more of a TOG issue with his points rather than performance. I hope the coach will give him more game time next round.
    Also wasn’t mad with Marshall or Darcy’s scores, but 13 clangers between them stopped them from having proper good scores.

    On the positive notes, I’m so happy I stuck with Cogs over Rozee. Hopefully he can keep this up. Most of my forward line did great in general. Mids and defenders (minus Jones) were fairly decent across the ground. I’m expecting both Oliver and Macrae to go 120+ this week, Dawson and Merrett to crack the ton.


  19. 2109/VC Clarry/6k

    Made a mid round trade to swap Sicily for Rozee to make room for Daicos in Def.

    So right now have a stacked forward line, midprice competence in the mids (despite my trade accidentally putting Mackenzie on the bench) and Defensive issues.

    Goods: good rank most calls went pretty well.
    Bad. Fyfe on field. Mackenzie on bench, last minute deciding to VC Clarry over Gawn.


  20. 1,999/Witts VC/35k
    After Saturday night games finished my projected score was 2119 which looked gettable with Laird,Brayshaw, Marshall, Dawson, Fyfe….well most chuncked it up to struggle to sub 2k
    Fyfe must go, likely down to Pedlar, them possibly Goater up to Daicos


  21. Stewart j Kelly and xerri all need changing can someone get me back on track scored 1948 I’ve got 700,000 in bank. Thinking xerri to witts Stewart 4 daicos and josh Kelly ??


    1. 1948 still with $700k in the bank is probably a great score.
      We don’t know what mids you have but 700K is a lot of wasted play money still sitting on the sides
      Xerri, Stewart & Jelly to
      Ruck: Witts, Tingles or Darcy
      DEF : Daicos, Sicily or Doch
      MID: Cripps, Tom Green, Miller, Bont or a punt on JHF.

      My pick of those would be Witts, Daicos & Bont but its probably hard to go wrong with any of them, apart from maybe a Tingles injury but that can apply to anyone really.
      And maybe next week use some of that money to correction trade one of your underperforming rookies to a play every week moneymaker.


      1. Tnx 4 the great reply I only have that cash because xerri emergency when he scored 35 I put Cameron in ruck now moving to fwd replaced by witts


  22. 2099 / Oliver / 7415

    Happy with all of my selections in the forward line. (Dunks, Cogs Rozee, Gulden, Ziebell and Bruhn).
    Ridley looks great.

    Picking Jones and not bringing Sheezel into the side


  23. 2017/Laird/25k

    Happy with my initial squad minus the 3 potatoes in Jones, Hopper and Laird CAPTAIN!!


    Captain Laird

    Looking forward to the 150 Laird owes me next week 😉


  24. 1977/ Green /39087
    Disappointing start with culprits
    Jones , Fyfe , Bruhn , Hopper , Brayshaw , Ashcroft Cowan on field but could have been worse .
    No Sheezal but his performance prompted me to go Laird to Steele and bank $100,ooo to go to Sheezal this week from rookie .
    Went from Stewart to Doch last minute as well as Darcy to Witts .
    Happy with performance of Green c , Ridley , Callaghan , Mackenzie, Witts , Dunk’s, Gulden , Taranto , Rozee , Doch, Ginbey


  25. 2162 /Jelly/ 2600
    – couple who did well for me were setterfield Callaghan ziebell sheez cole mackenzie

    – Jelly as captain hurt but never mind. He was on for 100 had he not been concussed.

    – Was happy to fade hunter Clark, bruhn and Flanders all very very late. With cole, ziebell and Callaghan getting late callups and playing their roles nicely…

    – Just JHF and mckenna on my watch list this weekend.


  26. Doc Baker Jones Stoker Cole Constable
    Bergman Cowen
    Neal Petraca Green Rozze Taranto Guilden
    Callaghan Ashcroft
    Makenzie Holland Davey
    Witts Cameron Mcanrew
    Dunkley Coniglio Moore Allen Sheezal Greene
    Ratigulea Phillipou
    Best first round score ever with jones 5 ,makenzie not on ground and Greene poor , any suggestions I know hold Is the go but unsure and like give it a crack rd 1 , 2099


  27. 2198 / Clarry / 823

    Most fired this week. Ditched Stewart and Jelly late after the Yeo injury caused me to restructure. Literally flipped a coin to take Clarry over Laird before the Dees game. Liam Jones my only true upset. He might go for McKenna this week. Hopper to JHF is on the cards, but I’d like to see both another week.



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