23 thoughts on “How Did You Go – Round 18”

  1. 2292/English/ was 9.6k

    As I expected, I came crumbling down after a brilliant Thursday night score. Ended up with only 21 on the field this week with Chesser for a massive 29 points.
    Had Lloyd, Cameron and Dunkley on the bench, so I hope they all return for next week
    I somehow got 9/10 wins, only losing to someone with a score of 2524

    Studs: Daicos, Dawson, Bont, Laird and English all with 125 scores

    Spuds: Sinclair, Docherty, Neale, Anderson, Walsh, Marshall and Macrae.
    All of them were sub 90, with Sinclair and Marshall not even making 70.

    Time to wait and see if there is more carnage to come with Laird having a sore AC joint…..


  2. I don’t know and I’m not sure I care to look.

    This round was harder than the round 15 bye round.

    At least we could plan in advance.

    I will look tomorrow.


  3. 2164 / Gulden / was 5843

    Bruuuutal. Only had the 21, probably smart to be conservative with taking Gulden. Not excited for how far I’ll drop though


  4. 2299 / VC English / was 2,120

    What a week – prior to kick off Thursday night, I had lost Lloyd, Serong, Sheldrick, Titch, D Cameron & Dunks – so did 2 trades, Lloyd for Sicily and Sheldrick for C Harvey to get 22 on the field. Then found out Friday that Green was going to be out for 3 weeks – no boosts left, so that left Titch to cover that donut, with rookies of C Harvey, Maric, Wilmot, Johnson & Sheezel on the field. Although with 11 scores under 100, my score would have been a lot worse without English as VC/C..
    Not a great round with so many premiums poor scoring – Sicily, Neale, Marshall, Sinclair, Ridley – I’ll excuse Titch for his score of 48 in just less than half a game. Worries with Laird injury, Green to deal with next week and trades disappearing way too quickly.


  5. 2189/Daicos VC/Don’t know yet

    Also had 21 players, including Banks, Wagner and Maric all my emergency covers. I don’t feel I did terribly for all the players out this week for me, but definitely lost me a few of my matches (and some finals chances).

    I kept thinking I should’ve put the VC on English instead of Daicos, stumped that I didn’t. But I still happily took Daicos’ 130 though

    Stars – English, Laird, Daicos, Dawson
    Duds – Merrett, Sinclair and Walsh

    Hoping for a few people back next week like Dunkley, Green, Serong and Lloyd. Only got the two trades left due to a few players being out with longer injuries, and I don’t really wanna use them this round.


  6. 2322/English/ was 10k

    Didnt trade this week as with all the carnage I figured id suck it up as there are still so many rounds to go. Still managed 22 (well 21.5 with Titch the sub)

    Had Dunks, D Cam, Green and Sitch out but luckily Maric was a late in to make sure there were no donuts.

    Looking foward to hopefully all them (minus Green) back next week. Hoping Laird isnt too injured as that would really stuff up my plan for trading coming up to finals.


  7. 2378 with donuts from Green, Lloyd, S Mitchell, Dunkley, D Cam, Sheldrick and Chesser who i fielded was bascially a donut.

    Gawn and English saved my round plus i dont have popular picks like Zerret, Butters, and Marshall who had dud weeks


  8. 2491/Daicos/7505

    Moved up 2847 spots!

    Studs: Daicos, Houston, Dawson, Bont, Laird, Hawkins + 8 others over 100.

    Special mention to Houston who has been an enormous POD 3 of the last 4 weeks (146, 156, 85, 176).

    Duds: Sinclair, Neale, Marshall, Briggs

    Managed to field 21 Premos and only one “rookie” Wilmot who has been great bench cover scoring 120, 89 and 87 in the last 3 weeks.

    My decision to go for lower priced premos and have good bench cover on all lines certainly paid off this week.

    Hopefully get Dunkley and Cameron back this week to allow for looping from the bench.


    1. Huge Owen.

      Congrats on a great score and rank rise.

      I’m so jealous I never managed to get in Houston. I’ve talked him up as a POD all year in my Rare Gems article. He has a few low games but his ceiling is massive.

      I will be starting him next year for sure. I’m also thinking of starting Sheezel if he gets defensive status as well. If Hall and Ziebell retire that backline will be his and he could do similar to what Daicos has done this year.

      I will most likely start Houston/ Sheezel and one of Stewart or Sicily.

      I think Dawson and most likely Daicos will be Mid only.


      1. Hi FT,

        I had Houston all last year and he was OK but inconsistent.

        I traded Ginbey to him in R8 this year when I saw he was becoming more consistent but still had the same high ceiling.

        He will be in my starting backline next year.

        I need to thank GD for an article he wrote quite a few weeks ago. GD thought it would be near impossible to get to full premo with all 600k+ players and I totally agreed. I aimed for DP players around 450-550k range and it has paid off so far.

        This has also allowed me to keep decent bench cover in Mitchell (Def), Wilmot (Mid/Def) and Shai Bolton (M/F) as my floating 23rd premo.

        Zero trades left after last week so I will be riding the injury/suspension/rests bus for the rest of the year!


        1. Great stuff Owen.

          No trades is risky but you have some great cover.

          I also have been taking in “Value”players. My last 4 upgrades were all under $510k. D Cam/. Walsh / Mills / Salam.

          None of them have really fired, but it has allowed me to keep S Mitchell and Windhager as solid cover.

          I have one trade left after trading Green to Touk last week.

          Best of luck for the rest of the year.


  9. Been off the past few weeks as my lack of trades (3 left) has made me less interested.

    Had a good score with VC English and some bench help doing some heavy lifting. Had most of the Premo Spuds everyone else had.

    Moved up a few spots and I’m just outside the top 1000 with 3 in the bank….

    So I’m mostly just trying not to brick it all up the final few weeks


  10. 2453/Gawn vc/ up 3.5k to 13.5k
    Gee there are a lot of really good teams out there!
    So hard to move up significantly at this time of year.
    Spent my last trade for the year(Green) on Ryan, over Houston! Was going to be Fyfe for Flanders till then.
    I’ve been trying to understand why with a team value of 14.6m I’m struggling to score really well in top team style… so I’ve got 2m on the bench and with the number of things that have gone wrong/bad decisions no trades to convert that money to a better last few on the team.
    That bench though worked in the mayhem that was this round.
    I’ve looked hard at the top 20 teams and they nearly all have a bench of non players with two or so for cover. I don’t know how many trades any of them have left of course.
    Left some points on the table this week with Wilmot on the D bench and Maric on the O bench.
    Which brings me to Dale and Neale spudding it up.What the hell has happened to Ben king. Playing at VFL standard at the moment and surely should get dropped.
    Maxxy the Hero for me this week. Only real nailing of the vc for me this year..


  11. 2333/English VC/ Round 17600/Overall went from 15200 to 14200.
    No donuts, No trades left
    Over 120
    English Laird Daicos Bont Dawson
    Under 80
    Neale Merrett Maric Saad Marshall Mullin
    Lloyd Dunkley


  12. 2400/Bont/1,255

    Managed to field 22, even though that included Harvey’s 37.

    Have DCam, Green and probably Butters to deal with next week.


  13. 2129/Daicos VC/15k (down 2k)

    Sitting on 2 trades before the start of the round and staring down the barrel of Clayton, DCam, Green, Yeo, Dunkley all being out, decided to cop 3 donuts this week and aim for leagues in the long run. If the aforementioned ever play, the first-time-top-10k dream may still be on but happy to hold onto these two trades for dear life until SC finals.

    The things I may have achieved had I traded Clayton all those many moons ago… feels like a lifetime!


  14. 2,409 / English / 564

    Had the trades to get myself 22 and still scored pretty well.

    Moved on Green, Cameron, Sheldrick for Sicily, Butters, Harvey

    The three trade ins not great. Sicily stunk it up and Butters now an injury scare + Laird. Really need Dunkley back as down to 2 trades.


  15. 2488 English as vc. Three premos out. Two donuts in forward line. Decided Dusty in for Seamus Mitchell and Maric came in. Pretty happy despite Marshall, Neale and Sinclair.


  16. 2387 / English 🙂 / 7688

    I won 6/10 leagues with 2 rookies on field.

    Moved up 1220 ranking spots. I would love to finish top 5K.

    Will Day


    I brought in Touk Miller for Tom Green and held Dunkley and D Cam.

    Shout out to Maric for an unexpected 65. Saved me a donut and actually got me over the line in 2 match ups.

    Hopefully Dunks and D Cam are back this week. Happy to cover D Cam with Windy if he misses again.

    Hoping for a few solid weeks so I can sneak into finals in a few of my harder leagues.

    Rare Gems out later in the week.

    Cheers FT


  17. 2,116/Bont VC

    Season done. Could not stem the bleeding of having Lloyd, Dunkley, Cameron, Green and Serong all out. The tragic part is this is after avoiding 3 donuts by using up two trades.

    I was forced with Chesser into D6, Wardlaw into M8 and Maric into F6 (imagine if he wasn’t a late in!).

    My response to anyone wondering whether I’m worrying about the rest of the season with 1 trade: https://youtu.be/t8rFC-859CI?t=8


  18. 2375/Dawson/202 (moved down 9 spots)

    Sorry for late posting of score. I’m happy overall that I posted a respectable score, was forced to use 1 of my 2 remaining trades to get 22 players to Fyfe to Fogerty was done. He will be a bench swing in mid,fwd

    I missed the start of the Thursday game so didn’t get the VC done on English or Bont. Then had the VC on discos & wanted to loop but all emergencies had played so thankfully Dawson performed well enough to cover.

    All round made some errors that could have gained me some valuable ground but had a bit on this week.



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