26 thoughts on “How Did You Go – Round 21”

  1. 2622/Oliver/was 2400

    Pretty happy really. Nailed my VC on Oliver. Only Short, Brodie, Darcy and Miller that didn’t ton up for me.


  2. 2408/Laird/ was 5900

    I can say I am reasonably happy with my score when I had only 21 playing due to Taranto being an out with concussion. Making that something like my minimum 5th player out due to concussion. Absolutely no luck this year.

    Defence once again the shocker with Dale, Blakey, Short all below 80. Steele, English, Houston and Miller the others with a sub tonne.

    Laird, Dunks, Witts, Petracca, Neale and Doc all with 120+ scores I’m real happy with.

    Looking like another doughnut next week, so let’s see if I will get any more….


  3. 2406 / Oliver / Was 4723 but expect to slide
    Well done to GB , Top Rankine , AGB and Worp the line who were too good for me in match ups .
    Some super scores but also some very average scores .
    Stewart , Tex , Merrett , Brodie, Darcy , Ridley


  4. 2447/Laird/ was 6k, will hopefully hold.

    No luck in finals this year, keep getting out of the ordinary performances from normally reliable players, this week Stewart and Keays costing me about 90 points and another 2 finals.

    Also congratulations to Miller is a Steele – Man is on fire and having been knocked out of two leagues by him over the last 2 weeks, he will be hard to stop. Go win them all mate.

    Tech team got 2414 this week to possible remain within sniffing distance if luck falls their way (unlikely given how the last 2 weeks have gone)


  5. 2515/Satan/15k pre ranks

    Usually wait for ranks to release but heading out in a few. Happy with the 2515.

    60s from Dale and Darcy stings but Saad and LDU kept it real.

    A big shout to to Tom of tomslousyteam who dropped a 2600+!


  6. 2373/Satan/ was 3047

    Won 2 of 3 Elims so 8 Prelims next week

    8 scores under 100 of which 7 were under 75


  7. 2601/Satan/was 16k
    Amazing how good it was to have internet all week and be able to manage the team. (Had no internet for about the last four rounds).
    Best score of the year all too late unfortunately. 16 tonned up with 8 above 120, with Brodie, Short and McInernery (who would have been gone weeks ago if I could have), we’re under 80
    Good luck to everyone for the last two rounds.


  8. 2465/Oliver/2500

    Laird dropping 8 points in scaling has proven costly for me in one of my league finals as it has cost me the win and forced a tie which sends my opponent through because he finished higher on the ladder. Just my luck haha


  9. 2199/Cripps/16k odd

    Where do I begin…..

    Lost all league matches (obviously)

    I have Cameron, Darcy, Keays, Brodie, McDonald & Stewart who all stunk it up this round.

    I don’t have Oliver or Laird so any round these guys blitz I am kaput.

    I have 1 trade left and will use it this week.
    With $203k in the bank I am hoping whoever I trade out will get me Oliver.
    Ideally trade out Keays since he now runs away from the ball ‘to create’ rather than just go and
    get the the damn thing.

    Still alive in a couple of leagues so fingers crossed than I am not done yet.


  10. 2553/Laird/4739

    Another solid score, 3 more than last week.

    Moved up another 868 places overall and won both my leagues.


  11. 2,286/Mills/1,755 down 668

    The curse of trading continues to hurt as the rank is going to the wrong way at the pointy end of the season.

    Only fielded 21 this week with some stinkers in there but did win 1/5 against a very unlucky BigHonkinDonks team who had the C on Merrett.

    5 prelims next week and expecting to field 21 again 🙁

    Tech team also fielded 21 but managed to climb back into top spot! Seems everyone there has run out of trades too hahaha

    Good luck for the final 2 weeks everyone.


  12. 2,484 / Oliver / 1,580s rank

    Pretty happy overall, but my two luxury upgrades have cost me about 160 points over the last two rounds (Dunkley decided to pull his finger out the past 2 rounds after 3+ rounds of garbage, and Stewart couldn’t even hit 50).


  13. 2540/Laird/ advanced 800 to 5900
    Stuffed up my loop again for about the 3rd week out of 4 and yet again Laird pulled me out of the brown smelly stuff.


  14. 2486/Oliver/230ish

    Dropped one spot overall. Screwed up a little in having Coniglio stuck on my bench and no way to get Brodie off field which cost me 40 points. Then Darcy and Merrett were also disappointing but all in all, not a bad week. Didn’t have any matchups last week so keen to get into some prelims this weekend.



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