How Supercoach Pricing Works 2021

Written by Father Dougal on March 1 2021

How Supercoach Pricing Works 2021

Hi Everybody!

Once again it’s time for the annual explanation of pricing and price changing. 

To get a player’s price, the SC Gods take each player’s average and multiply it by a number, called “The Magic Number”  to get their price. Each year that number changes. This year the magic number is, or much more likely, is very close to $5372.69. They round off the results ot the nearest $100.

Lachie Neale, 2284 points from 17 games = 134.3529 *  $5372.69 = 721,836.48 which rounds to $721,800. And looking at SC, he is indeed $721,800.  I did this for 100 or so players, yay spreadsheets, and that calculator works for all of them. Some players who didn’t play a lot of games will get a discount, which is a great way to find bargains.

For changes during the season, you take the player’s current price. Divide it into fourths. Keep three fourths. Throw away the last fourth. Then, take the average of the player’s last three scores and multiply that by the base Magic number. (BASE Magic Number, very important to use the base one.) Divide by 4.  Add that to the three fourths you saved. Round that to the nearest $100. That’s the player’s new price. 

That means that the first round score only counts once towards price changes and the second round score only counts twice. 

Another effect of the three round average is that a player who has a really good or bad score will have the maximum change from that score three rounds later. For low scores, that will be a good chance to buy and for a high score a good place to sell. I call it the “Rule of Three”.  Helpful when planning purchase and sales. 

Quick note, that $5372.69 is the “Base” magic number. It never changes. A lot of people use a current magic number which is the ave/price for each week. Why would it change? Well, that’s from deflation. The SC gods, for some ineffable reason, want the total price of every player in the game added up, to be the same each round. That means when there are more price rises than price falls, the total off all players prices would go up. So, when that happens, which is every round where there are price changes, they take the old total and divide that by the new total. Then they multiply the price of every player by that number.

This means that a player who scores exactly what he was priced to average each week would go down in price rather than stay the same, which is what would happen without deflation. It also means the breakevens that SC publishes are not 100% accurate, since they do not take deflation into account. I make a shot at it for Cow Talk projections, based on past experience. 

If you would like more in the way of numbers and long examples, I have some in last season’s write up. I’m too lazy to do a full set over again when I have other stuff I want to work on, and there is something I can link to. Like below.

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  1. Father Dougal! I was worried sick that you weren’t coming back this year, that your hamster had eaten you or something funky like that. It’s good to “hear your voice”! I’d love to Pound the Priest this year – surely you’re starting your traditional league? Let me know!


  2. Thanks heaps. I’ve actually been looking for something like this for a while. Greatly appreciated mate.



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