Wighty’s Rookie Dilemma

Written by Motts on March 1 2021

Wighty sent me an email this afternoon. Here it is:

Hey mate, wondering whether we could have a post on how punters are approaching rookies come r1. Quite frankly its doing my head in. The naming of teams on a day by day basis means rookie selection is fraught with danger.
North/Port/GWS/Saints/Eagles/and GCS all play on Sunday meaning 12 teams will already have played. Popular rookies possibly playing on Sunday include the likes of Spicer Powell Phillips Jones Wehr etc…
While we can reasonably expect several Sunday rookies to be locks, what happens if punters come to Sunday, and they are limited in rookies still to play i.e punters still need say 5 rookies, but only three are selected ??
I think the answer is where possible go hard on rookies in the first six games, as they are named. Reckon Flynn is the only 100% lock for Sunday.
I’m going to have my preferred rookies for the first six matches down on paper and include them as final teams are announced… Rookies remaining  in my “starting” team will only be from Sunday teams, highly unlikely to play, and swapped out  as Sunday playing rookies become known.  I’ll initially go with Flynn and one only of the North boys on Sunday, leaving at least two other Kangas as back up, plus rookies named from other Sunday teams.
Does this make sense, or am I rambling a bit ??

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13 thoughts on “Wighty’s Rookie Dilemma”

  1. I think he makes some very good points and whoever really nails their rookies will be miles ahead of the pack. As for my rookie selection Ive got my set and forgets locked in and am leaving it as late as possible to finish building my team because honestly I have no idea


  2. WARNING FOR ALL COACHES: For all coaches thinking or hoping to make last minute changes to their rookies read the help information in the leagues’ format in the “IMPORTANT” note.
    I got stung last year trying to make a trade before a rolling lockout that wasn’t even affecting the players involved in the game.
    I traded out a player about 5min before the start of a game and entered his replacement, however it took a while to be accepted in the system.
    When I finally got confirmation it was processed, the game had already started and hence got booted out of all my existing leagues.
    SO READ THIS IMPORTANT NOTE and see if you can fully understand it……coz I still can’t.


    1. To save everyone looking for it, here is the note Chameleon references:
      Teams are entered in leagues on a provisional basis and are finalised at the round 1 rolling lockout and each round thereafter. You can leave/change between leagues at any time until your league’s first rolling lockout. Once leagues are finalised, you can no longer change, create or join new leagues.
      Your team must contain a complete list of 30 players at the upcoming round’s rolling lockout in order to remain in your league. Any incomplete teams at the time of rolling lockout will be REMOVED from their league without notice and replaced permanently (applies to private and public leagues).
      If your league is INCOMPLETE prior to the start of any round, then it will be merged with another, or filled with random teams and finalised. Anyone already in your league will remain there.
      If joining the game after round 1, your team will still be a part of a league for the remainder of the season, however you may not get the opportunity to play against every other team in your league.


  3. The chat is we can be confident about Jones, but otherwise think its just gonna have to be a case of playing the bird in the hand when players are confirmed in on Thurs-Sat.


  4. Thanks Motts,

    The thing that is confusing is this happened “not at the first rolling lockout”.
    It happened before a later game to replace a late team change.
    So good luck with selections and be very careful.


  5. Hello Whitey.

    I’m hoping we get a kinda heads up, through social / general media.

    The clubs ( read marketing departments ) like to announce when, Kids / Recruits are playing their first games.
    Sometimes after training Thursday, or the Friday night if they play Sunday.
    Who doesn’t like seeing some kid having his hair messed up.

    Hopefully we have a better idea of most of who’s likely to debut, sometime Friday night.

    Best of luck , we are all going to need it..


  6. I would budget on no more than 5 Sunday rookies or cow like objects. It could likely be as low as 4.

    If we fail to get even that many, it is important not to panic. A well researched rookie is at least a useful emergency loophole. A last minute random is poison.

    I have a list of at least 3 alternate rookies for each position bar the ruck (2).

    If the rookies named do not match those names then I will go with the loophole, so long as I can field 22.


  7. I think we will all be restructuring our sides at the last minute. I can see very few rookies in backline that will get a game. If say only 2 names we will need 5 premiums in the backline. Good luck organising that at last minute. Be prepared.
    Will find out more in pre season games, usually a couple pop up with any luck.


    1. Plenty of early prospects but Powell looks the only lock. Walker in def will now be my c loop. Just gotta hope other options present come r1.



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