How To Spend Every Cent

Written by Motts on February 16 2012

Had a team emailed to me today that spends every single dollar they give you (ie it adds up to $10m exactly). And its pretty good. Check it out:


Goddard, Shaw, Fisher, Grimes, Buntine, Clarke, Ellis, Smedts, Morris


Ablett, Dal Santo, Murphy, Selwood, Robinson, Barlow, Golds, Treloar


McEvoy, Giles, Witts, Stephenson


Franklin, Rioli, Martin, Christensen, Pfeiffer, Saad, Walsh, Kerridge, Rowe


Clearly they’ve gone the 3 rookie ruck strategy which will impact their score a bit but a gold-plated midfield like that tends to wallpaper over a lot of holes. Looks as though they’re also lining themselves up to take a dive in R13. Clearly this person is thinking ahead.

Its mostly guns and rookies with a couple of midpricers (read: potential bargains) thrown in for good measure.

What do you think of it?



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15 thoughts on “How To Spend Every Cent”

  1. I am thinking that the 1 prem 3 rook strategy in the rucks is not going to work. From all reports up in GWS is that Brogan smashed Giles and Brogan is crap. That will leave the Big O and will he get the game time over West and Hawkins? I may be wrong but I hope I am not and my option of 2 prem rucks will win out in the end.
    Bloody nice midfield though.


  2. Hi guys, not sure if this was worth a new thread. Also it’s my first post. Great site with some awesome footy chatter and banter.
    Question that is killing me.
    Joel Selwood vs Marc Murphy (I am a geelong fan, but fairly unbias for SC).
    Furthermore what do you guys think of……

    Selwood/Murphy, Pavlich, Didak
    Shuey, Martin, Robinson?

    Cheers to the footy season!


  3. Godd shaw birch heppel clarke mohr smedts bugg brown

    Gaz murph selwood Hayes McDonald Mitchell docherty pfeiffer

    Berger mcevoy Giles big o

    Buddy goodes fyfe cloke Christensen Zorko Walsh treloar crozier.

    Rookies are interchangeable given they are mostly all the same price.

    Will probably change another 386 times come round 1.


  4. Thanks Motts much appreciated mate. Only my second year of fantast footy and hearing that helps me see im on the right track at least. Wasn’t sold on cloke, thought his best was behind him. Then found out he is only 24. Still has improving to do, very scary thought. The Byes have me worried though. I’m going for league win $1000 first prize and have no clue how I’m gonna deal with it.


  5. G’day Motts,

    I’ve accidentally managed to do the same. Your thoughts?

    Defenders: Goddard, Scotland, Malceski, Selwood, Smedts, Bugg, Morris, Spurr, Brown (Not convinced on Spurr or Brown at this stage)

    Midfielders: Ablett, Rockliff, Deledio, Chapman, Lucas, Mitchell, Zorko, Shiel (again may change Zorko & Shiel depending on how they’re looking getting closer)

    Ruck: Cox, Stephensen, Giles, Rowe

    Forwards: Franklin, Goodes, Fyfe, Roughead, Martin, Brown, Walsh, Paine, Panos (not sure on Roughead’s achilles, but would like to keep him if possible to retain the flexibility of having both him & Rowe being Fwd/Ruck)



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