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Mitch Hinge (hip) Test after not playing at any level last weekend. Was a close call so is expected to return this week.

Andrew McPherson (hamstring) 1 -2 weeks.

Zac Taylor (thumb) 3-4 weeks. Broke his thumb in the SANFL. “Zac unfortunately injured his thumb in a contest, there’s a small fracture there but it’s pretty well aligned and we don’t think at this stage it will need any surgery so we anticipate he’ll be three to four weeks away,” Adelaide High Performance Manager Darren Burgess

Paul Seedsman (concussion) Indefinite.

Rory Sloane (knee) Season after rupturing the ACL in his right knee.


Brisbane :

Keidean Coleman (hamstring) Available.

Eric Hipwood (knee) 6-8 weeks.



Oscar McDonald (back) Training this week and will undergo another fitness test to determine his availability to play football this weekend. 

Josh Honey (knee) Test. Expected to return via VFL.

Patrick Cripps (hamstring) Test.

Caleb Marchbank (knee) 1-2 weeks.

Ed Curnow (knee) 1-2 weeks.

Mitch McGovern (hamstring) 1-2 weeks.

David Cuningham (knee) 8-12 weeks.



Darcy Cameron (ribs) Test

Jordan Roughead (finger) 2-3 weeks

Beau McCreery (hip) Test.

Brody Mihocek (H&S protocols) Test.

Jack Ginnivan (soreness) Test.

Trey Ruscoe ( Plantaris) 1 week.

Nathan Murphy (ankle) 4 weeks.

Charlie Dean (foot) 4-5 weeks.

Ash Johnson (hamstring) 8 weeks.

Jamie Elliott (shoulder) 8-10 weeks



Will Snelling (Calf) 3-4 weeks

Zach Merrett (ankle) 3-4 weeks.

Kyle Langford (Hamstring) 4-6 weeks.

Michael Hurley (hip) Indefinite

James Stewart (Calf) 2-3 weeks

Jake Stringer (hamstring) 1-2 weeks

Patrick Voss (foot stress) TBC

Andrew Phillips (Hamstring)  TBC



Lachie Schultz (H&S protocols) TBC

Sam Sturt (knee) Test.

Matthew Johnson (Foot/ankle) 3-4 weeks

Nat Fyfe (back) 4 weeks

Joel Western (hamstring) TBC

Connor Blakely (health and safety protocols) TBC


Geelong :

Jed Bews (shoulder) TBC

Jon Ceglar (Foot)  8-12 weeks.

Gary Rohan ( Back and hip)  8-12 weeks.

Sam Simpson (concussion) TBC

James Willis (knee) TBC.

Flynn Kroeger (hip) one week.

Toby Conway (hip) TBC.

 Jack Henry (foot) TBC

Sam Menegola (concussion) Test

Quinton Narkle (ankle) Test.

Cameron Guthrie (leg) Corked leg. Test

Gold Coast:

Charlie Constable (concussion) TBC.

Jack Lukosius (knee) Test.

Jack Bowes (shoulder) 2 weeks.

Joel Jeffrey (groin)  2-3 weeks

Ben King (knee) Season.

Bodhi Uwland (back)  Indefinite

Mabior Chol (Adductor) Test.



Isaac Cumming (H&S protocols) Test.

Conor Stone (hamstring) 1-2 weeks.

Zach Sproule (shoulder) 2 weeks

Brent Daniels (foot)  2-4 weeks

Daniel Lloyd (shoulder) 5-7 weeks

Jacob Hopper (knee) 8-12 weeks

Phil Davis (hamstring) 8-10 weeks

Jack Buckley (knee) 12-16 weeks



Chad Wingard (calf) Test.

 Lachie Bramble (Foot) Test.

Will Day (concussion) Test.

Ben McEvoy (neck) 10 weeks.

Ned Reeves (shoulder) TBC.



Blake Howes (foot) 8-10 weeks

Michael Hibberd (calf) 1 week.

Daniel Turner (foot) 3-4 weeks

Christian Salem (knee)  4-5 weeks


North Melbourne:

Ben Cunnington  (Testicular cancer)  Indefinite

Aaron Hall (hamstring) 3-4 weeks.

Cameron Zurhaar (concussion) Test.

Tarryn Thomas (Internal bruising) Test.

Phoenix Spicer ( Hamstring) 2-3 weeks.

Jared Polec (foot) 5-6 weeks

Jed Anderson (conditioning) One week.

Jack Mahony (Ankle) Test.


Port Adelaide:

Ollie Wines (heart) TBC.

Xavier Duursma (Neck/shoulder)  test.

Scott Lycett (shoulder) 12 weeks

Josh Sinn (groin) 2-3 weeks

Orazio Fantasia (knee) 4- 6 weeks

Trent McKenzie (knee) TBC

Charlie Dixon (Ankle) TBC.

Lachie Jones (H&S protocols) Test.



Josh Caddy (Hamstring) 4-6 weeks. Hamstring injury in the VFL.

Dylan Grimes (Hamstring) 1-2 weeks

Dustin Martin (personal) TBC

Tom Brown (H&S protocols) 1-2 weeks.

Noah Cumberland (knee) Test.

Hugo Ralpsmith (ribs) 1-2 weeks.


St Kilda:

Jarryn Geary (concussion) Test.

Jack Higgins (concussion) Test.

Jack Billings (Hamstring) 1-2 weeks.

Hunter Clark (shoulder) 1-2 weeks.

Dan Hannebery (calf) 5-7 weeks.

Nick Coffield (ACL) Season.

Zak Jones (H&S protocols) one week.

Paddy Ryder (Suspension) Round 7.

Jimmy Webster (H&S protocols)  Test.

Tom Campbell (H&S protocols) One week.



Tom Papley ( Hamstring) One week.

Lance Franklin (finger) Test.

Tom Hickey (knee) 4 weeks.

Sam Naismith (knee) Season.

Colin O’Riordan (eye) TBC.

Robbie Fox (hamstring) TBC.


West Coast:

Zane Trew (shin) one week. Likely via WAFL.

Andrew Gaff (ankle) 1 week.

Oscar Allen (foot) TBC. Wearing a moonboot after setback.

Tom Joyce (ankle) TBC.

Dom Sheed (ankle) 3- 4 weeks.

Nic Naitanui (knee) 8-12 weeks medial ligament knee injury.

Campbell Chesser (ankle) Inactive

Tom Cole (ankle) Inactive

Jeremy McGovern  (H&S protocols) TBC.Comes out of isolation on Thursday.

Jack Petruccelle (H&S protocols) Available.

Connor West (hip) Test.


Western Bulldogs:

Riley Garcia (knee) TBC.

Jordon Sweet (concussion) Test.

Laith Vandermeer (hamstring)  1-2 weeks

Dominic Bedendo (hand) 1-2 weeks

Jason Johannisen (calf) 2-3 weeks.

Alex Keath (hamstring) 3-5 weeks

Sam Darcy (foot) 5-7 weeks.

Josh Bruce (knee)  7-11 weeks

Toby McLean (knee)  9-11 weeks

Lachie Hunter (personal) TBC.




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  1. Zach Merrett – “The settling after that surgery is the most important part and he’s in a really good spot. He’s up running, starting some offline (agility) work this week and we’ll see him sooner rather than later.”
    Head of HP Sean Murph



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