Injuries Rd 11

Written by Chaos Theory on May 31 2022


Luke Brown (H&S protocols) One week.

Jordon Butts (Concussion) One week.

Josh Rachele (corked thigh) Test.

Rory Sloane (knee) Season 

Paul Seedsman (concussion) Ongoing



Joe Daniher  (shoulder) 2-3 weeks  Likely to return after the bye.

Kai Lohmann (ankle)  1-2 weeks

Hugh McCluggage (hamstring) Test. Only has to train Wednesday and pull up well to play



 David Cuningham (knee) TBC.

Ed Curnow (calf) 2-4 weeks

Caleb Marchbank (Knee) One week.

Matt Kennedy (Quad) One week.

Oscar McDonald (back) Season

Mitch McGovern (hamstring) 6-8 weeks

Harry McKay (knee) 3 weeks.

Alex Mirkov (ankle) 1-2 weeks

Jacob Weitering (shoulder) 6 weeks.

Luke Parks (foot) 9 weeks

Marc Pittonet (knee) 5-7 weeks

Zac Williams (calf) 8-10 weeks



Charlie Dean (foot) 3-4 weeks.

Brodie Grundy (knee) 4-6 weeks.

Ash Johnson (hamstring) 1-2 weeks

Will Kelly (hip) Test.

Nathan Kreuger (shoulder) Season

Jack Madgen (shoulder) 4 weeks.

Tom Wilson (back) Season



Nik Cox (foot) 8-10 weeks.

Matt Guelfi (hamstring) Test

Michael Hurley (Hip)  Indefinite

Kyle Langford (hamstring) Test

Will Snelling (calf) 1-2 weeks.

Jake Stringer (hamstring) Test

Patrick Voss (foot) 2-3 weeks



Nat Fyfe (back) – Test

Joel Western (hamstring) – 3-4 weeks

Nathan O’Driscoll (foot) – TBA

Jye Amiss (kidney) – Season

Sam Switkowski (Suspended) One week

Matt Taberner (Back) One week.



Jon Ceglar (foot) 2 weeks.

Patrick Dangerfield (calf) 2 weeks

Jack Henry (foot) 2 weeks.

Shaun Higgins (General soreness) Test

Max Holmes (ankle) TBC.

Flynn Kroeger (wrist) TBC.

Sam Menegola (Knee) Test.

Esava Ratugolea (ankle) 3 weeks.

Sam Simpson (concussion) TBC.

Rhys Stanley (ankle) Test.

Nick Stevens (foot) TBC.

Paul Tsapatolis (ankle) Test

Gary Rohan (hamstring) Test


Gold Coast:

Josh Corbett (hip) 3 weeks.

Jy Farrar (concussion) Test.

Ben King (knee) Season.

Jack Lukosius (knee) 4 weeks.

Rory Thompson (knee) 3 weeks.

Bodhi Uwland (back) Indefinite



Jack Buckley (knee) 4-6 weeks

Finn Callaghan (shoulder) Test.

Brent Daniels (hamstring) 3-5 weeks

Phil Davis (hamstring) 1-2 weeks.

Jacob Hopper (knee) 3-5 weeks.

Daniel Lloyd (arm) 1-2 weeks.

Conor Stone (hamstring) TBC.

Tim Taranto (back) Test.

Lachie Whitfield (Ankle) Test.

Josh Fahey (shoulder) Season.

Bobby Hill (Testicular cancer) Indefinite.   Wishing him well.

Callan Ward (Concussion) One week.



Josh Ward (concussion) Test.

Tyler Brockman (Shoulder) season

Jack Gunston (Ankle) 4 weeks.

Emerson Jeka (hamstring) 4 weeks.

Max Lynch (Concussion) Test.

Ben McEvoy (Neck) TBC.

Tom Phillips (Ankle) 4 weeks.

Ned Reeves (Shoulder) Test.

Jack Scrimshaw (Concussion) 1-2 weeks.

Jaeger O’Meara (Hamstring) One week.


Melbourne :

Ed Langdon (ribs) Test.

Christian Salem (knee) Test.

James Harmes (hamstring) Test.

Joel Smith (foot) 5-7 weeks.

Blake Howes (foot) 6-8 weeks.

Steven May (Concussion) 1-2 weeks.

Tom McDonald (Ankle) Test.


North Melbourne:

Miller Bergman (Shoulder) Season.

Aiden Bonar (Hamstring) 1-2 weeks.

Charlie Comben (Knee) 5-6 weeks.

Ben Cunnington  (Testicular cancer)  Indefinite

Eddie Ford (Ankle) 1 week.

Aaron Hall (Hamstring) 1-2 weeks.

Jack Mahony (Ankle) TBC.

Ben McKay (Knee) Test.

Will Phillips (Illness) Indefinite

Jared Polec (Foot) 1 – 2 weeks.

Phoenix Spicer (Hamstring) Test

Cam Zurhaar (Foot) 2 weeks.

Callum Coleman-Jones (Quad) Test.


Port Adelaide:

Orazio Fantasia (quad) Assess

Scott Lycett  (shoulder) 6-7 weeks

Trent McKenzie (knee) 1 week

Jake Pasini (knee) season

Josh Sinn (groin) 7-9 weeks.

Sam Skinner (concussion) 1 week



Noah Balta (Hamstring)  1-2 weeks

Kane Lambert (Hip) 1-2 weeks

Tom Lynch (Hamstring)  2-3 weeks


St Kilda :

Nick Coffield (knee) Season

Dan Hannebery (calf) Indefinite

Jack Hayes (knee) Season

Jack Higgins (Concussion/H&S protocols) Test.

Jack Steele (Shoulder) 4 weeks.

Hunter Clark (H&S protocols) Available.



Josh Kennedy (hamstring) 8 weeks.

Harry Cunningham (Abdominal) TBC.

Sam Naismith (knee) season

Angus Sheldrick (knee) 2 weeks.

Tom Hickey (Toe) Test.



Inactive – Oscar Allen (Foot), Campbell Chesser (Ankle), Tom Cole (Ankle) and Luke Edwards (Groin) 

Tom Joyce (Ankle) 5-6 weeks.

Zac Langdon (Ankle) TBC.

Nic Naitanui (Knee) 5-6 weeks.

Xavier O’Neill (Knee) 3-4 weeks.

Jack Petruccelle (Hamstring) 1-2 weeks

Willie Rioli (Hamstring) 1-2 weeks

Liam Ryan (Hamstring) 1 week.

Luke Strnadica (calf) Test.

Jeremy McGovern (Back) Test.


Western Bulldogs :

Riley Garcia (Knee): Test.

Stefan Martin (Shoulder): Test.

Josh Bruce (Knee): 3-4 weeks

Toby McLean (Knee): 3-4weeks

Laitham Vandermeer (Hamstring): 4-5  weeks

Lachie Hunter (Personal): indefinite



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