Injuries Rd 15

Written by Chaos Theory on June 20 2023


 Tom Doedee  Knee  Season
 Andrew McPherson  Quad  6 weeks
 Zac Taylor  Foot  6 weeks


 Darcy Gardiner  Quad  TBC
 Rhys Mathieson  Hamstring  3 weeks
 Hugh McCluggage  Concussion  Test
 Carter Michael  Quad  1-2 weeks
 Dayne Zorko  Calf  Test


Matt Cottrell  Suspension  Round 17
 Corey Durdin  Knee  3-4 weeks
 Sam Durdin  Hamstring  Test
 Ollie Hollands  Collarbone  5 weeks
 Caleb Marchbank  Soreness  1 week
 Alex Mirkov  Heart  Season
 Sam Philp  Foot  Season
 Zac Williams  Knee  Season


Dan McStay has suffered an infection in his finger which was operated on in late April for a ruptured flexor tendon.

Charlie Dean  Foot  Season
 Jamie Elliott  Shoulder  Test
 Jeremy Howe  Forearm  TBC
 Dan McStay  Finger  TBC
 Joe Richards  Hamstring  Test
 Steele Sidebottom  Knee  1-2 weeks


Jayden Davey  Knee  Season
 Sam Draper  Hip  TBC
 Harrison Jones  Ankle  Season
 Darcy Parish  Calf  Test
 Zach Reid  Hamstring  Test
 Will Setterfield  Foot  2 weeks
 Dylan Shiel  Foot  TBC
 James Stewart  Foot  3 weeks


Sean Darcy (hamstring) – Test

“We’re all excited for Sean’s return. He had a really good football simulation session on Saturday and got through,” “The plan will be for him to get through training this week and play.”

James Aish (concussion) – Test “He’s got to get through his final tick off for training on Wednesday,” “The plan is for him to be out there on the weekend.”

Will Brodie (ankle) – Test “It’s been a little bit slower than we thought (with Brodie),” “It’s clearly turned the corner this week, so we’ll see him doing most of training this week and play on the weekend.”

Michael Frederick (ankle) – Test “We’re just watching that ankle pretty closely in the early part of this week. “The plan is for him to be training on Wednesday and we’ll see how it behaves after that.”

Matthew Johnson has been given the all clear after appearing sore when he was subbed off against the Giants.“It was just a hip pointer, he was clearly hampered during the game,” “It’s pulled up really well. The plan is for him to be training this week.”

Eric Benning (patella tendon) – Test
Heath Chapman (hamstring) – 1-2 weeks
Matt Taberner (back) – TBA


Rhys Stanley has been missing since the Round 5 clash with West Coast but returned through the VFL on Friday night, picking up 12 touches, 30 hit outs and four clearances. “Rhys played three quarters of football and did a bit of top up running at the very end and we expect Rhys to be available this week,”

“Obviously it’s been a long period of time with Rhys’s recovery from a facial fracture but great to have him back.”

Tanner Bruhn suffered a shoulder injury and was able to play out the game. Has trained strongly today and we expect him to be available this week.”

Oisin Mullin missed with an adductor last week  He has trained strongly today and we expect him to be available this week.”

Sam Menegola and Shannon Neale will both see VFL action this Friday night against Casey. “Sam’s obviously come back from a long lay off with knee arthroscopes and Shannon Neale with ankle surgery, but they’ll both return this week and play some VFL football,”

Patrick Dangerfield’s return to play timetable is yet to be determined as he makes his way back from rib and lung injuries suffered against Port Adelaide last Thursday night.

Esava Ratugolea and Jonanthan Ceglar have both been training this week, but  it’s too early to tell as to when they can be expected back, other than to say Ratugolea is ‘very close’.


Joel Jeffrey  Foot  6-8 weeks
 Lloyd Johnston  Face  Test
 Touk Miller  Knee  3 weeks
 Lachie Weller  Knee  Test

Charlie Constable sustained a concussion and has entered the 12-day concussion protocol.

 Touk Miller (knee) “He’ll be on the early side of his return. He’ll be in discussion within 3-4 weeks I reckon. I think he’ll come to hand pretty quick. I don’t think he’ll play VFL. He’ll be ready.” Stuart Dew


Brent Daniels  Hamstring  1 week
 Phil Davis  Calf  1-2 weeks
 Jason Gillbee  Concussion  Test
 Cooper Hamilton  Foot  TBC
 Nick Haynes  Ankle  TBC
 Jesse Hogan  Calf  TBC
 Darcy Jones  Knee  Season
 Adam Kennedy  Knee  Season
 Braydon Preuss  Back  TBC
 Lachie Whitfield  Suspension  Round 17


Changkuoth Jiath Calf Test Round 15
Sam Frost Foot Available Round 15
Luke Breust Quad Available Round 15
Jack O’Sullivan Groin Unavailable Round 16-17
Max Lynch Concussion Unavailable TBC

Changkuoth Jiath “The plan was to fully train this week, then assess. I still think this weekend has a question mark on it, in terms of playing,”

“He still has some slight awareness in the area, in his calf, it does involve a little bit of his Achilles attachment, and that’s what slowed us up, so there’s a little bit of tendon involvement.”


Tom McDonald  Ankle  5-7 weeks
 Clayton Oliver  Hamstring/Infection  Test
 Harrison Petty  Foot  Test
 Kye Turner  Groin  TBC

Clayton Oliver. “He’s doing really well; he’s integrated back into training over this week. He still does have a few more things to tick off to be available for Thursday night but he’s heading in the right direction.” Dr Laura Lallenec, Melb FC


Aiden Bonar  Knee  3-4 weeks
 Charlie Comben  Ankle  5 weeks
 Luke Davies-Uniacke  Hamstring  1 week
 Brayden George  Knee  Season
 Josh Goater  Knee  1 week
 Jack Mahony  Shoulder  Season


Tom Clurey  Back  2-4 weeks
 Xavier Duursma  Knee  2-3 weeks
 Mitch Georgiades  Knee  Season
 Lachie Jones  Jaw  3 weeks
 Brynn Teakle  Foot  8 weeks


 Seth Campbell  Adductor  4-6 weeks
 Mate Colina  Back  7-12 weeks
 Noah Cumberland  Calf  Test
 Josh Gibcus  Hamstring  4-6 weeks
 Jacob Hopper  Calf  Test
 Tom Lynch  Foot  7-12 weeks
 Rhyan Mansell  Suspension  Round 18
 Samson Ryan  Ankle  TBC
 Kaleb Smith  Ankle  Season
 Robbie Tarrant  Hip  Indefinite


Matt Allison  Foot  4-6 weeks
 Jack Billings  Hamstring  Test
 Hunter Clark  Knee  2-4 weeks
 Nick Coffield  Calf  4-6 weeks
 Jack Hayes  Hamstring  3-5 weeks
 Zak Jones  Achilles  Test
 Dan McKenzie  Calf  Test
 Angus McLennan  Back  2-4 weeks
 Tim Membrey  Knee  TBC


Lance Franklin  Knee  Test
 Isaac Heeney  Concussion  Test
 Peter Ladhams  Ankle  2-4 weeks
 Paddy McCartin  Concussion  Season
 Tom McCartin  Concussion  Test
 Logan McDonald  Ankle  2-4 weeks
 Callum Mills  Calf  1 week
 Sam Reid  Hamstring  Season
 Matt Roberts  Knee  2-4 weeks
 Marc Sheather  Foot  Season
 Sam Wicks  Suspension  Round 17


Jake Waterman has been discharged from hospital

Jordyn Baker  Hamstring  1 week
 Tom Barrass  Hip  Test
 Coby Burgiel  Hamstring  TBC
 Tom Cole  Ankle  3-4 weeks
 Jamie Cripps  Ankle  3-4 weeks
 Jai Culley  Knee  Season
 Harry Edwards  Groin  TBC
 Luke Foley  Hamstring  TBC
 Shannon Hurn  Hamstring  Test
 Callum Jamieson  Hip  TBC
 Jamaine Jones  Ankle  5-7 weeks
 Jeremy McGovern  Hamstring  Test
 Nic Naitanui  Achilles  Season
 Liam Ryan  Hamstring  5 weeks
 Jake Waterman  Infection  TBC
 Connor West  Knee  TBC
 Isiah Winder  Knee  3-4 weeks


Sam Darcy (jaw) – Test
Riley Garcia (groin) – Test
Dom Bedendo (groin) – Test
Ed Richards (hamstring) – 3-4 weeks
Harvey Gallagher (finger) – 3-4 weeks
Jason Johannisen (hamstring) – 4-5 weeks
Toby McLean (lower back) – 4-6 weeks
Tim O’Brien (hamstring) – 8-9 weeks
Liam Jones (forearm) – 8-10 weeks
Hayden Crozier (hamstring) – 8-10 weeks
Roarke Smith (foot) – Indefinite

Liam Jones “Liam received a kick to his forearm – this trauma has caused two separate breaks in the radius bone,” Bulldogs’ Head of Sports Medicine, Chris Bell, said.

“He had surgery yesterday to insert a large plate along his forearm to stabilise both fractures.

“We will confirm his return to play timeline over the coming weeks, but expect him to miss the next 8-10 games.”

Tim O’Brien and Hayden Crozier will also be sidelined for the next two months, after both sustained hamstring injuries in their respective matches.

“Both Tim in the AFL game and Hayden in the VFL game sustained hamstring injuries,” Bell said.

“Scans confirmed that they have both suffered moderate to high grade injuries, that will see them miss the next few months of football.”

Sam Darcy (jaw), Riley Garcia (groin) and Dom Bedendo (groin) are on track to exit the rehab group.

“Sam, Dom and Riley all have some boxes to tick over the next 10 days,” Bell said.

“We are optimistic that they remain on track to return to availability for the game following our midseason break.”


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5 thoughts on “Injuries Rd 15”

  1. Constable sustained a concussion and entered the 12 day concussion protocol.
    I was trying to think of something funny to post about his unavailability………but I have nothing


      1. “Charlie was concussed in the VFL game but is feeling much better now,”

        “We’ll just take every precaution with Charlie and progress him through as we do with all our concussions, and he’ll miss this week.”

        GC SUNS Head Physiotherapist Lindsay Bull


  2. Sam Edmund (SEN) on Clayton Oliver: “I’m told he’s a 50/50 chance of playing tomorrow. It’s a flip of the coin.”



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