25 thoughts on “Last Minute Queries – Round 12”

    1. Has been coming back into contention and looks a chance to get a game in the coming weeks so I would hold


    1. Depends on your bye, for most people round 14 is looking tough so if that’s the case for your team, I’d avoid TU


  1. Keep in mind, I’ve put the people with byes on the bench. So if you’re wondering why some premos are on the bench here, that’s why. Might be copping a few donuts this week. Last week’s trades were Warner & Scott > Madden and Weightman.
    Any trade advice/feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    DEF: Mills, Laird, Lloyd, Stewart, Short, Highmore (Kosi, L.Jones)
    MID: Oliver, Macrae, Walsh, ZMerrett, Jordon, Poulter, RCD, Byrnes (Titch, Brockman, Downie)
    RUC: Grundy, Gawn (Flynn)
    FWD: Martin, Rowe, Weightman, Waterman, Madden, Treacy (Ziebell, Impey)

    15 trades left, $314,500 ITB


  2. Was Trading Kozchie to Bianco
    But possible fixture change for
    West-coast vs Richmond will leave me in all sorts for round 14 if it goes ahead .

    T/ u Keep Kozchie ( 20 on field )
    T/d trade in Bianco (21 on field including Jordon as Laird can be switched to Backline )


  3. Currently have 17 on field. Must win game against opponent who will only have 17 onfield. 14 trades left
    TU: Highmore to Bianco, Flynn to CCJ (keeping Grundy) – 19 on field $279K
    TD: Highmore Heeney (DPP), Flynn to CCJ – 19 on field $3K

    Comment: Highmore to Bianco only


    1. Rowe should be able to grab his 59 BE v Pies at home (comfortably, you’d think), but if you want Heeney this is your last chance. 25 BE.


  4. I’m holding Grundy, for obvious reasons. I have 19 playing this week already, and have Flynn on the pine. Assuming the WCE v Tigers game doesn’t get changed, I’ll have 17 playing next week, and 18 in R14 without any trades. With that in mind, who should I trade Flynn to:

    TU: Reeves – makes no difference to this week but gives me cover through the remaining bye rounds
    TD: CCJ – gives me an extra player this week but gives me less coverage over R13 and R14

    Cheers legends


    1. Good morning Kieran.

      Do you have Bianco already ?

      I’m going Bianco this week and Flynn next week.

      I like CCJ , I’m just waiting to get confirmation on the Tigers Bye.

      My plan was to get him R14 on the bubble. This may go out the window.
      I think if they move the Tigers WC game forward , they will allow 5 trades R14 and give us an extra 2 trades.

      It’s a mission for me to get 18 on field R14 anyway. If you add Dusty . Short . ( I will trade RCD ) and possibly CCJ, even with extra trades I’m screwed.

      I guess I’m saying If you need to go early, Bianco and Flynn are preferable to CCJ. Although Its very tempting to have him on field this week, I can field 19 and it will almost certainly mean a donut down the road.

      I think we may know more before the Tigers play tonight.

      Best of luck for the rest of the weekend.


      1. Yep – park any trades of Tigers / Weagles players until we have more info I think.

        Not ideal going a rookie early – look at Madden – but it would seem that with Pies issues they should be giving their rookies a good go at it and Bianco looked involved last week.


      2. Gday FT.

        I do already have Bianco (Kozi to Bianco already locked in this week).

        When you’re referring to Flynn, are you meaning Reeves? My thought on going to Reeves this week it doesn’t affect my bye structure and it means I have more trades for the next 2 bye rounds if needed.

        Appreciate the thoughts on CCJ from both you and Macca. Makes sense to wait!


        1. Sorry K , meant Reeves.

          I see a heap of players going early on both Reeves and Bianco.

          I guess if you have plans for all three trades next week, going early on Reeves too, is not the end of the world.

          Best of luck either way.


  5. Next weeks trades:

    Jiath to Bianco
    Rowe to Coleman-Jones
    Warner to Bolton

    T/U – Yes
    T/D – No



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