46 thoughts on “Last Minute Queries – Round 15”

  1. Really torn on midfield upgrades. Clarry & Mills were my targets, but obviously can’t go this week. Best option:

    T/U – Titchell
    T/D – Merrett

    If I go TD, I’ll be priced out of Oliver


  2. T/u ridley
    T/d yeo

    I’ll have 9 trades left after this trade and either 30k or 130k in bank. Will still have 2 rookies to upgrade excluding sheezel, humphries (plus have steele in midfield)


  3. S Mitchell to Windhager
    10 trades 3 upgrades 19k in bank before this.
    Gives 120k cash to set up an upgrade next week.

    TU: good trade
    TD: rethink


  4. I need a M/F rookie

    TU : Sheldrick
    TD : Windhager
    Don’t really want to spend that much but not much else out there.


  5. Atkins dropped..

    TU: sheldrick
    TD: windhager

    Is windhager only in for Clark whose listed as back in 2-4?


  6. Disregarding byes, if you had to pick a ruck 2 for the remainder of the year would it be
    Marshall TU
    Briggs TD


    1. I should also add keeping Briggs this week allows me to potentially upgrade
      Ashcroft to Premo
      Seamus to Himmelburg as D7/F7


  7. Would love some thoughts on what I should do this week, as I’m in a bit of strife with only 15 playing.

    Current team below before trades. *= bye
    15 Trades left (Three boosts), $47.7k ITB
    Def: Daicos, Stewart, Dawson, Lloyd, Weddle, S.Mitchell (Cincotta*, Constable)
    Mid: Oliver, Bont*, Laird, ZMerrett, Macrae*, Green*, Steele, Humphrey (Wardlaw*, Davey, McLean)
    Rucks: Marshall, Gawn (Madden)
    Fwd: Dunkley, Taranto*, Rozee*, Cogs*, D.Cameron, JVR (Sheezel*, Ford *)


    1. I think the trick here is who would you like in your team going forward.
      Weddle and Mitchell money to make.
      Davey, Constable and McLean not playing.
      With 15 trades left I would do 4 trades which would include Sheezel and Ford plus some of the above and add a premo and a rare gem.


  8. Sturt to Windhager.
    TU: Yes gives me 18 on the field this week.
    TD: No. Leaves me with 7 trades and what is JS.


    1. This one is dependent on team and cause you have Marshall and Witts playing for you already, I’d get rid of Briggs cause at least Sheezel will be points on field in future weeks while Briggs will be a constant guess about which of your three rucks should be benched


      1. Thanks Johhno. Is Hewett best option to downgrade to, already have Maric? It was either him or Harrison.

        Yeah I was thinking nextweek though I would hold Briggs and trade one of Witts/RoMo. Is that silly? Should I just trade Briggs this week?


      2. Or he could just trade out one of Witts/Marshall next week and move Briggs to R2. Strengthen another line.


  9. Sturt to Sheldrick worth a trade? Aiming for a rookie M/F. Would rather that than a straight mid or forward rookie.
    TU – yes
    TD – don’t bother.


  10. T/U – Davey, Wardlaw & Ford to Cameron, Hewett & Maric.

    Let’s me move Marshall & Johnson next week for 2 mid upgrades – targeting Libba & Walsh/Mills, also leaving S.Mitchell & Fyfe as cover with 5 trades

    T/D – Wardlaw, Ford, & Briggs to Serong/Titch, Maric & Cameron

    Last upgrade will be to Libba or Oliver but will have no defensive cover

    Leaning to T/U with better options coming off their byes


  11. Really lost here and pleading for help…

    T/U Cincotta and A. Davey out for Yeo and Maric (via DPP) ; (completes my blackline with a dodgey Yeo and keeps the North players for cash generation), or

    T/D Ford and T.Thomas out for Laird and Maric (losses the North cash generation though completes my midfield, gains Laird; whom my opponent just traded in)


  12. My 15th, 16th, 17th & 18th players this week are Mitchell, Fyfe, Melican & Windhager.

    Windhager has already dropped a 50, which is ok and a decent rookie score. Hoping the other 3 can do better.

    As a backup, was looking to trade in a 19th player.

    TU: Sheldrick
    TD: Harrison

    Wasn’t keen on Maric until he has played 2 games.


    1. My main worry with Sheldrick was his 55% TOG last week.

      Mills, Parker and Heeney are all back this week


  13. Will try posting this again as last time comment was deleted. Dunno why.
    Need a warm body with good JS to win crucial cash league match up.
    Up Sheldrick
    Down hewett


  14. Keays or Cameron for F6? Either will allow me to trade out T Kelly or Cogs for Laird next week. Already have Jackson as ruck cover for Witts & Marshall, so after best scorer for run home.

    TU: Keays
    TD: Cameron

    Alternative thoughts?



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