Last Minute Queries – Round 18

Written by Dane on July 15 2022

No Thursday night footy felt weird, but the rounds about to kick off so what’s running through your mind this Friday afternoon?


Chuck it down in the comments below to find some clarity.


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27 thoughts on “Last Minute Queries – Round 18”

    1. If he survives Bonner back, which on paper looks like a threat to his JS, then he’s solid.

      We’ll know at 5 o’clock when extended bench teams are finalised.


  1. Wanting a loop *premo* to cover the Bench instead of trading Clarry this week to avoid a donut

    TU Pendles and Carmichel (D7/M9)

    TD Taranto and Burgoyne (Burgoyne dropped it seems..) (M9/F7)


  2. Few Sunday selection issues have carved up my plans so this might have to be it if holding Oliver:

    Soligo/Massimo to May/Carmichael

    TU – decent trades
    TD – have a rethink

    Would then loophole Hobbs/Carmichael to cover Oliver


  3. 3 trades left.

    Is it worth using one trade to bring in Culley, and avoid a donut? I also have Nank, so worried about a double donut.

    TU: Yes, get Culley
    TD: No, hold trades


  4. Who to trade out first?

    TU: Rioli
    TD: Clarke

    More money with Rioli but could he come back into the side?


    1. Thanks!

      Do we think Wehr continues getting games at GWS or is there a chance he gets dropped next week assuming Shitfield is ok?


  5. Burgoyne dropped puts a pin in my plan of Cripps and Wehr > Laird and Burgoyne

    What’s the best move from here?
    TU: Cripps and Wehr > Laird and Carmichael (keeps the same structure but means I go early on Carmichael and have to take Dunkley’s score but I can loop the best of Short/Crisp for D6)

    TD: Oliver and Cripps > Laird and Brayshaw/Merrett (makes it trickier if I want to get Oliver back but means Dunkley stays benched for Heeney and can loop Short in the mids)


  6. 3 trades remaining.
    Currently wearing a donut for Whitfield.

    TU: Get him out for Pendebury/May
    TD: Save that trade


  7. Help! Missed Bont and Laird as VC so who to captain
    TU Miller (possible Caldwell tag)
    TD Darcy or Trac


    1. Likely

      “Jase Burgoyne has had a really good start to his career. With Bonner coming back in, it will be one of those guys at half-back who will miss out or “be the medical substitute”. Jase has been fantastic.”

      Chris Davies PAFC Manager.



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