14 thoughts on “Who To Field – Round 18”

  1. TU) Paul Curtis

    TD) Maurice Rio…. Oh he’s out due to Willie Sr’s funeral. Brynn Teak…. Oh he’s still not back. Sam Durd… he’s an Emergency. Mitch Owen… oh he’s not even an Emergency. Rory Thomp… hmm he’s still not back-in. Cooper Stephe… oh he’s just an emergency as well.


    1. Hahaha, love it Abs. With Hough covering Oliver this week I literally have not a single emergency through my whole team.


  2. With Oliver out for my Tech team I have Gresham or Lipinski to cover him.

    Gresham scored 77 and is on the bench where Lipinski has broken 80 once since round 10 being 119 vs Hawks. Before round 10 he had broken 77 in all but 1 games.

    This is where I wonder whether I take Greshams score of 77 or risk Lipinski who has been below 80 in his past 4 games.

    TU: Play it safe and take 77 from Gresham
    TD: Risk out of form Lipinski to beat 77



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