Last Minute Queries – Round 21

Written by Dane on August 5 2022

Just a few hours until Round 22 kicks off, what’s running through your head this Friday afternoon? Chuck it in the comments below!


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23 thoughts on “Last Minute Queries – Round 21”

  1. What’s the story with Redman? Why the purple patch… Change or role or??

    TU: Redman for a pod
    TD: stewart


  2. To trade or hold this week – with 3 trades remaining & not much cash ITB:

    TU: Keep Short & Crisp as D5 & D6 with Daicos as bench cover for D/M
    TD: Trade out Daicos, one of Short/Crisp become D/M bench cover and trade in B Dale / Redman. My existing defenders are Stewart, Sicily, Dawson & Doc. Not enough cash for Sinclair.

    With 2 scores in the 70’s from Daicos, slightly concerned and thinking this is the time to upgrade him to a premium. He will drop value next week. Can’t afford to trade out Crisp or Short instead. So its either trade out Daicos for a premium defender or hold firm for another week, as I have cover on all lines and no onfield rookies.


  3. Tarranto out and don’t have any coverage. Who to trade him too?
    TU: Marshall
    TD: Bailey smith of Connor rozee
    I like the thought of rozee especially this week against Richmond


  4. 1 trade left
    TU Cameron to Marshall
    TD save it

    My only chance to get Marshall or Ill be stuck with Cameron dut to funds. Geelong dont seem to give up a lot of pts to rucks but Cameron v Gawn is also a worry.


  5. Two trades left.

    Thinking McCartin (currently on bench with Cumberland) to Marshall would make good cover. I have Crisp on field this week and Short as cover Mid/Def.
    Can push any of Cogs, Bont, Smith, Brodie, Dunks or English to bench.
    Probably can’t loop any this week without a late out.
    May not be able to do the swap next week with price rise.

    TU – worth the the trade for cover and loop options
    TD – save the trade



  6. Does anyone know if you can get two auto subs in SuperCoach draft? Am in a grand final and bloody have Perryman and Luke Jackson on bench but worried if I trade in injured players on field to get their score that I will only be allowed one emergency


  7. Which scenario is more likely to happen?

    TU: Goldy, Walsh, Laird and Keays beats 113 pts, Docherty, Cripps and Dawson

    TD: Goldy, Walsh, Laird and Keays beats 165 pts, Cripps and Dawson



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